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Ningbo University car tour 4, the total price of 3550 yuan!
Ningbo, where the test driver's license good? Ningbo, where
driver's license test? Driver's license examination center of
Ningbo, in different regions according to different formal recommendation Driving!
Hope every driver's license test in Ningbo friends, to share the
school's first vehicle-related information. The following, we will Ningbo
Haishu, Ningbo Jiangdong, Ningbo Jiangbei, Ningbo and other blocks are
recommended. Driving Application Ningbo Tel: 13736010010
   First, learn to drive Ningbo - Ningbo Tong Driving
   Ningbo Driving through three venues, each venue of the area are great cars by
many school friends.
   1, Ningbo Haishu cypress site, near the new Chicago hotel. Haishu urban and
friends can choose this venue.
   2, Ningbo Haishu Lianfeng site, in the Aetna Street, near the mountain peasants and
   3, Ningbo Jiangdong sports venues.
   Second, learn to drive, Jiangdong, Ningbo - Ningbo and Ningbo sword through
Driving Driving
   1 Driving through one of Ningbo, Ningbo Jiangdong sports venue in the venue, the
stadium or nearby friends can choose to pass Driving Ningbo;
   2, Ningbo sword Driving venues in Yaoai Lu, near the dawn of cinema, next to
Ocean Institute.
   C Ningbo Jiangbei learn to drive - Driving and Ningbo Ningbo Tianyi Driving
   1, Ningbo Tianyi Driving one of the venues in the old Bund, Ningbo Jiangbei
learners friends can choose this field;
   2, Ningbo Jingwei Driving venues in hole pump, Daqing North Road in the
   4, Ningbo University vehicles - Ningbo Ningbo Wanli Driving and Driving and
Driving Ningbo Tianyi
   1, Ningbo Driving site near the center of the passenger.
   2, Ningbo Ningbo Wanli Wanli Driving Driving in the inside space, Higher
Education Park.
   3, Ningbo Tianyi Driving venues around the Metro, East Lake Garden adjacent.
Ningbo test driver's license fee list:
1, 30 physical examination
2, camera 37
3, theoretical application fee of 260
4, IC card + Insurance 70
5, file charges 300
6, examination fees 360
7, 200 practice exam site adaptation
8, 10, license production cost
9, 2500 Tuition
Ningbo University car Total Cost: 3767 yuan
Learner drivers Telephone: 13777187868
Ningbo University Car Service QQ: 1349543115 (specify learner drivers)
Ningbo University vehicle, please login:

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