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Beijing Life Games - Beijing in 70 delicious inexpensive place

1. Xinjiekou Daoxiang spring Menlian, there is a small small small snack bar where
most of the dry noodles in Sichuan a must, as long as two dollars five yo. . . . .

2. From the north side of the alley to a hundred sea-string back, half-way there would
be a small shop inside the dumpling a must, and very cheap yo, two MM eat, Coptis
not more than 10 yuan, and must value!

3. Andingmen Avenue, No. 157 Xie Guilin ----" alley charm
"Guilin Mi Fendian: 7 yuan sign noodles, vegetarian mixed powder 5 yuan,
Beijing rare 9 inch Hai Wan, a total of more than 40 kinds of rice noodles, authentic
Guilin cuisine is said halogen is more than 50 kinds of soup spices do, in the alley I
can smell that scent of incense, and subway is 150 meters south, Ju Bang!

4. Capital Theatre across the road (south slope) have Lanzhou beef noodle shop,
Menlian not, health is also a general, but the taste is really bad, 4 yuan a bowl, where
the operator in the Wangfujing very cheap.

5. Di'anmen crossroads of Muslim eateries, it's Wandou Huang
(personal view) the best to eat Beijing. . . . .

6. Niujie Health School (Green Top) area, Chan Kee kinds of cake (m, surface, ba sin
cake) bean flour cake (Lvda Gun) love Wowo, Wandou Huang, sugar, fruit .... next to
the volume roast lamb, roast beef, went out to eat with CAMP, buy a pound to send a
fire (depends on the mood of the butcher's Grandfather).

7. LMH plum dairy plants: Cheese 4.50 yuan / bowl, milk volume 2.50 / month,
cheese, dry 35.00 / kg (Tuanjiehu a branch)

8. 6 Po Kang has a fermented bean curd with --------- ----- ---- boiled soybean,,,, haha
absolutely delicious, the environment and clean

9. Tao Heung Village, fried red berries not bad. It also made rice wine with eggs,
porridge, it is beauty.

10. Xizhimen Subway Northwest I came right amount of ox-drawn beautifully super
cheap enough to swallow index of 87 wolves

11. East 44 I have a state-run restaurant, where the bittern and cooking link fire great!
This is called bittern and cooking link Zhang
12. Dongdan have one called "chang" in cafes, in the alley
opposite the Union Hospital, where the business is Cantonese cuisine, and locally
produced television about the food stalls. Where the claypot good to eat, something
the two had little appetite are the going gets!

13. There is also a hot pot restaurants in Taiwan, called "sip
feeding." In Beijing New World Shopping Centre, Xidan Pearl,
Zhuangsheng Chong light department stores, has outlets ...... Ganjiakou building. And
bottom of the pot and the spices from the charges last year in August since each one
dollar, the key is where they transfer the sauce is delicious. Each store are huge and
more people to have to line up late.

14. Formidable amazing! The original situation we are all human food, then I have to
say, actually Dairy, Sanyuan dairy chain, Rao world are! I've never seen
inside, but also when only sell milk and drinks it, the results go only to know, there
are many dairy products, do you think of the unexpected to have, especially the red
bayberry tofu, eat it in summer a cool name: not sweet not greasy, Ice cool, there was
a very Jieshu of Myrica taste. Every time I see the Three dairy food chain will be
several: cheese, yogurt, tofu, red bayberry, winter will add some milk and cheese, dry
paper children children.
The only drawback is cheap does not meet the conditions, are more the type of FB!

15. Backstreet Museum, Guizhou has a restaurant, free on the door first before
Kudingcha. Where the tofu is very fragrant rice, rice noodle eating 5 dollar tube

16. I often find Yunnan Cai in Beijing to eat, win door next to the icehouse population
of Yunnan, a restaurant in Beijing first, followed by the national university back
Weigongcun "Bacon" Dai restaurant in Beijing doing pretty

17. In the wide street children, passing not far from home Dai dishes, the food is
rather FB, but the flavor and character, the very value!

