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Guangzhou into a test network www.gzck.com.cn efforts to promote the development
of adult education in Guangdong Province and the University Institute of Adult
Continuing Education University of adult education enrollment, adult online adult
college entrance examination and the examination into the examination time
Undergraduate enrollment application skills, offering programs in Large accelerated
training of adult entrance of Guangdong Province, to provide adult entrance Textbook
outline of questions to download, adult education, counseling and amateur adult
entrance counseling tutorial college and Undergraduate Division into a high-sitting
So that the general will participate in the adult entrance students enjoy professional
help. Intention to make every student work so that students complete satisfaction is
our best reward. Our goal is to "the student said well, is really good, ideal
for student in school is our unparalleled glory."
9 great professional counseling advantage, leading the industry in Guangzhou into a
test counseling training
⑴, powerful combination - Guangzhou into a test network of professional entrance
examination of information move faster than adults, and Zhongshan University
professor of adult entrance combine seamlessly.
⑵, super teacher - the best collection of Zhongshan University professor of adult
entrance training, comprehensive systemic level to improve student, outlined the
focus directly enhance the capacity exam.
⑶, comprehensive guidance strategy - to take the most scientific, most effective,
practical lessons through numerous counseling programs, basic + enhanced + module
test, done in three stages Scientific Note.
⑷, taking advantage - Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, insight into the test network
Adult College Entrance Examination Policy, at the same time and at various
universities in Guangdong province and the country has a good relationship, the entry
for the candidates to provide professional guidance, so that a test will be, there report
will be recorded.
⑸, personal services - enroll in remedial classes from the start: class → review →
→ into test online prediction for the validation test points into the electronic camera
→ adult college entrance exam scores → enrolled → out our full personal services,
escort for your school Way .
⑹ , worry-free pledge - Guangzhou into a test network solemn promise: We
recommend that students enroll in school without being admitted, we have hundred
percent tuition refund or free re-read the following year.
⑺, location - sitting on the trunk center of Haizhu District, Guangzhou City location,
transport facilities, subway and bus ranging, the campus beautiful, scenic, cultural
atmosphere, is the best environment for learning reading.
⑻, focus on specific - Gifted classes this exam is only offered at the University, no
other points, many points will not affect teaching quality of teaching, many students
will not give up the pursuit of quality of teaching.
⑼, perfect service - full-time class by the class teacher, responsible for special
services, at any time for candidates to provide free professional answering, in a timely
manner to provide students with the necessary information for adult college entrance
Professional counseling advantages fully shown
Gao Shengzhuan: English, mathematics, language, liberal arts (history, geography),
Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry)
Upgraded: English, political, [high number (a, b), the University of the language, civil
law, Art Studies, educational theory]
Gifted class basis: specialist counseling fee: 700 yuan, teaching materials: 100
Undergraduate Service Fee: 750 yuan, teaching materials: 100
Sprint Chuanjiang Class: Specialist Service Fee: 400 yuan, teaching materials: 100
Undergraduate Service Fee: 450, teaching materials: 100
Adult entrance training Hotline :020-84111302 020-84111389
 ?QQ: 707764310 916455843

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