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					Enterprise Incubation
In order to recruit elites, firms are investing personnel training race. Zhang eager
students just Longtan Park "based analog circuit design class"
of training, work experience college without him, through the Acer computer training
classes have more than others, a technical advantage achieved enviable lC design
engineer eligible. Even better, Acer has also helped him find a way to save money
through the government-sponsored plans, he will have to pay half of the course fee.

When a clerk for three years, Mr. Wang never thought I could act as management
positions, and an interview qualified, and the Wan Zheng Ban Zai Tsann Kuen cadres
Xunlian year, he Jiang opportunity to go to mainland China branch of endeavor.

Graduated from high school this year, won Piano Competition in Taiwan's
Lee to give up the students to study music theory, studies in National Chiao Tung
University motor. As MediaTek, Hsinchu Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
Company and other manufacturers will invest hundreds of thousands of NT sponsor
him to go abroad to study and practice.

The face of job market competition, enterprises not only recruitment, more to teaching
talent. "Talent hard to find, companies began to take root
downward," said Chang, National Chiao Tung University President.

Incubation Industry Cooperation from the beginning. To enhance the competitiveness
of industries, enterprises and universities increasingly close cooperation.

National Taiwan University, for example, in addition to the establishment of
incubators and business exchanges, the establishment of industry alliances, Professor
and professor of entrepreneurship, the corporate sponsor of the forward-looking
research and development have become an important mode of cooperation.

Department of Electrical Engineering, Dean Xu Bowen certainly study the
effectiveness of campus business betting. Over the past five years, Taiwan Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Semiconductor Research Papers
published will have been struck out; since MediaTek bet 100 million yuan in 2001,
the establishment of the laboratory at National Taiwan University, this year will be on
the two papers .

In addition to sponsoring advanced technology, corporate recruiters, it began to

Highly educated does not equal talent have been highly competitive, many companies
have set up human resource center, school scholarship funds and the establishment of
the industry vocational certification system in an attempt to reduce the industrial
demand for quality and the quality of manpower supply side gap, to achieve
"brain industry" purposes.

First of all, feel the lack of tech talent _ dilemma, lC designed especially for the most.
National Chiao Tung University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Wu, Dean of
heavy rain that, lC design of the overall talent supply and demand gap of about You
Sicheng, including human resources software programs fall as much as five percent.
Acer Group Chairman Stan Shih, therefore the first large-scale enterprise resource
input to create personnel training projects. Stan Shih to the development of talent has
been the embrace of the ideal, he believes that experience can not hold back in
business passed down to generation, is the wish of his retirement.

The first one: do not hold back, offering classes

Stan Shih, Acer IC Design Institute desire to realize his ideal. This integration of
industry, government, school resources, talents Institute will train the next 3 to 5 years
required in the field (including the development of analog IC, mixed signal and
systems engineering, etc.) based on IC design professionals, teachers from
universities and technology companies charge, and receive career counseling bureau,
grant funding for education.

Official opening in June to teach School of Design, now the first batch of graduates
have been, the students not only from schools but also participants from the industry.

Acer, Director of Education and Training Foundation, said the Soviet Union amended,
and its complaining a lack of talent cultivation as its own. He believes that human
resources industry will become the major driving force in lifting.

The second measure: customized education, training scholarship

For the nurturing of talents, enterprises not only to conduct classes and more in-depth
campus, sponsor outstanding students, incentives to study.
Jiaotong University, Department of Electrical Engineering in September will set up a
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Computer classes, through the University of
screening test, 30 outstanding students enrolled. Said group of freshmen as the
"favored" is not, because they combine production, learning
resources and expect the two sides.

