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					Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

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Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

         Bernard Boulton: Minister of Inspiration
          and Self-Motivation by Blanche Allen
Pastor Bernard Boulton is not your typical pastor. Author of the self-published book, Do You
Wanna Be Made Whole? Boulton uses his current novel to teach others about self-
forgiveness, love, and redemption. However, this book is from an African-American male
point of view. The book focuses on three main African-American men and how they deal
with the emotional circumstances in their lives. This theme is something that is rarely seen
in urban literature, especially from a Christian perspective.

In society, men are trained that emotions are not masculine. This stereotype is a prominent
belief in the African-American culture, where African-American men are viewed as
vulnerable if they are seen showing weakness. In this novel, Boulton shows that these
strong African-American men do cry and have an emotional side. The novel explores how
each character deals with the challenge he is faced with and how each uses the challenge as
a testimony in building a stronger relationship with God.

Boulton uses his unconventional style to set himself apart from others. Although Boulton is
a pastor of a traditional church, he draws from his childhood experiences in Cleveland, Ohio
during his sermons in an effort to reach out to others.

Boulton wants to use this book as a platform where he can step out from behind the pulpit
and speak to a secular audience. His desire is that the book will share his message of mercy
and motivation. The ultimate goal is to encourage others to pursue their dreams as he did in
publishing this book. As he was developing this novel, Boulton encountered several
setbacks. “While I was transcribing the book my computer crashed. This happened while I
was moving from Ohio to Virginia,” says Boulton. He states that once he arrived in Virginia
and started working on the last chapter of his novel, his computer crashed again. The
spirited pastor did not let this setback discourage him; instead, he worked diligently in
successfully completing and publishing the novel.

Boulton’s future plans include writing a sequel and developing a four-part book series
involving characters from this novel. He also desires to have the opportunity to travel and
lecture on empowerment. Boulton notes “he is still finding his way” on how he will spread
inspirational messages through his ministry. However, Pastor Bernard Boulton is definitely a
pastor who is set apart from the rest.

To purchase copies of Bernard Boulton’s book, Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? Please visit
his website

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Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

                   About the Author
Bernard has been a reader since at the age of five when his cousin Yvette placed a book
in his hand and introduced him to the wonderful world of books. Throughout his life he
has read fiction and nonfiction books that has gripped his imagination and made him
believe in greater things.

Bernard’s reading sparked a desire in him to one day produce his own story. As he got
older the spark became a vision and the vision is about to be manifested through his
first novel.

As a student at the Cuyahoga Community College Bernard was mentored by Dr. George
Eppley who encouraged his gift and ability in writing. Dr. Eppley encouraged Bernard to
pursue his writing for publication. As a member of the New Sardis Church in Cleveland
Ohio Bernard used his gifts in writing as a staff member of the church’s newsletter.

Bernard continues to be thankful for Pastor Larry Tatum and Lady Iris B. Tatum for the
opportunity to write and move in his purpose of writing.

Bernard attended the Cleveland Ohio Public School System graduating from East High
in June 1985. He attended Cuyahoga Community College, Warren Bible Institute,
Moody Bible Institute and he graduated from Christian Life School of Theology where
he received an Associate degree in Theology.

Bernard gave his life to Jesus at the age of eight and entered the preaching ministry at
the age of seventeen. He is a widely traveled preacher with a relevant word and he has
ministered in the Word throughout the United States and Haiti. He has pastored
churches in the states of West Virginia, Texas and Virginia. He is in his ninth year as the
pastor of the New Mine Creek Church in south Virginia.

Bernard is married to his wife of nineteen years Vantoria and they are the parents of
their son Bernard Quincy.

Bernard’s hobbies include reading, traveling and supporting his hometown team the
Cleveland Cavaliers.

Visit Bernard online at

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Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

   Do You Wanna Be
     Made Whole?

ISBN 13: 978-0-9843213-0-8
ISBN 10: 0-9843213-0-6

Pastor James Maxwell knows the pain of making poor
choices that damages families. He has dedicated his
life to helping men avoid the mistakes that he has
made in his life. Now he walks through the valley with
three of his spiritual sons as they try to find their way
to wholeness.

Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Theo find
forgiveness for the one who betrayed him?

Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Michael who suffered a great tragedy in his life?

Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Adam face his past and discover a new future?