18. Hat child alley mouth home Xinjiang restaurant, inside the roast leg of lamb gray
often good; Xinjiekou to buy when the old noodle shop on the corner there is a small,
cold noodles are the best I had ever eaten; Wanshoulu subway exit north walk for 10
minutes, Lu Yuan Ming China Eastern has a restaurant, boiled yellow wax Ding,
Hong; front alley of the Chao Gan and lib Feng, delicious taste; as looks at the right
bank of the Hakka cuisine, yes; Hua Hall opposite the street where The skewers, small
waist with no way out; water awl Chiba building east Hunan, yangkeng is. . . .

19. Also, Chaoyangmen Maple underground, home taste of what mom has a small
beach (forget the full name of), that the combined Le face a must! 8 yuan, price is also

20. NPC near the west gate there are 229 clothing stores across the
restaurant's Gongbaojiding is the lychee flavor, sweet love MM were

21. Cat Pizza ~ Pizza Hut tasty index can be compared with cheap ~ ~ and is a good
place for students to choose and interior design and sentimental ~ ~ table and all kinds
of graffiti on the wall everywhere emoticons ~ ~ There should be a to Oh!

22. Di'anmenwai shield hui floor hotel restaurant, hawthorn porridge,
faintly sweet and sour, but good! Chinese Opera Institute at the main entrance ten
Kam home Kodate fried rice, fried rice my very favorite people to be wow!

23. Tianxing residence of Chao Gan, but now torn down!

24. To say to Beijing, Yunnan, I consider that an office in Beijing said Cheng Hotel in
Yunnan, where the tunnel. Just Dongbianmen next to that gas cooker chicken flavor,
not to say, huh, huh! !

25. Tsinghua University, where, next to my home, Asia's largest dining hall,
eat 3 yuan, 5 yuan eat, 4th floor with escalator upstairs, downstairs, style!!

26. Fermented bean curd cooked --- ---- soybeans, in Andrew on the road, east, had
seven in the second intersection, the corner.

27. Di'anmen 10 children crossing the back door to the direction of the
North Sea has a very stylish noodle shop, lamb noodle (like call it) delicious, 10 yuan.

28. In the 55 routes have a City of Victoria Market (listen to Mom said),
that's peanuts have a. . . . Not say what is the taste of a dish, my friend said
that twice-cooked pork (a bit like), 10 per 3 pounds, must taste good, the next
opportunity to bring everyone to enjoy passing.

29. Qianmen area of Langfang two of the small intestine Chen stewin thick gravies
fire, explosive diarrhea Feng, the old Beijing Ganjiakou miscellaneous surface Bean
Sauce ......

30. Xinjiekou "new Sichuan noodle restaurant," the last to eat
cold noodles Xiantaijiadu, even to a bowl ------ also only four, given too much. There
are free porridge (also, or anything else) can drink ~ ~ ~

31. In addition there are N people like to eat sideways "old Xian Fan
Zhuang" mutton string, but even that is too hot a little. Not cheap, 2
32. Speaking of cold noodles, Sunshine Plaza, north, Meizhou Dongpo noodle snacks
3 yuan, so delicious, very delicious, extremely delicious. . . . .
Shao also its dry surface, authentic. . . . .
There are cold sesame oil cake, bustling, and sesame oil relationship is not large, but
delicious to death. . . . .
Where all three yuan 5 yuan for the food, the most expensive melon juice is 8 yuan
Tashi, drink!
Is a small amount, every time I face two points is enough. . . . . Ha ha ha, is not too eat

33. Jingguang center that cafe in the tart Yehao delicious to eat anyway, I never get
tired of 100. . . . . :))

34. Zilongjin Hotel (now known as Chongqing, Sichuan letter), where the smoked tea
duck is the most delicious I had ever eaten.
The specific location should be in the Chinese medicine hospital Broad Street alley
across the piece of Zilongjin hotels!

35. In the near Xin Jie Kou (heard, not have time to confirm) Punctuality of the
Muslim home restaurant, is open during the trial, all of Yang Xiezi free containers
bigger than the basin, said that children are delicious and Coptis not a drop left, are
interested in registration, so we eat * Wei please - I more generous attempts, try to
find cheap and affordable!

