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									             Simple tips to start business from the bottom

How to start a new business with a simple but quite useful tips. Written below I get from a collection
of articles on the internet, personal experience and through my friend's experience.

Hopefully useful ..

Key Business Success In my opinion :

1. hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. Business owners must be committed to succeed and are
willing to spend time and effort to realize its business.

2. Market demands are not widely available. For example if in one spot there was only a bakery,
then another bakery would likely succeed, compared with those in place when the existing 20
bakeries. Here we are required to carefully look at the market.

3. Managerial competence. Successful entrepreneurs usually have enough knowledge about what
they should do. They can acquire competencies through trainings, experiences or draw upon the
expertise of others.

4. Focus on solutions rather than dwell on problems.

5. Do not consider ourselves perfect, so willing to learn from others.

6. Creating path of its own success with the existing thinking and innovation.

7. Take risks, but do not be reckless.

8. Able to control your emotions and be professional.

10. Do not like complaining.
11. Luck. Anyway good luck still plays determine the success of a business.

Start a New Small Business

There are two ways to create a new business venture :

1. Starting a business from scratch

Some entrepreneurs feel more content with owning a business and decide everything myself.
Starting from the product, management style, determination and other suppliers. However, the risk
of failure was higher than that by buying a franchise because the company name is not known.

2. Buying an existing business

What is meant by buying here are buying a license or franchise. Business itself is usually already
known to man, we just continue with the requirements determined by the franchisor. Lack of buying
this business is, employers are not free to determine the desired products and management. But the
profits are, the smaller the possibility of failure due to an established name that has been owned by
the business itself.

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