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									Elite singing pig
 ?Unfortunately, was "caught" to accept an elite theory of
 ?Said "unfortunately" because that class had, and I does not
matter, I was leading temporary "catch" on his behalf to accept
the "edification" of. A Mi Tuo River, so that maybe some guilt.
Think about that course leading to hear, I a mustard man, the opportunity to
"lead" to listen to elite status talks, an elite theory of edification,
not that graves to take smoke, at least the feel is fortunate to be courted. But ... ....
   Elite is indeed elite. Tickets to see the description: the former State Economic and
Trade Commission senior trainer, president of the Central Party School Class Senior
Lecturer in private enterprises, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Expert Committee
members; have to Tsinghua University and other universities in Xi'an as a
senior lecturer in MBA classes; also has served as general manager of several listed
companies and other senior positions, witnessed the Chinese, Japanese, American and
several different styles of management ... ... Look, are "fine" to
be a "spirit" of the. However, you believe it? The more
spectrum was placed "spirit" of the elite more unreliable, this
"fine" is not British, as early as become a
"child" has, and is kind of too "aggressive"
and "child."
   I flow on the cognitive elite are not too early. I may be ignorant, and seldom come
into contact with celebrities reason. But to tell the truth, in 10 Twenty years ago, the
elite few in the media where the term is really there, then we are certain to reach more
areas of academics, experts, or professors, intellectuals, like the Plain and title. I turn
the dictionary, the Commercial Press 1984 edition of "Modern Chinese
Dictionary"               in         the           "cream"
"exquisite,"                          "wonderful"
"exquisite,"                      "Quintessence",
"excellent" and other entries to explain, just not
"elite." "Ci Hai" does have, notes there
are two, one "essence." Su Shi's "Notes
on child begging correction memorials": "together ancient and
modern, the elite of the turtle Kam Kam chaos." Second,
"Aviva." Translated from English, Western sociology terms.
That the community has outstanding abilities or occupying the top position and the
influential role of the outstanding figures in all walks of life ... ... because of its spread,
which can be moved to look into the phenomenon of social levels. Together is: a
towering figure in all walks of life. From this, one, the elite is indeed important trend
in recent years only active group; Second, the movements of the elite, not only may
affect the upper decision-making and may also be a time trend in the wind form of
social value.
   Undeniably, the elite of the formerly "Zhenyou Cai", is an
industry expert in the field, the authority does not allow it to leave. But when
"Zhenyou Cai," they began to realize that he is a
"elite", the also gradually become a "Disciple
Jia," the. I wonder if you have any sense - anyway I was increasingly felt
that better our society, the elite getting restless, good fun, good as teachers, and to
intervene everywhere, where he has one leg, when his omniscient, omnipotent ;
Naomeng place to have him have his quiet office, and the non-tossing is not some
movement out of fear that others do not know he was elite like. The modern media
industry is highly developed, to the torment of the elite love to play a great space.
Bear the brunt of the television. TV, something good, but also speak another
appearance, too the color of the. To the "color" like. See not,
and some elite transformed into a chair, and some Zuobulezhu hold placed on
"forum" to move TV up to a "national popular
education." There's only Zuobulezhu hold, and when one can
not "National President" that, when the guests, judges Ye Hao,
good and evil mixed with a Lianshu. More innocent viewers that listen to professors
and experts and scholars CEO of a class (a file program), remarks really
"better than reading ten books," the. In fact, how can there be
such a cheap world can pick up, as if the University can be closed. TV only concerned
about ratings, the elite celebrities to the stage as a stamp, to attract the eye is true, the
ratings go up, and show good and bad, with him gone.
   Network is not corpuscles. Blog, space, and even chat rooms, everywhere there are
shadow elite excess energy, tireless elites everywhere, hoarse voice.
   Then there over and over classes, lectures here, where the forum, far apart in flight,
as long as someone reported that ticket, some food pipe tube plus a heavy sleep on
into a red envelope.
   Really there for the so-called elite pleasant for those tired. Is for those who do not
sell you a few classes will be able to say the "theory" it? Your
so-called doctrine of this back and forth tossing worth it? Sometimes they can not
help the organizers, donors are not worth even the audience. Think, every day, soak in
wherever he goes on every day on farms, like everywhere hurry around, Like a bird
flying, these so-called elite would be no time and effort of learning? Where the heart
is also under the sink to do your own learning? Even learned a lesson, several lessons
can be finished, spoke of learning is also worth money or extension of time, hard to
learn? Is not the real elite of a lot of time to run around in boring campaign rallies and
on the road, that is tantamount to murder their own and other people's
   Back to the top of that class up.
