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					                                  PRODUCT INFORMATION
Food Safe Range
Lincol Oil supply a full range of fully synthetic NSF registered category H1food safe lubricants for the food industry, the range of products have been
specially designed to extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency.

         Gear Oils
         Hydraulic Oils                                                                      01469 571 093
         Chain Oils
         Direct Contact Fluids                                                           Call us today for more
         Compressor Oils                                                                       information
         Greases
         Ancillary Products

Industrial Range
Lincol oil’s industrial range covers all aspects of industrial plant, workshop, machine shop and production unit requirements ranging from basic lubricating
oils through to synthetic high performance oils.

         Gear oils
         Circulatory oils                                                                 01469 571 093
         Hydraulic Fluids
         Neat Cutting Oils
                                                                                       Call us today for more
         Water soluble Fluids                                                               information
         Greases
         Ancillary Products

Automotive Range
Lincol oils engine oils are designed to give maximum protection to all types of petrol, diesel and mixed fleet applications, whether latest technology or
vintage designs, they provide lubrication over a wide temperature range with excellent cold starting properties as well as efficient lubrication as the
elevated running temperatures achieved by many of today’s high performance engines, other benefits include superior engine cleanliness, reduced wear
and oil consumption, compatibility with catalytic converters and low levels of emission. The Lincol Automotive product range is complimented by the
availability of a comprehensive range of gear and transmission oils, suspension fluids, greases, antifreeze, and other ancillary automotive products.

         Engine Oils
         Premium Synthetic Grades
         Premium Mineral Grades
         Economy Grades                                                                   01469 571 093
         Two Stroke Oils
         Transmission Oils
                                                                                       Call us today for more
         Greases                                                                            information
         Ancillary Products

Commercial Range
Whatever the nature and mix of your fleet and equipment, Lincol can supply products ranging from basic lubricants through to highly advanced
formulations designed to meet the latest American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I) standard and those required by European Automobile Manufactures

Together with specialised gear, transmission oils and greases Lincol are able to meet all customer requirements.

         Engine Oils
         Diesel Grades
         Mixed Fleet Oils                                                                    01469 571 093
         Gear & Transmission Oils
         Hydraulic Oils                                                                  Call us today for more
         Greases                                                                               information
         Ancillary Products

Agricultural Range
Lincol oils agricultural range of products satisfies the requirements of the latest specialised tractor units through to older types of farming machinery and
ancillary equipment.

         Super Universal Tractor Oils                                                          01469 571 093
         Engine Oils
         Hydraulic Oils                                                                    Call us today for more
         Transmission Oils                                                                       information
         Ancillary Products
Horticultural Range
Lincol Oil supplies a complete range of Horticultural products for all ground care, grass, forestry and machinery. The product range has been specifically
developed to meet the requirements of horticultural machinery, to extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency.

         Biodegradable Oils
         Two Stroke Oils
         Four Stoke Oils
         Chainsaw Oils                                                                    01469 571 093
         One Shots Oils
                                                                                       Call us today for more
         Ancillary Products



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