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Database Administrator

Some DBA duties:

Installing and upgrading database server (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL server), and
application tools.

Database design system storage program and to develop future storage requirements

Once the design of an application developer, DBA will need to create a database
storage structures (tablespaces).

Once the design of an application developer, DBA will need to create database objects
(tables, views, indexes).

According to developer feedback, when necessary, modify the structure of the

Registration database of users, maintaining the database security.

Ensure that the database used in conformity with relevant laws and regulations of
intellectual property.

Control and monitor user access to access the database.

Monitor and optimize database performance.

Development of the database backup plan, disaster appears to restore the database

Maintenance of appropriate media for archive or backup data

Backup and restore database

Contact the manufacturer database system to track technical information.

DBA's personality

Managers are often ignored DBA's personality, they are only concerned
with the technical capacity of DBA. In fact, each of the above mentioned
responsibilities mean: DBA needs to deal with various personnel, such personnel may
be vendors, users, developers or managers. This shows that: DBA must have the
following personality characteristics:

Curiosity tenacious willpower sophisticated self-confidence self-driven attention to
detail why these personality characteristics are important?

I have some lack of confidence in his subordinates, who repeatedly asked me some
questions micromanager, they have no confidence to do even the smallest decision.
They also lack the initiative work. This issue of junior DBA is not too likely, but the
senior DBA who, if they lack self-confidence, who they can rely on to help their
decision? In the DBA's interview, even if you can not answer a technical
question You have to show enough self-confidence. The most deadly was not not
know the answer, but do not know where to get an answer.

Almost all of the database systems are constantly updated. But not all updates have
technical documentation. For a good DBA, the curiosity is required. Curiosity and
thirst for knowledge of the DBA did not always wait for someone to tell them the
answer. The DBA will be an eager install the latest version of the database system,
and immediately began searching for even the subtle differences in functionality and
performance and enhanced in order to improve their work. When a candidate must ask
the question: What do you reference? You how to use them? There is no doubt that if
you answer only the database of documents, or you did not even read them, your
"stock market" will declined significantly. We understand the
curiosity will drive DBA data dictionary (Data Dictionary), management tool (Tools)
or other support packages (Packages).

DBA often encounter difficult problems. The answer is tough to find a need for
willpower, personality can withstand the beating. I often see a number of discussion
groups or forums on the issue raised by DBA, these questions themselves often can be
solved, if they have a tough personality, and to seek answers.

Self-drive is very important to everyone, and especially on the DBA. DBA should be
able to find a way to problems, rather than waiting for problems. The DBA is often
self-drive to get strong, or write the necessary scripts (Script) to monitor the included
data sheet size (Table Size), table space usage (Tablespace Usage) and other projects
that, if ignored, they will encounter trouble. DBA exam when they are often asked
about PL / SQL, SQL or SQL * PLUS experience, these problems will never write
you off from the script they need to distinguish those who DBA.

Needless to say, and users, and programmers and managers are dealing with, you also
need experienced enough. The DBA will not be doing things a little will not do
anything good for you, your department will ignite the flames of hostility.
Sophisticated is the ability to, you advised someone to go to hell, haha, finally the
mood of people with long gone. In many cases, developers, managers, users, they will
make unreasonable demands, DBA we need experienced guide, to amend their request,
to persuade them. In the exam, your response clearly explains you experienced.

Finally talk about attention to detail, this character is very important tendency.
Attention to detail of the DBA were neatly dressed and have their own schedule, at the
examination before the candidate's unit conducted a survey. Attention to
detail in the DBA who understand the core database, and can understand the view, the
relationship between tables.

DBA level

DBA's rating is not very strict. In accordance with the master database, I
simply divided into three levels: primary Primary, Intermediate Intermediate and
Advanced Senior.

Junior DBA, also known as DBBS, is the abbreviation of the English Database Baby
Sitter. Junior DBA is often part-time, they often also serve as a programmer or other
work. Junior DBA tend to write a great resume, and databases involved in a number
of related projects or work. However, these projects or the work tends to be:
third-party software vendors have already installed and configured the database, they
only do a number of monitoring work. They can handle some simple questions, but
most of the time they are to the application software vendor for help. Junior DBA
prefer graphical database management or monitoring tools, they like Access desktop
database such as easy to use, and the experience of these small database easily applied
to large database-related work.