36. Xinjiekou Huokou, Gui-Feng Mi Fendian old, old name, I heard delicious. . . . .

37. I know one place, children, donkeys and burning huge tasty, children in
dahongmen area, specific location that is not clear, anyway I'm looking for
more work.

38. Sotodate Xie Jie, spent Cheng Restaurant, boiled fish was great, not hot spicy
mouth throat! Hong, 18 per child a pound!
Introducing: Huanghua positions following the opening of the first slope Fu Fan
Zhuang, although not inside the chef. However, very cool style village, almost all
delicious, but very clean and store. Are presented, where I went to a few Road, will
point the dish:
Cold dishes: water mustard (only long in the springs or the clean waters, authentic
wild, a little mustard flavor, clean mouth)
Donkey tendon (the boss himself to do, clean, excellent taste)
Hot dishes: Pine Mushroom Pork (ingredients: pine mushrooms and fresh pork, think
about the taste it)
Share of wood eggs (who raised a Hong)
Boiled fish (small fish Huanghuacheng Reservoir)
There are a further point, a homemade cake, and so what, violent group of it!

39. Peace Avenue Zhao public port junction southwest Guizhou restaurants have a
"shoot situation," a unique flavor, get in the door to let your
class seeds, is that most home-made of melon seeds, sunflower in to pull out from the
wok on the throw in the kind of speculation, at the beginning I was too lazy to class,
then the mouth can not be stopped; course dishes Ye Hao, tile steam bacon, sausage
(you can copy all to a half), bamboo shoots and vegetables, especially bamboo shoots
with chicken soup, not bad. Imitation love spicy comrades to try, reasonable bar

40. Chongwenmen Hademen in the east (108 stations a little further) has a southern
Jiangxi Hotel, only a relatively small restaurant, but inside Jiangxi cuisine a must, and
especially cheap, four or five points to eat fried dishes fish, pickled belly sharp,
three-cup chicken, vegetable fried rice powder (small) add up to no more than 60.00
yuan. Delicious. It has an old door in Beijing, on the street, very easy to find. Can go

41. Shore since the founding of the "hole has been" Southern
style, bulk wine, a warm drink with tin pots, shadowy, cool! Road are also specially
made dishes!

42. There is a way station is Qijiahuozi 55, get off that, with the house door was about
the size of a Menlian Er, very authentic flavor of Xi'an, in particular,
boiling oil surface. The whole family eat eat no more than 20 dollars. However,
depends on individual taste, and we should like to eat noodles in Xi'an is
really beyond the pale of that fruitless searching ah.

43. Cuiwei Building, north end, the road east, home to pancake shop, variety, different
from the kind of street car pancake, often ranked brigade! Three miles near the Peace
Arch barbecue home Kodate, selling a "burning surface," Yibin
specialty is said to very fragrant, but I do not know the exact location.

44. Chaoyang Gate, south, outside the Second Ring Road, Fuhua Building, east side
alley (east-west) 20 m east, the north side of the alley, there is a small Menlian, red,
name forgotten, specially Fei Chang, various taste great! ! ! ! !

45. Ganjiakou intersection, east-west direction, 50 meters west, northbound (fishing
Taipei door to the West Ramp), the name never demerits, beef noodles, cold noodles
(summer supply), all kinds of side dishes, small bowl of beef are especially
great! ! ! ! ! I am from a high one to eat when, where, until now has been 10 years, the
net is coming back.

46. You say triple, four near the West have a, in the West across the four KFC,
Menlian small.

47. West Fourth Ring Road, the north bridge Dinghui Temple, the first intersection
east, 400 meters, northbound, names not remember where Chunbingjubang! ! ! !

48. Ganjiakou imports 50 meters turn left there is a barbecue restaurant called the
Double Dragon, eating will never forget

49. Summer Palace palace north west of a road (leading to Tsing Lung Bridge), there
was a "horse in mind fried shop", where the biscuits Garou 3 a,
taste great! ! ! ! There offal soup, if not eat offal inside as long as the soup is free.
Casual drink.