Read an Excerpt at

Purchase a copy of the book at

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Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

        What Readers
        are Saying ...
“This is not just a fluff fiction book for pleasure reading-
but though fiction, very real, heartbreaking stories of
struggles so many have, and the healing and wholeness
through Jesus that can be found."
Loni Vander Steel Freelance writer, blogger,
reviewer Writing Canvas

"Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? by Bernard Boulton
is an enticing and encouraging work...This book's
storyline will make great discussion in women's book
Linda Fegin of Faygo Report, facilitator of Glory Girls,
Prayer coordinator for Lydia Circle for Christian
Business and Professional Women

“A captivating work which expresses what really is in the heart of men… the desire to
become whole; emotionally, spiritually and physically. Whether you are a seasoned
man or new believer let God use these pages to assist you in your walk towards
wholeness. I highly recommend this book to all the men who choose to be different.”
Paulette Harper, Author of That Was Then, This Is Now

"Do You Wanna Be Made Whole is a novel that examines the importance of
brotherhood. Bernard should be commended for a well written novel...Do You Wanna
Be Made Whole? is a well written novel with realistic characters and complex
storylines. I highly recommend this novel."
Dijorn Moss, author of My Father's House.

"I enjoyed reading Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?...your story addresses real life's
battles and situations that Christians face."
Shelia Lipsey, author of Beautiful Ugly, Top shelf award winning author.

                                         Page 5
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

“I really enjoyed reading Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? Because it ministers to
men from all walks of life….who have not identified certain areas of their lives that hold
them back…We rarely hear anything for the men in our churches and communities and
I found the read to be so refreshing and encouraging. I recommend this book to pastors
and those who ministers to men.”
Sharel Gordon Love, APOOO Book Club

“In Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? Author Boulton brings the reader face to face
with the option of choice. Through the written word he exposes the woes of three men
who turn to their spiritual leader for guidance in their time of need. Ultimately they will
learn what is necessary to achieve what they so desperately seek.”
Dr. Linda Beed, author of Business Unusual

"Pastor James Maxwell has known Theo, Michael, and Adam since they were young
boys growing up along with his son James. As adults, they are each having problems,
they return to their roots and Pastor Maxwell. Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help them
find forgiveness, get past tragedy, and answer the question Do You Wanna Be Made

Pastor has spent his life working for the Lord and building his church. But, this has not
been without some personal tragedy in his own life; the death of his son and wife.

Boulton shows men no matter where you are in your Christian walk; you need to
continue to pray, for strength, guidance, understanding, and peace. Listen to what
God is saying and obey. I enjoyed reading Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?
although it is written for men; the lessons taught apply to all Christians. This would be
the perfect book for deacons to use in a young adult male study group. Boulton,
ministered from these pages without being preachy, and guided without being
Toni Bonita of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

                                        Page 6
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

       Marketing Plan
The key to any successful PR and marketing campaign
revolves around creating interest in my book - both with my
customers and with the media. Over the past year I have
spent many hours learning about book marketing and
tracking my results. Since December 2009, I have
successfully sold 150 books while working as a full-time

I realize the art of building a successful PR and marketing
campaign revolves around creating strong relationships with
the media and my customers, planning special events and
building an image. When all of these elements were
combined I not only gained publicity, or "buzz," for my book
but a marketing system that produces results

Within this marketing plan you will discover that I use
innovative methods, such as identifying a media niche,
creating a theme, targeting my audience, creating a
speaking and teach platform, creating tie-in products such as T-shirts and greeting cards,
with the goal to create publicity-generating vehicles. In this marketing plan, I reveal my
marketing goals, target audience, marketing strategies and 30-day marketing plan.

Marketing Plan:      Bernard Boulton, author of Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?

Book Overview:       Bernard Boulton has written a story about three men who seek to be
                     whole in God through the spiritual leadership of a pastor. This gripping
                     story is titled Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?

Start Date:          February 2010
End Date:            February 2011

Target Market:       Christian men and women between the ages of 24 and 65.

Methods for Reaching Target Market: Internet, book signing at libraries and bookstores,
presentations at writers organizations, conventions, seminars and workshops, book clubs,
TV, radio, and newspaper interviews. Be a guest speaker for college organizations. Church
groups, ministries, organizations, specialty stores and online bookstores.

                                        Page 7
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Marketing Plan cont’d

Materials Needed: Book, press kit, one-page promo flyer or brochure, business cards, tip
sheet based on your book as a hand-out at events, post cards, posters, press release, sales
letter, mock interview questions, acknowledgement forms, and print ad.