DBA is the best primary distinction. The intermediate and senior DBA DBA is not
very good distinction. Their difference is the different experience and personality,
ability differences. More mid-level DBA, they can most competent senior DBA,

Database administrative privileges to install the database configuration and setup and
security management monitoring and performance tuning backup and restore to solve
the problem in general about a year, mid-level DBA often practitioners are familiar
with the database under a certain operating system. Because in terms of intermediate
DBA, Windows NT and Unix are very different. Intermediate SQL DBA on the more
familiar, their own database Share buy a few books, and extensive research.
Intermediate DBA database programmers often concurrently, their work performance,
stability, security, the pursuit is basically not very high, often with the senior DBA to
do some routine work.

Senior DBA in the country is very small. They bought a lot of database and
information in English, may be asked a friend to buy from Amazon. Remuneration
relative to their speaking, there is little money to buy books a percentage. Senior DBA
generally familiar with the many types of operating platforms of several large
databases. They know a variety of different databases in different environments the
advantages and disadvantages, and to the database platform and database to make
decisions regarding the choice of the environment. They are generally familiar with
system architecture and database design, and to the database of various levels of
optimization. Senior DBA generally equipped with Assistant, they tend to make
decisions and plans. Senior DBA is often in the banking, insurance, online trading on
the stability, security, performance, require a higher critical business processing to
show their talents.

In many cases, whether the certificate to obtain a database of experts is not very
important. I know that many database vendors as long as you went to the training will
receive certificates. There are many commercial training companies, and their service
quality is also good and bad. Therefore, the certificate is not a particular meaning.

Several popular database system

The most "easy" system-Microsoft SQL Server database

If you intend to be a DBA, I suggest you select those who are now more popular
database systems. This means you will have more job opportunities, exchanges and
training opportunities, and, popular reason to own popular, you can worry so much.
Of course, the employment pressure is relatively large. General beginners select
Microsoft SQL Server, which is very suitable for small and medium enterprise
database system, easy to readers familiar with Access can initially use Microsoft SQL
Server, as a DBBS.

Offer Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 5 User Edition 1399 U.S. dollars, increased user and
127 dollars per user.

The most "difficult" database - Wumianzhiwang Oracle

If you have access to Oracle, it was a good opportunity. Oracle is the database of the
most promising companies, because of its powerful and configurable, to management,
Oracle DBA salaries than other database administrators generally higher salary.
Moreover, Oracle's critical applications in large and medium enterprises
are becoming more common. Oracle can run on Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Linux and
other platforms. Many cases require you to not only familiar with the NT, but also you
are familiar with Unix; and Oracle is not a friendly interface and boxes of Oracle
product information may also be an obstacle.

Oracle 8i Standard Edition of the offer, if running on Windows NT, with JServer and
interMedia, support for 5 concurrent users, offer is 3925 dollars per CPU. Increase in
concurrent users, 785 U.S. dollars per user. Additional named users increase, the
392.5 U.S. dollars per user.
Database System noble-IBM UDB/DB2

As a 30-year database of research results, IBM DB2 really be called
"database system nobility." Whether small business systems, or
of the banking system, all you can rest easy with DB2. Recently launched a new
version of DB2 6.1, management and regulation tools for greater success and ease of
use. DB2 will run on Intel architecture, you can also run on IBM's S/390
mainframes. If your industry on the IBM machines particular praise, I suggest you
learn from IBM DB2.

There are two versions of DB2: Workgroup Edition and Enterprise Edition.
Workgroup Edition 999 U.S. dollars per server, plus 249 U.S. dollars per concurrent
user. The Enterprise Edition is a 12,500 U.S. dollars per CPU, not limited to the
number of concurrent users.

Java-centric database-Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.0

The upcoming release of Sybase ASE 12.0, direct-to Java programmers. This kind of
Java-centric database system, for those ready to build enterprise Java platform
application enterprises, Jiang is the best 选择. ASE can not be called a database, but a
leader in the field, although relative to its previous version has been improved a lot,
and supports multiple CPU and more complicated, there are many new features.
However, the scenery seems to no longer Sybase.

Worth looking forward to the Informix Centaur

Sometimes the "first" just means that your opponents have to
wait longer to catch up with you. This is created by Informix in 1997 faced. Informix
is the first multimedia features will be added to the relational database system, one of
the large database vendors. But now, IBM, Oracle, Sybase have this concept across.
So, Informix had to seek new support to make their own different from other database
vendors. This is the Informix Centaur goal. Informix Centaur combines the Informix
Dynamic Server 7.3 object - relational databases and Informix Universal Data Option
9.1, is intended to better adaptation and multimedia support. Details, we will wait and

DBA salary

There are many factors that affect your pay as a DBA:

Your experience and ability determined by the DBA level database system you are
familiar with your personality and potential

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