50. I eat there, but from an early age, and other places of biscuits Garou do not think
we saw it ~ ~ now there are a lot of the morning to the Fragrant Hills Summer Palace
Liuwan olds are in love there ~ ~
The store, on-off "Beijing Evening News." Have the
opportunity to TRY what you pull ~~~~~~

51. Jimen district there is a place called "full autonomy", which
has a chicken rice, only the chicken whole, rape, tomatoes and a fried egg, cool
anxious! ! ! ! 11

52.SOGO diagonally opposite "Niuniu Dumpling Restaurant." I
can not eat dumplings to it ... ...

53. Xinjiekou, love chart re-living North America, Road West, there's
Chongqing (and possibly Chengdu) snack, delicious, always time to stroll over there
to eat. . . . .

54. Gulou the northeast corner of the dew has burned a small shop,

55. Xuanwumen, over one kilometer south of the SOGO, Road West, there are small
shops of beef noodles

56. East 4 7 East exit to the alley within the 100 meters to go, "Zhu
food" tastes good, very homemade, delicious cheap!
For the time to go hungry!

57. Workers Stadium north gate is on the north side of the road there is a
"flavor is Garden" Korean barbecue, smoke-free grilled taste
excellent, cheap affordable, (both eat in 50 or so species can eat BBQ 2-3 !)

58. Fangzhuang Carrefour have just the opposite of Guangzhou seafood dishes are
authentic, Guangzhou, Dalian, Martin 28 1, only 3 yuan a scallop, shrimp, 38 pound,
and I too think there may be quite expensive, the results of two almost Cheng Si a
personal 150.

59. Daigakuji sticky lotus Beijing a must. . . . . This is the real price of your goods a
must yo! Ate his, and elsewhere feel simply can not eat. . . . .

60. The world all year round school, I do not know many years in the current
I have Wanqiu easy method, only eat porridge an immortal
Hong champion, regardless of salty sweet porridge congee are delicious impress!
Several stores it. . . . . Chedaogou Rights, Rights Exhibition Road, Garden Road, Ann
West in an area where nothing has. . . . . I went to stretch its congee shop, 93 West
Third Ring Road. . . . . . .

61. Xiyuan Hotel next to the junction of the northeast corner of Ten rental home
Have more than 10 kinds of hot dishes (the fried dishes are fried, the taste is
absolutely authentic, feeling a bit nostalgic, mid-Restaurant, 80
Skills, great! Large)
Also: appetizer, main course, soup buffet, only 8 yuan / person.

62. Introducing: Beijing's first personal restaurant, Beijing is absolutely
authentic home cooking.
Deep in a small alley which suggests that: (East Side alley name - Cuihua)
Specialties: Five wire barrel, garlic pork, meatball casserole, Grilled cabbage, braised
butterfish, Beijing Sauce wire!
This, but I managed to find it!

63. Gulou Metro Southwest mouth out with a flavor called Ching-pin, Shabu-Shabu
To early to late, no place affordable

64. All Beijing favorite boiled fish: fish boiled in Beijing Xibahe red fish
Location next to the hotel in Chongqing foul Mizobe, is main store, stores do not
Hotel not far distant layer, is another branch
Branches across a saying "billiards" on the doorway, one enters
another branch
All the stores in six pre-set to sit and effective, expired, and 6:00 after going to the

65. Nam lo dark alley with a cheese shop called Wen-yu. Specializing in selling
cheese, Shuangpi Nai, has almond tofu ~
Eaten his family no longer wanted to eat cheese Shuangpi Nai Three of the ~
Especially the red beans Shuangpi Nai. Super super praise.
66. East 4 North Avenue ~ There is a building called the best in the world Kaifeng
Guantang dumplings. Taste fabulous ~
Xi'an Jiao Qin Zhuang also a snack. All kinds of pasta are delicious. We
also try to eat there, boiling oil to pull noodles ~

67. Ingots after the other side alley with a Xinjiang restaurant, which is praise Oh
things. Like to go there to eat meat value, the amount of meat is full of. Best a small
tranches of to, and do not buy this whole cost-effective.

