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					Economic Trends
  ?The authenticity of the data is not put aside, put aside the uncertainty of technical
analysis, based on their disposal to analyze what the current economic situation,
according to market trends to determine the status quo.
  ?How much the current economic situation seemed to be somewhat subtle, but also
very simple:
1), including China's stock market slump, including the performance of
global stock markets, China's stock market performance of the first half of
the world's stock markets last second.
2), the international gold price volatility increased, and has continued the trend of
3), poor performance in the euro zone economy dragged down the euro and keep
hitting new lows, but there are sharp rebound
4), lower international commodity prices, crude oil prices continue to fall risk
  ?The world economy so closely linked, so I had to link into account, in the second
half of the market I do not see how cattle see air operations still have to continue to
adhere to.
  ?Its economy is not far from recovery, to China, for example, advocated the
leadership level does not prevent the continued decline from 2200 too close to that in
Western free-market economy, there is also the day the U.S. dropped thousands of
points of the situation that is the devil's letter to traders mistakes. Global
investor panic has not vanished, but growing, market outlook, the economy may
continue to walk down the channel, the second dip, the possibility of not only
economic problems, but the size of the problem.
  ?Futures market can better reflect current economic conditions, crude oil, for
example, cloth oil this year after a record high of 91.44 continue to fall, oil prices
broke 60 only a matter of time, while the level of oil prices is closely linked with the
stock market , I believe we will not optimistic about the stock market it, then please
go short oil!
  ?In the economic downturn, low-risk assets should be sought after by all of us,
speaking in the foreign exchange futures, Japanese yen, Swiss franc is the only choice,
and now the key issue of the U.S. dollar, the dollar also have the role of hedge,
investors do not the euro should be favored, the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar
these three currencies, which is in a certain period of time, are not optimistic about
that when, depending on the economic downturn of the time, six months is there (just
my own opinion ). Recently the euro rebounded quickly, just a oversold bounce it, not
how promising the future of the euro!
  Hedge should be a priority now, for the risk of resistance to strong investors, ready
to go short the economy should also be a good choice, always grasp the economic
lifeline, ready to have a bumper year! ! !