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Dataset Name          Zooplankton data of the Canary Islands
Data Holding Centre   Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Tenerife
Country               Spain
Time Period           from 1990 onwards
Ongoing               Yes
Geographical Area     Canary Islands
Parameters            qualitative and quantitative zooplankton composition, nictimeral
Summary               The collection contains information on zooplankton collected from
                      the surface down to 1000m at stations situated at all the islands.
                      Presently available are samples from Tenerife and Hierro, although
                      in the current and following years we hope to use different kinds of
                      nets at the rest of the islands. The net used was WP-2. Also data on
                      the qualitative composition of the different bathymetric strata were
                      obtained, and at the same time nictimeral migrations were analyzed
                      while fishing by day and by night.
Originator            F. Hernandez
Organisation          MCNTFE
Contact 1             Director
Contact Title         Director
Postal Address        Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Antiguo Hospital Civil, 38001 S.C.
                      Tenerife, Canary Islands
Telephone             +34 922 213422
Facsimile             +34 922 212909
Storage Medium        hard copies, samples in alcohol
Availability          data of restricted availability by special arrangement
Completed By          Fatima Hernandez
Currency Date         25/08/2000
Revised Date          25/08/2000
Modified Date         19/04/2001
Collated By           D. de Armas, IEO Tenerife
Collating Centre      IEO, Tenerife