   That     class's         theme     is    "fifth      generation     time
management." Sorry I do not hides shallow, time was actually manageable,
time management have gone through four generations torn, turn I'm
already heading the "fifth generation" of. Let's hear
the elite decomposition: the first generation of "cock-type":
There is a memorandum of the date of completion of the date of issue; Results: You
may be the time of slavery - not without reason. Second-generation
"hamster type": formulation of schedule, according to the table
work; Results: You may become a busy "engineering" - that is
natural. Third generation "polar bear type": first a clear
relationship between personal values and goals; Results: You may become a
"loner" - perhaps? Fourth-generation "type pack of
wolves": do first on the issue, then something to do on; Results: Group
interests often conflict with the individual happiness - how is it possible? If the really
like the elite that, as time has gone through four generations of management, I think at
least on I, this is the fourth generation of any generation in I are rare, nothing bad. The
beautiful will our elite think that the previous four generations are not perfect, flawed,
and he thinks he really is a successful advocate for the fifth generation of management
- "Panda": the pursuit of social welfare undertakings, and the
pursuit of life value; result: a gradual and progressive, to grasp life - Dude, this is the
time to manage it? He made a big circle around actually is to make beautiful will our
acceptance of a value and significance of the life education. I realized that I fell into a
"concept" of the trap was. Yes, the so-called elite is the best at
the concept of game play, trick, trap cloth one by one into the maze concept, so as you
sink into the find themselves unable to touch the North, and then by him one by one to
mention carry her up and asked "get it right," you Mengran
Road "get it", in fact, know nothing.
   Yes, the whole class everywhere is such a "trap": a person
dealing with the crisis response capabilities, to be elite called "crisis of
business"; time, the distinction between types of teaching beautiful will our
elite is called the "quadrant"; who used to be a local elite Road
that is "comfort zone"; lover married, the groom is not you,
elitist called "Murphy's Law" ... ... the elite out of
question to the audience to participate in interactive, the result of
"action" by the the. Elite displeased, and said he faced
"a bunch of wood." I believe that this concept did not sleep all
(I the exception, I squint nap time being in the state) know all that, but at that time did
not express it out.
   Having said that, I had to another class, another shake off shake off the economic
elite of embarrassing stories to tell. It was a lesson about the financial crisis, the elite
are said Hing head waitress to add tea, actually being cursed ignorant ignorant in
unified, way she disrupted his train of thought, his bad mood, because service was
actually Miss wearing a cheongsam; another unfortunate egg is a media reporter for
the elite took a news photo, the results also attracted meal condemn the flash Xing
light     "flash"          him.    God,     there     really    such     a
"spirit" of the "sperm (sorry I had not called him
   Continue above the class. Talked about the impact of habits on people, the elite of
his own about a "case (I do not know why the elite like the examples
described case)": He countryside (the year the elite is educated youth), the
Farmer family are pigs, on also pigs, the pigs were found in his home than others, the
high IQ of pigs (I suspect that "no commercial high") because
of his circle not live pig in prison, jail over the pens ran out. Really no way out of his
lap bar was added a 1-wire fences and pass on the power. The results of his IQ of pigs
after experiencing a shock, they no longer more column. He later removed the pen,
leaving only wire, not power, it also re-不敢越雷池一步 pig. Of habit. Used. Good a
IQ of the pig.
   Climax in the end, this is a common elite teaching practices aimed at people fishing
appetite. Who Surprisingly, however, this class was actually close to bitch squalling
with style "climax" ending: "I found that many
people are not in a good listen, go to sleep. I am sure that these people do not a good
  ?Carter, who had bit older Jingben podium away, pointing to the elite of the nose,
said: "You what? We are here to listen to your lesson, you just can not
think of shame that we are a group of wood, and now causes for us there is no better
tomorrow? What are you you ... "
  ?A farce, too with such a dramatic, absurd farce color turned out to be the elite of our
plotted manufacturing. Thus I fear that our decision-makers around some more so if
the elite, what happens?
  ?Pigs will hum. Pigs will not sing? Before that I was 100% hold a negative attitude.
However, some of the elite to accept the "theory" after I began
to wonder from a the judgment. Pigs hum, the people listen to that hum, where the
pigs do, chances are that sing. Moreover, if the pig was born celebrity elite family do?
Cao Min domesticated pigs is pigs, domestic pigs chances celebrity elite is Pig and
could not be said sing, will fall in love, will take liberties Good girls can not say.
Watch wait and see.

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