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Order a drink from the source, contains all
    CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Publicity Minister and Director of
Procedures connected with the same two people blending Freemasonry
    Shanghai Jiaotong University, Antai College of Economics and Management Dean
Fang-Hua Wang
Xusan have patience, be made by "leaders"
    Nanyang Technological University Business School Dean of the Yellow Sea
Four types of procedures to explain the success of the N
    Wenhui Xinmin Newspaper Group Vice President automatic long
Introduction to Chinese EMBA portrait

Series of one-pillar

"Shanghai man" of the model
  - Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xing Chen Xiaoping chairman
Dos and Don'ts
  - Executive Vice President of International Group of Hong Kong mountains of
dollars Zu-Guang Ying
Tragic Life Tastes intersection Xin
  - Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group Vice President automatic long
GE or Coca-Cola?
  - LONDON Zhi-Ping Li, Chairman and Chief Executive
Work to specific state of mind to open up
  - Guizhou Province, China Unicom Branch Vice President Liu Bing
Wandering is the fate of professional managers?
  - Singapore Biologics Plant, Schering Liu Jiongwei
"Striver" says Liu
  - Jiefang Daily Group Distribution Center Director Anita Liu
"I hope the students forever,"
  - Shanghai Urban Electric Power Investment Development Corporation Deputy
General Manager Mao Asia and Africa
Blank = opportunities + space
  - BenQ Information Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang
King David is my greatest achievement
  - Shanghai Jing Hong Yu Hui, chairman and president of its
"Take the lead in Big Brother," three life span
  - Consortium Business Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Zheng Yuhua
Series 2 sprint
The cause of women's Kids Fashion
  - Shanghai Rong Chen, Dr. Chen Liping, general manager of Frog Group
1000 sail past the best
   - Canada Toronto Construction Group chairman Chen Zhong Sheng
Modern businessmen and the footprint
   - China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. Cheng Jinsong, general manager of Hunan
Two versions of the eagle story
   - Singapore Branch interest groups Dengyue Li, general manager of Shanghai
Is also a successful way of honest
   - Gude Qin General Manager of Shanghai Maple Cable
Disability awareness and then the first literary devices
   - Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Gu Qiang, Deputy General
Up going through joy to the poor
   - Iraqis holding company chairman Jiang Jia
Reading of the EMBA, the heavier the burden
   - Business investment in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation,
Deputy Minister Li Hongjun
Hupenghuanyou line containing wine
   - Chong Bo Li Qiang, general manager of Technology Development Co., Ltd.
China is his stage
   - Singapore's CPG Senior Vice President, China Zhi-Jie
Toshiyuki Ne Yan Lin Kaiwen
   - Kaicong Spring Pump Group Chairman and Chief Executive Lin Kaiwen
Who strive for excellence Shansi
   - China Mobile Henan Branch Manager Assistant Lu Wenchang
EMBA like an Aladdin's lamp
   - Zhejiang teacher Construction Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman
Mao Jianmin
From the art teacher, chairman of the Hong Kong listed companies
   - Shanghai Seven Star Shopping Ltd chairman Ni Xinguang International
My theory is expected to receive the Nobel Prize success
   - Shen, general manager of the Hay Xiao Tong Hok
Photography class
   - Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. Deputy
General Manager Sun Yong
At thirty of the IT people
   - Shanghai Hui, general manager for the Information Technology Co., Ltd. Tian
Born is to put up with hardships
   - Mega International Group General Manager Chin-Feng Tsai
God love "Ben Xiaohai"
   - Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Cheng
Hard man of the eventful years clank
- Suzhou Industrial Park, Lou turnip Xu Linnan, vice president of high-tech
development group
Nice view in Songjiang
   - Shanghai Songjiang District Kurahashi Joint Economic Corporation Deputy
Director Yang Hongbin
Different ideas, different life
   - Zibo Qi, general manager of economic development, culture, science and
technology Yao Mei
EMBA is a kind of international common language of business
  ?- Lanzhou Telecom Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Xue-Li Zhang
Practical, modest
   - Suzhou Hua Zhu, general manager of ST Engineering Ltd
"Silence is golden" members of learning
- Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiang Zhu, Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Industry

Series 3 was born 70 years
Carrots, eggs, beans and two women EMBA
   - Black & Decker (Suzhou) Power Tools Co., Ltd. Dai-Wu, Tian Yan
From the Company Secretary to General Manager
   - Olympic Star Co., Ltd. Shanghai General Manager Gong Xiaoqing
Should continue to read a EMBA
   - Zhejiang Zhongxing Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager physiological
Firmness and flexibility is a wisdom
   - Suzhou Industrial Park Housing and Development Group Co., Ltd. Vice President
of Wen Ho
He may be the youngest EMBA
   - Deputy General Manager Huang Wei Liberation Media Investment Company
Used to harvest, also used to give up
   - Zhejiang Huzhou Traffic Assistant Dean Ya-Ming Kang Hospital
Businessman put it differently interpreted
   - Shanghai Institute of Technology, Vice President of mold holes Xiao
Tight string relaxation to enjoy the moment most
   - Psychic jewelry (China) Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Fang
I will not choose business
- Black & Decker power tool plant operations manager in Qingdao
Inflection point
   - Large securities brokerage business for the company headquarters in Shanghai
Wang vertical
Unforeseen surprises
   - Huayu Group Human Resources Director Wang Yanbo
Explorer of the new model TV shopping
   - Shanghai Seven Star International Shopping Wang Zhiming, Vice President
From the heart of happiness is success
  - Suzhou Industrial Park Housing and Development Group Executive Director,
Director of the Center comprehensive tourism management

Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang EMBA program files
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