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									                                             Windows Mobile
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Healthcare Provider Boosts Patient Data
                                             Collection and Use with Mobile Devices

                                             “Our use of Windows Mobile powered devices is a
Customer: Tara Cares
Web Site:
                                             success. We are able to collect and analyze resident
Country or Region: United States             data more efficiently than we could with paper forms.
Industry: Healthcare
Partner: SOTI
                                             We get more and better data.”
                                             Todd Fogle, Chief Information Officer, Tara Cares
Customer Profile
Tara Cares, based in Orchard Park, New
York, supports 34 nursing facilities and
                                             Tara Cares, a support organization for nursing, senior-living, and
senior-living and assisted-living centers    assisted-living centers, wanted to replace its manual system of
across seven states.
                                             collecting patient and resident data with a solution that would cut
Software and Services                        data collection time while increasing the ability to use this
 Windows Mobile® 5.0
 Windows Mobile 2003
                                             information. The company addressed its needs by using Windows
 Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000                Mobile® powered Pocket PCs and by managing them with SOTI
                                             MobiControl device management software.
 Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Pocket PCs

                                             Business Needs                                      enable healthcare providers to devote more
                                             The 34 nursing facilities and senior-living         of their day to delivering care and less to
                                             and assisted-living centers supported by            keeping track of care.
                                             Tara Cares are spread across seven
                                             southern and midwestern U.S. states. For a          The company developed clear requirements
                                             variety of reasons—some related to the              for a solution. It wanted a mobile computing
                                             provision of care and others related to the         solution that would enable professional staff
                                             reimbursement for that care—the facilities          to input the required data with a few taps on
                                             needed a constant tally of the services they        a mobile touch-screen wherever they were in
                                             provide to patients and residents.                  the facilities, which would free staffers from
                                                                                                 having to return to their desktops to enter
                                             That tally was conducted mainly through the         information.
For more information about other Microsoft   use of paper forms. The process was
customer successes, please visit:            laborious and expensive. Tara Cares                 It also wanted the solution to send                executives wanted a solution that would             information wirelessly to a central database,
thereby eliminating the need for costly, time-                          monitoring, problem correction, and               Thanks to the Windows Mobile powered
consuming, and error-prone rekeying of data.                            configuration; device security; and reporting.    devices, the typical facility collects, analyzes,
                                                                                                                          and reports on nearly 10,000 pieces of
Tara Cares wanted to ensure that its mobile                             When users request support for their mobile       information per day.
computing solution would be easy and cost-                              devices and Healthcare applications, support
effective to deploy and manage, meaning that                            staff can see and control the devices             Tara Cares was also able to deploy the
support staff could remotely monitor and                                remotely using a centralized console that         Windows Mobile powered devices cost-
troubleshoot problems with the devices and                              shows them the screens of the devices as          effectively. For instance, at several facilities,
applications. In addition, Tara Cares wanted                            well as detailed data about the devices and       the networks developed “dead” zones or
to restrict employee access to its Healthcare                           their status. The support staff can use this      were affected by interference from residents’
applications alone, and to automate the                                 remote information and walk users through         wireless phones. Instead of Tara Cares
process of re-imaging devices remotely in the                           questions about using the device and              having to send IT staff to troubleshoot the
event of a hard reset or battery power loss.                            applications, providing remote, just-in-time      problem, nontechnical administrators carried
                                                                        training.                                         the mobile devices through problem areas.
The company also needed to ensure the                                                                                     Technicians monitored and took remote
security of the data being processed by the                             Because sensitive data is transmitted from        control of the mobile devices, obtaining all
solution—a particular concern, given                                    the device to the network in real time, no        the information they needed to solve the
regulatory requirements such as the Health                              important data is ever stored on the device,      problems.
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act                            eliminating the risk that sensitive patient
(HIPAA) and given the potential security                                data could be compromised if a device is          ”By including MobiControl in our solution, we
concerns associated with mobile devices,                                stolen. To safeguard data during                  gained an enhanced level of remote
which can be lost or stolen and which                                   transmission over the wireless network, Tara      management and control that makes it
transmit their data wirelessly.                                         Cares uses Wi-Fi Protected Access and             highly cost effective to deploy the mobile
                                                                        encryption.                                       devices without having IT personnel at each
Solution                                                                                                                  location,” says Fogle.
To address these requirements, Tara Cares                               Tara Cares uses MobiControl’s lockdown
adopted a mobile computing solution with                                features to limit the Pocket PC features to       Fogle also finds increasing benefits from the
Windows Mobile® powered Hewlett-Packard                                 which users have access. This solution takes      feature-restricting capabilities of the
iPAQ Pocket PCs, and it manages these                                   advantage of Windows Mobile persistent file       solution. When employees pick up the
devices using MobiControl software from                                 storage, which automatically restores the         device, they’re using it only for the purpose
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner SOTI. The                             device to a fully functional and secured state    that Tara Cares intends.
company has deployed 550 Windows Mobile                                 after a reset.
5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003 powered                                                                                       Tara Cares configured the mobile devices to
devices to its professional staff. These                                Benefits                                          always restore to the approved application
staffers enter patient and resident data into                           “Our use of Windows Mobile powered                screen, so they can’t be used as general-
their devices, which upload the information in                          devices is a success,” says Todd Fogle, Chief     purpose mobile devices. That limits their
real time over wireless networks to a server                            Information Officer, Tara Cares. “We are able     value to potential thieves, virtually
running Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000                                      to collect and analyze resident data more         eliminating the problem that the devices will
database software.                                                      efficiently than we could with paper forms.       become too mobile and “walk out the door.”
                                                                        We get more and better data, and our
The MobiControl mobile device management                                professional staff is freed to spend more of
solution provides a centralized management                              its time with patients and residents. It’s a
console; automated provisioning of data and                             win-win situation.”
software; tools for remote-control, help-desk
support and troubleshooting; automatic

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Document published June 2007

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