68. Long Fusi north of Beijing hutongs has a land tax extremely delicious restaurant
flavor in Xinjiang, seems not very good, but inside are a variety of food every taste,
especially roast recommended OI, and pull strips. Haggis is also very tasty soup oh ~

69. Xidan cool wings ~ I believe that many Beijingers have heard of it, the
metamorphosis of spicy grilled chicken wings ~ it is abnormal enough! What place in
the Xidan 啦 ~ ~ of course, Pearl Market, a small alley east side of the door ~ Raise
the Red Lantern!

Beijing Life Games - Beijing delicious buffet affordable
1, two security across the hot pot buffet barbecue: 20 / person.
2, Wudaokou light next to the pizza buffet TOMATO: noon 28 / person.
3, Xidan Cultural Plaza of hotpot buffet: 28 / bit, after renovation, now opening up.
4, Blue Island Building, Chaoyang District, south of Grass to Western self-help home
Rong Bao Restaurant: 30 noon, at 35, western dishes are, there are duck (you do not
point him not to). (With the Friends of food: price also is not very fresh, they
considered it)
Western food: fried chicken, fried fish, curry beef, butter fish, tank boring beef, cream
soup, Moscow red soup, pasta, vegetable salad, cold dish sausage, bread, butter, jam,
Lunch: Pork, Mixed Vegetables , Gongbaojiding, shrimp dishes, boiled shrimp,
Yangzhou copy rice, roast duck (with bread, onions, flour paste), etc.
Fruit: seasonal fruit, fruit salad, good quality, control enough!
5, Urban and Rural Trade Center, Level 4: 48 / bit. The Western self-help, to do good
Chinese food, the overall environment is good, be cost-effective high up! (With
6 Fuchengmen Hualian east also has a self-help Hot Pot: 38 / bit. (Want to provide
7, Tuanjiehu a Brazilian BBQ: Ladies 38, Men's 48, not very loving
comrades not to go to the meat. (20th floor, said, according to summer students are
cheap ~ ~ like it ~ ~ 30)
8, good Lunge pizza buffet: 43 / person, (some do not feel good pizza, ice cream is
not tasty. You have made food: chicken wings inside the well, there are chips and
9, good pizza Synaptic Self: Price and good Lunge about, many people have said
good Lunge than delicious. West, South East have a four-intersection; Wudaokou
shop (the North Fourth Ring Road, Haidian District, No. 261, TEL: 62312551);
Garden Road, No. 8 (TEL: 82290630,82290631, Beitaipingzhuang north, through two
traffic lights after about 200 m, near the North Fourth Ring Road, the original Western
restaurants here). You can call and ask if there from the store near you.
10, flowers BBQ: There is a Fuchengmen, upstairs in KFC, 102,103 station that.
Barbecue mainly heavy smoke flavor, the environment is not very good. White has a
stone bridge, limited time (1.5 hours), I do not know now open it?
11, Beijing flowers Food Co., Ltd.: Xili, Chaoyang District, and delicious vegetarian
source layer (car next to the Yu Yang Hotel). Lunch special offers: Men's
58 yuan / person, Ms. 48 yuan / person, including: Japanese-style barbecue, hot pot,
dishes and so on. (11:00-15:00) Dinner price: Men's 78 yuan / person, Ms.
68 yuan / person, including: Japanese-style barbecue, hot pot, Japanese food, Chinese
food cold and hot dishes, all drinks, hot and cold drinks. (Limited to two hours of
meal time) TEL: 64660609
12, Yuantaizu, it became Mongolian Barbecue (Asian Games Village Branch): Adults
58 yuan / person, children 28 yuan / person, Huang Art Museum, Asian Games
Village is being launched across the following promotions: birthday celebration with
friends and family together, my birthday with a valid ID card can be free meals; over
65 years old with valid ID, can enjoy the price 38 yuan; beer half-price concession;
dining discount coupons sent after the other. TEL: 64955351,64955354.
13, Western cowboy barbecue: 49 yuan / place, his roasted. Addition of various
varieties of food and good taste, too much sauce, and bacon taste very good, but have
to wash the body after eating, all that barbecue taste! ! Park officials removed the
opposite. Dongsishitiao cowboy into Sichuan dishes. (Do not know cowboys still
14, Wangfujing Oriental Plaza there is a sushi buffet: 58 / bit.
15, TOMATO next to the 1000 Cape cuisine: 19,68,88 ...../ person. (19 ~ 88, spread in
it too..)
16, Xidan Cultural Square inside the sushi: a new open, self-68,50 10 yuan more than
the free, is actually 58.
17, too Fuyuan: 68 / P, (Hilton Hotel, which is next door to the original Interpretation
of cool, Korean barbecue buffet), eel eating lightly, but only at noon is a self-help,
single point of the evening.
18 :60-70 Holiday Inn Downtown / bit, but holiday offers, every day is different, with
Japanese cuisine, there are South Asian style, but also iron barbecue, elegant
19, Yuantaizu, it became Mongolian Barbecue (Fangzhuang shop): 68 yuan / person,
Fangzhuang Fang City Park, 17th Floor, Zone 3, TEL: 67621638.
20, Pine Japanese Restaurant: noon 68 / P, flourished as a venue, in the East Third
Ring Baijiazhuang, Friday opposite.
21, Temujin BBQ :70-80 / person, Summer Palace Road, No. 116, TEL: 62878420.
22, Jian Guo Men's Gloria Hotel, 2nd floor coffee shop: Every Wednesday
and Sunday night buffet buy one get one or two people 88 plus 15% service charge, is
the Western. Good thing is that too many people need to locate child ahead of time.
The opposite side a little more than 100 Korean barbecue, drinks free of charge.
23, a Japanese restaurant called and the clouds are very good points are things that are
done at noon is 66 / bit-day 100 and 150 are to be noon, but to the best positioning in
advance so Oh do not necessarily located at the far In the East Third Ring Road
opposite the park is above the pine nuts Tuanjiehu Japanese side. (Thanks to be
provided to 5)
24, Sharks hot pot buffet: diners Admission 48 yuan / person, not limited. A student
card offers. Basically the all-inclusive, so that everyone can eat absolutely cool!
25, Beagle pizza buffet, 41 yuan each, Beijing has many chain (Tsinghua East Gate
that I've been home, I feel if the student discount is well worth the time)
26, 88 noon universal Excelle and seafood buffet, a good way ~ ~ ~ (thanks to provide
51 F)
27, the Friends of the 8th floor of the self-help, 20 / P, sushi super good ~ ~ (thanks to
provide 54 F)
28, Wudaokou Tsinghua University Park Hotel next to tafi Italian restaurant, at noon
29 yuan Western buffet! More affordable (thanks to the 70th floor)

