Making notes on mobile devices

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					Making notes on mobile devices
For learners who would benefit from making notes on a mobile
device the following information should provide some guidance as to
what is available for their device.

Windows Mobile devices

PDAs or Smart phones divides into two
categories. Some offer business capabilities
on the device, such as they allow you to
create and edit spreadsheets and documents
and they usually come with Microsoft
Outlook, Palm Desktop, or other personal information management
software. Other Smart phones are more for personal use. They're
designed for playing music and to view multimedia files, reading e-
mail messages, and opening Office-type attachments, but they
don't allow you to create or edit documents and spreadsheets.

The Windows Mobile operating system runs on many PDAs and
mobile phones. Windows Mobile devices generally hold Mobile Office
(or Pocket Word or Word Mobile) allowing users to read documents.

Software such as Documents to Go can be added to a device to add
the extra functionality to create and edit documents.

An alternative for Windows Mobile users is to look for the Quick
Notes or Tasks – a simple note taker facility.

Symbian-based devices

            Many Symbian-based phones, such as Nokia
            Smartphones, will have Quick Office software to read
            documents sent by email attachment or transferred onto
            the device.

           Editable document writing is available in Quick Notes,
Tasks or To Do – simple note taking facilities.

Quick Office

SMS messages could be an alternative way to write and send a
textual note to another person or to a web-based storage area.
Predictive text (T9) can be found on a majority of mobile phones
and is a function to help faster and improved text entry on phone

The Learn to Use T9 website has tips and hints, and a practice area,
for predictive text users.

Palm OS devices

Palm OS devices are by far the best mobile device for document editing whilst
on the move. There is a wide choice of Palm Office Suites for Palm OS
devices such as Documents To Go, MiniOffice, QuickOffice, Premier, Mobile
Word and WordSmith.

Linux-based devices

Linux-based phones really only provide the opportunity to
write notes in SMS format and send them to a web area
such as Jaiku or MoBlog.

Sony Playstation Portable devices

                  Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) games devices
                  allow users to read text These devices don’t have
                  a Note making facility on the devices but a web-
                  based word processor, such as Google Docs, can
be accessed via the Internet and documents can be created or

iPod family

The iPhone and iPod Touch receive documents for view
via email attachment or accessed via the web, such as
Google Docs.

Learners can practice entering text onto an iPod Touch or
iPhone by taking the iphone Typing Test at