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Daquan character of the Chinese provinces


									Daquan character of the Chinese provinces
Companies in some big cities, are reluctant to hire people in Henan, the
"fire alarm anti Henan", which even played in Shenzhen,
"severely crack down on gang membership in Henan," the
banner is probably to narrow people (and a fast 100 000 000 ), intense competition,
many people seem to naturally too sly bad reputation of companies in Henan, to
deceive the deception, to pit the pit, and they are very risky business Xinxiang
Zhengzhou, Anyang focused a lot of cheat companies to join the way of commission
processing fraud, not whether the local government of Henan in general position in
the big cities is not high, but the reputation is the most "loud",
received a lot of waste (often pilfering), Gushi County is a "waste
town" Miss do quite a few more loitering in the crime rate among cities in
Beijing after a northeastern (northeastern fighting, Henan theft fraud more to hire and
hate) about the DPRK and no one, no voice, always marginalized, or even a lot of
Henan people who are renamed are Hebei, Henan and Shandong are actually quite
hard, hardworking, simple lifestyle has always known, especially in rural areas is very
simple, nostalgic heavy, but rigid, inert, closed and conservative, is China's
Henan Province, the largest labor force at home is very interesting, both meet their
daily shuttle suspended by also celebrate wedding birthday funeral and other
reproductive adult, pay attention to etiquette and instrument are Henan dirty clothes,
but do not love bath is a name almost In many of these abuses out of the Henan
people not united, spoil the reputation of a province, despite the
Government's efforts in changing the image, but the bad reputation and
many people have deep-rooted Henan excessive to me, already has forgotten her: the
Hakka people and even Shanghai ancestors are from Henan
2. Hubei:
Adjacent to Henan, "the sky nine birds, underground Hubei
guys", cunning level no smaller than Henan, Hanzhengjie the fakes have
prestige, but the town of Central China Hubei reputation is not so bad, Hubei, known
as "the province of a thousand lakes", water and more natural
has a spirit, it is also a lot of beauty in Hubei very intelligent, highly competitive
college entrance examination, scores were many, very good at reading people in
Hubei, the famous country famed Huanggang schools, and even Beijing
Shanghai's key middle schools are humbled, Hubei Many people are
outstanding in the university days door is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese
mainland, Xiantao Qianjiang very wealthy coastal areas, but comparable to the
junction with the Dabie Mountains in Anhui, Henan, security Macheng British Red
Hill is the country's poorest region Enshi, Hubei Province Shiyan old
one's mouth is relatively poor security is the most famous red,
"General County" (out of 233 general), it is probably the heroes
in those days, as long as the injunction of a large poor body will be a good courage
After the blessing from Hubei have introverted personality, keeping a low profile,
Hubei courage as Hunan, Hubei, had a boy admired a girl, girls liked him, but boy is
ashamed to open, last missed benign fate, trickery, like the courage to not do no more
compared to rural areas is, in Hubei province is also the workers
3. Hunan:
Hunan is known as "north south", character Zhang Yang
Unyielding, as hot as chili, his voice is also relatively large in the history books have
given the most praise on the Hunan: "However, there are material Chu, in
Sri Lanka to hold" (Yuelu Academy ) "Although the three to
death Chu Qin", "not a non-Xiang Army",
"Hunan people do not fall, China is not dumping,"
"the world not get along without Hunan" tang Zeng's
Hunan the Great Qing Dynasty incense continues Nearly half a century, the
Communist Party of the founding fathers and many came from Hunan, it can be said
of modern Chinese history and modern history of China is part of Hunan written with
blood and lives of Hunan smart brave, Unyielding and resolute, dare any event, to rise
and fall of world responsibility, "If the Chinese State Road fruit fall, unless
the Hunan people do die," focused on the outstanding virtues of the
Chinese nation, study of labor are good soldiers to do battle there, but in recent trend
Moral Degeneration, Changsha is The typical consumer city, Bath City, are
everywhere (both inside Miss), Consumer is not low, many locals have no money
laundering, has been enlivened by the Cantonese; Twin Peaks is a "false
town", Radiation the country, employing tens of thousands of many; said
to the beauty Taojiang good; Shaoyang rich underworld; Chenzhou all corrupt;
Xiangtan, the pace of life is slow, a lot of people chewing betel nut leisurely leisurely
(Hunan did not produce betel nut chewing than people of Hainan more than the
addictive properties, there are three serious carcinogenic gas Hunan: Aura Fei Qi and
domineering, violent gangs that if they become extremely hazardous, Guangdong
strike hard the "speeding car" is mainly Hunan,
"Hunan to help" more than " Northeast Gang
"and" Guangxi Gang ", a local gang instead of
Guangdong Hunan little beauties, capable and intelligent, do something quick and
neat, so my wife is not reliable, known as" Xiang passionate woman
"in that the number of people in the service industry and the River Mei Mei
Northeast par, laughing poverty but not prostitution, pimping his wife or husband has
to help also, "second wife" Output province
4. Cantonese:
Cantonese is the most complex group of people, mostly his short stature, prominent
cheekbones, head of small deep, wide flat nose, thick lips, turned to three main
dialects: Cantonese, the Chaozhou, Hakka, Cantonese is the history of 1 Baiyue
miscellaneous office area, coastal, Southeast Asia to enter, as Cantonese, including
Hong Kong and Macao; Chaoshan who also has a unique language and customs both
belong to the indigenous Cantonese, from a biological point of view, and northern
species of origin is different from the "five wild China" after the
Central Plains (mainly in Henan) and a large number of Han Chinese south, live in
today's Meizhou
1> Jieyang, Shanwei, Heyuan and parts of this part of the Han people speak
Hakka origin should be regarded as the most "pure" Han
Chinese of the (national integration has been in the north), there are more than 10
million, Sun Yat-Sen Li Ka-shing is the history of Cantonese Hakka Western
missionaries in the image of a very bad description: petite images dirty gambling
infighting insignificant cunning, cowardly, baby Cantonese food is the first living
overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese have more than 20 million, long-term represents
the Chinese people image, Chaoshan people and Wenzhou to do business in foreign
countries as well-known because of the demonizing propaganda Cantonese, USA and
Canada lasted half a century, "Exclusion" campaign Guangdong
is the birthplace of modern democratic revolution, the intersection of Eastern and
Western civilizations , the bridgehead and the vanguard of reform and opening up;
Cantonese population is oceans, full of vigor and vitality, flexibility and the
adventurous nature of innovative, first in the world, short theory on the Cantonese are
not interested in philosophy does not work talk about life, not interested in politics for
the money everyone busy and run around all day northerners are thinking before
action, after action Cantonese is the first thought is linked to efficiency and value, do
not pay attention to the form and appearance are has become the most economically
developed regions in Guangdong is very virtuous woman, hand everyone a good soup
pot, hand-good food, but the human image of the Cantonese is the typical upstart (skit
where the money is often not the quality of the image of the cynical ), more criticisms
than praises of the most common rating is:
1 apathy xenophobic arrogant Guangzhou is a fast-paced world, the most indifferent
city, if it is one to one in particular, a voice called out, then ask the way, few will pay
attention you neighborhood, close our doors, each Buda Li, doing less to avoid the
issue in Guangzhou would like to find a Samaritan, and be prohibitively difficult
Cantonese is early to have the exclusive, all in Guangdong person other than the
"fishing guy", a girl named North "sister",
the north is called "fishing Song" called Japanese
"rack guys", called western "ghost" or
even Chaoshan people also known as "cold man" a lot of people
poor geographical knowledge, often self-centered, that is outside th

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