Relationship by trickntips


									                          Tips To live a happy marriage

1. Seks

Having sex in the marriage bond strengthens. But this relationship fade naturally over time. When
the excitement began to disappear, soon find out the problem, whether from yourself, your spouse
or both of you. Consultation with a psychiatrist, an addition to the desire to use drugs appropriately,
and variations can increase sexual desire. If you and your partner is too busy and tired, adequate
rest can restore vitality.

2. Kiss

Do the early days, more often and whenever you can. A kiss before going to the office, or a kiss as a
thank you can glue their affection.

3. Flower

Give an occasional surprise by giving the couple a bouquet or a flower, not only on special days such
as birthdays or Valentine's wedding. Surprises in the form of small gifts to show concern moved him.

4. Dressed

After marriage, dress up and beautify themselves are often forgotten. Keep the passion while
maintaining the appearance of the couple in front of him.

5. Sleep

Sleeping side by side every night is better than a separate room than if you both do not experience
sleep disturbance. Keep your bedtime all the problems have been solved and sleep without a fight.

6. Honesty

Do not deceive yourself by saying things that do not conform with reality. Be honest if the spouse
has an unhealthy lifestyle such as overweight or drinking too much alcohol. Simply say, "I love you
like Whatever you are, but it's better if I was accompanied by a healthy person."

7. Children
Married and having children does not mean that the marriage will be happy. However, in many
marriages, children are able to complement the couple's happiness. They made a couple become
closer although they are sometimes a source of parental frustration. In many strong marriages,
rather than just the main support comes from the spouse but the children and families.

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