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					               Tips For Fresh Graduate started his career

College does not mean you should relax, because the highly competitive world of work awaits you.
So that you can win the competition world of work, there are some things you need to do like below:

1. Define your goals

Despite many years in college, you probably are not sure what kind of job you want. Or what
opportunities are out there waiting for you. What kind of job that matches you.

2. Prepare equipment

The equipment required is a compelling resume and cover letter are good. Here are tips for making
your resume :

a. Think about the type of resume you need. More functional resume highlights your abilities rather
than your work experience. This species is best suited for fresh graduate.

b. Focus on accomplishments and results you have achieved, rather than simply describe the
description of past experiences

c. Use action words to describe past experiences in your resume cover letter, such as initiative,
produce and handle.

d. Remember that not all experience is derived from full-time job. Do not forget to volunteer
experience, school activities and part-time job

e. Make sure that you get clear information about the company you are applying. Typically, the
personnel did not like the letter addressed to "To Whom it May concern"

f. Do not make the mistake of making the letter and CV in bulk. Do not be lazy to make a resume and
cover letter for each job.
3. Find information from friends and relatives

4. Do not despair

Find a job for the first time is difficult. Send letter of application to the company, but do not stop
there. Always do follow up by phone, if necessary more than once

5. Be professional

It was not easy transition from college life to professional work environment. Wear clothes that gave
the impression "business like" and behave interesting. Follow-up interviews you get, by sending a
letter of thanks ...

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