More than 100 schools teach not only the integration of mind, tailored curriculum for
each student, even combined with TSMC, UMC, SiS, D-Link, Realtek and other
technology companies set up a "Resource Advisory Group,"
which supports every student 15.000 U.S. dollars scholarship to the University of
California, Berkeley, study and practice. UMC representative, said John Hsuan,
chairman of Silicon Integrated Systems, nurturing the next generation of talent,
companies must be no turning back.
The third measure: Mountain swordfight, promoted to Rookie

In addition, the company also held technical competition, to stimulate the
development of creative students, train future R & D expert. Set up three
years, "Macronix Golden silicon Award" is an important
application of the island's semiconductor design competitions, this year
attracted 57 teams from colleges and universities in the island's people,
demonstrate their strength, Macronix technology also can be made to find talented .
The first prize this year was designed by the students of Electrical success was
recruited to join Chen Guanhua R & D team. Macronix chairman Hu
Dinghua said that the new generation engine for growth, encouraging rookie
enterprises can not miss.

In addition to technology industry "education" only if thirsty,
need human resources and life insurance industries, such as access for the growth of
enterprises, personnel training program is to accelerate practical.

Fourth move: System training, who have special skills

Positive development this year, shop Tsann Kuen Industrial, to meet the 2009 goal of
cross-strait 1,000 stores, launched this year, "thousands of
recruitment" activities of a large sign before, and to develop a full cadre
management and training programs for new entrants after a year and a half training in
human After becoming manager. "Employment Information"
editor Zang Sheng-yuan pointed out that the levy this year before Tsann Kuen
Industrial activities are active.

Hen with chicks to break past the apprentice-type training methods, Tsann Kuen to
"intensive       training",       "sub-practice"
training methods to enable new business quickly understand the situation,
systematically increase its strength and learn special skills in management.

Tsann Kuen circulation manager at Business Group Human Development Di Xu
Xiang said the new hires after a week of concentrated training, will be assigned to
each internship positions for 15 days, then return to headquarters to review the week
of practice. Repeat this for 6 months, and then qualify, couples can become the basis
for Tsann Kuen cadres. Di Xu Xiang said that through this training process, the
required personnel will be more consistent with Tsann Kuen, several trained manager,
has been able to Tsann Kuen into 10 million - 2000 million in monthly revenue.

Fifth move: international exchanges. Blessing Initiation

Nearly a thousand bits per year business professionals Aetna Life Insurance reserves,
the establishment of "Aetna University" training institutions,
not only the business administration department annually sponsors scholarships for
students, training them to the Netherlands, but also planning three-year vocational
training program for those who want development in the life insurance industry fresh
people, not only to master their own future, but also to achieve the ideal study.

Performance of Antai Life Insurance Company Headquarters for the Promotion
Assistant Vice President Chen Rong-mei, Aetna university training institutions
designed to nurture talent system, practices such as training medical students to be to
wield the surgeon general and gradual manner. Business management from the
beginning of the study (CTl a MSS) to the promotion director of business training
(PMW), must go through 9-12 months of intensive courses and internships that the
company also plans to send a potential reserve of cadres to other branches of foreign
attachment training, "the use of global resources to nurture talents with an
international perspective," she stressed.

Sixth strokes; promote certification. Eliminating the meal and flawed

In addition, regardless of education with more and more enterprises begin as
professional certification necessary conditions for the personnel, and promotion and
training capacity of the applicant's license, on a practice "brain
industry" of the important ways.

104 Job Bank, General Manager Yang says that soon the island's university
graduates to find work must be prepared to "three cards":
diplomas, auxiliary systems, and professional certification to prove otherwise difficult
to speak out job.

Certification in the IT industry has a five percent market share of Microsoft
Certification, it took a strict certification audit capacity to nurture the students.

Currently Microsoft has included Information Industry of Taiwan's five
certified training organizations, Microsoft's most important task is to
provide suitable teaching materials and teaching resources and processes strictly.
Microsoft said that Microsoft qualifications of teachers and classrooms, computer
resources required, are equipped with a set of strict standards, so that it can ensure the
quality of education certification students.

Microsoft Taiwan SMEs cum Solution Partner Business Unit Manager Zhanjia Chen
believes that the market is now very different quality certification, companies must
actively promote the standardization of the IT certification training and certification
process in order to improve the quality of manpower. Currently, the island more than
1,000 people each year based on certification by Microsoft.
Talent drive industry growth in the past, and now companies for talent, began to walk
in front of the train down the rookie, to enhance the quality of manpower, so that the
community's first piece of fresh brick more refined, more solid.