Target Cities: Virginia/DC/Maryland/South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia/Delaware
New Jersey/New York area

Marketing Materials Distributed
  1. T-shirts
  2. Hats
  3. Greeting Cards
  4. Postcards
  5. Book markers

Active Websites
   2. http://www

The Marketing and Promotions Strategy for Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? includes the

Direct Mail Campaign
   • Mail review copies of book to book clubs and church organizations
   • Mail postcards and marketing materials to newsletter subscribers
   • Mail review copies of book to local and regional churches
   • Mail announcement to wholesalers, libraries and Internet Groups

Book   Signing
   •    Scheduled to visit local bookstores in the College Bookstores
   •    Schedule to do book signing at Christian Bookstores
   •    Scheduled to do book signings at Chain Bookstore to include:

                                         Page 8
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Marketing Plan cont’d

Bernard is has scheduled speaking engagements in the following cities:
      1. February 17-19 Jacksonville, Florida
      2. February 22-25 Jacksonville Florida
      3. April 20-23 Pensacola, Florida
      4. June 8-11 Hampton, Virginia
      5. June 22-25 Lorain, Ohio
      6. August 15-20 Jacksonville, Florida
      7. September 3-6 Nashville, Tennessee

Booksigning and distribute books to Specialty Stores

Sell books in Online Bookstores

Launch an Essences Magazine Bookstore Tour

Land Radio Interviews

   •   Conversations LIVE! with Cyrus Webb

   •   WordThirst Literary Online Radio Show

   •   Black Authors Network

Secure TV Interviews on Local Cable Shows and National TV Shows

Schedule books signing at local and national conferences and conventions

Print Media: Submit articles to Christian Magazines

Establish On-Line Affiliations as a featured author

                                          Page 9
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Marketing Plan cont’d

Actively Blog and promote book on Blogging sites

   •    All the Buzz Reviews                             •   Wanda B. Campbell           

   •    Urban Christian Fiction Today                    •   Faygo's Report  

   •    Paulette Harper                                  •   Joey Reviews         

   •    RAWSistaz Literary Group                         •   Writing Canvas                   

   •    Black Pearls Magazine                            •    APOOO Book Club        

   •    Let Us Bear Fruit                                •   Written Voices Blog         

   •    SORMAG

Michael Baisden Book Clubs

Guest   Author and Speak at
  1.    College and Universities English Department
  2.    Historical Black College and Universities
  3.    Adult and Continuing Education Centers
  4.    College Alumni
  5.    Libraries
  6.    Minority Business Clubs
  7.    Church Ministries
  8.    Women’s Networking Group

                                               Page 10
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Marketing Plan cont’d

Professional Support to include:
   1. E-mail announcements sent to top 50 online book clubs
   2. E-mail announcements sent to top 50 online book stores
   3. Press releases sent to top influential news and PR websites
   4. Distribution to Bookstores
   5. Reviews from Book clubs

Internet Promotions to include:
   1. Banner Exchanges with Major Exchange Rings
   2. Banner Placement
   3. Author Spotlight on Spotlight
   4. Electronic Newsletter and Blogging
   5. E-mail submissions to magazines and reviewers
   6. Guest on podcast Radio Shows
   7. Guest on Webinars relating to poetry and inspiration
   8. Featured guest on Tele-classes and Tele-seminars relating to publishing and poetry

                                        Page 11
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Other Books
Home Again: Stories of
Restored Relationships
ISBN-10: 0979045819
ISBN-13: 978-0979045813

Home Again is a compelling journey into the relationships that
matter most: family, friends and self. Each story is founded on
natural love, but will require the Father’s love to heal the

Travel with husbands and wives, brothers, sisters, friends and
families as they maneuver through life’s hurts and betrayals
while leaning on a power greater than themselves.

Bernard’s Story - Jake and Eric

Jake and Eric like most twins are very competitive. Their drive to succeed finally drives
them apart when one commits an act of betrayal. Will divine providence cause each brother
to take a look at himself? Will forgiveness lead them back to each other?

What Readers are Saying...

Home Again is a compelling read. The stories told in Home Again reveal the magnificent
power of love found through forgiveness, redemption and restoration. More than just
another anthology, Home Again is inspirational and a must read.
- Shelia E. Lipsey, National Award-Winning Author

Through powerful and insightful stories, Home Again reminds us all through the power of
God, the importance of family and forgiveness.”
- Elissa Gabrielle, Award-winning Author and Publisher

Purchase a copy of the book at

                                        Page 12
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Radio & TV Interview Questions

1. When did you first began writing?

2. When did you first decide you wanted to see your book in print?

3. I believe you’ve self published your novel?

4. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a pastor?

5. What is your novel about?

6. Where did you get the idea for your novel?

7. Tell us about your journey to publication.

8. What do you like about the main characters in the story?

9. What are your keys to success?

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

                                  Page 13
Bernard Boulton
Pastor & Author

Speaking Topics
1. What a Man Needs.

2. Dreams, Decisions, Destiny.

3. My Journey to Writing and Self-publishing.

4. What You Speak, You will See: Connecting the Power of Words and Vision.

5. What's in the Heart of a Man?

6. When a Boy Becomes a Man.

7. The Brotherhood: I am my Brother's Inspiration.

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