Other self-help
More than 100 yuan, the price and location is not provided as follows:
1, Henderson Building: 200 / person, seafood, western food! Beijing Railway Station.
2, Henderson Building, opposite the International Hotel's revolving
restaurant: price unknown at noon, the evening is 188 plus 15% service charge.
Salmon sashimi, very large shrimp, crabs are into, there are oysters, did not break off
the supply. Other food generally, but a good environment. 2 hours is better to sit a
circle, just the night view of Beijing.
3, Kerry's Friday Seafood Buffet: if is 288 / bits, but also plus 15% service
charge, but does very good food, especially desserts!! Trade noon, 108 plus 15%
service charge, salmon and What's very good to eat by the Secretary.
4, North Star where there is a good Japanese food buffet, post offices and banks along
the small road that has come to an end, turn left (European classical direction) near to
come, as called Tokugawa, very good one Japanese restaurant.
5, Fuchengmen and Yongding Road Holiday Inn: good food, the right price.
6, Gloria International Hotel top: tasty, something more
7 years House: 68 / P, 98 / bit tasty, affordable and is serving more than slow
8, Teng Gelitala: noon 88 / bit something more affordable, with dancing, singing and
9, Kerry Centre Hotel Cafe: Seafood buffet every Friday night
10, Beijing leopard buffet: this I know, the WTO-day order. World cuisine, a variety
of valuable seafood, European-style cakes, Haagen Dazs ice cream, fresh squeezed
juices, wine and champagne, completely unlimited supply. Buffet prices are not low,
but eat some value.