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									                 Brushy Creek North Neighborhood Association
                          11 November 2007 – 3:00 PM
                            Brushy Creek North Park

I. Call to order, roll call, a quorum was present. The Brushy Creek North
Neighborhood Association met on 11 November 2007 at 3:00 PM at the Brushy
Creek North Park.      Board members in attendance were Susan Salvati,
Secretary, Vicki Martin, Treasurer and Marsha Surles, Webmaster. There were
24 other residents in attendance.

II. Citizen Communication: There were no citizen comments.

III. New and Unfinished Business.

      A. Election of new BCNNA officers.       Election of officers is done
annually in November. Nominations were requested on the BCNNA website and
from the residents present. No new nominees were presented. The following
people were nominated and unanimously elected:

           1.   President, Marsha Surles
           2.   Vice President, John Salvati
           3.   Treasurer, Vicki Martin
           4.   Secretary, Susan Salvati
           5.   Member at Large, JD Tucker
           6.   Member at Large, Harvey Chappell

      B. Yard of the Month.   Donna Webster, Realtor, has graciously offered
to sponsor a Yard of the Month contest. She has volunteered to pay for the
Yard of the Month sign and a provide $25 gift certificate as a prize to the
monthly winner.   A Yard of the Month committee will be formed to organize
this contest. It was also suggested that we might do a most improved yard
or a best holiday decorated home.

      C. Annual Dues.   Dues will continue to be $20 annually. Please mail
your checks to Vicki Martin, Treasurer at 2604 Hilltop, Round Rock TX 78681

      D. Parks walk thru update. Several Parks walk through items that were
identified to the MUD are still pending.

           1.   New park benches, tables and barbeque.
           2.   Clean up empty lot on Great Oaks near lift station.
           3.   Trim trees and pyracantha on Great Oaks.
           4.   Reposition misaligned rocks on hike and bike trails.
           5.   Repair broken light fixtures on BCN sign on Sam Bass.
           6.   Clean up around Water Tower.
           7.   Replace burned out light in Park.
           8.   Repair drinking fountain.

      E. Sendero Pavilion.     A new pavilion for Brushy Creek has been
approved by the MUD Board. It will be built near the Sendero park and pool
and will cost approximately $200,000.   All residents of Brushy Creek will
have access to this large pavilion and it may be reserved for functions and
parties for a nominal fee.

      F. Master Plan Survey/Questionnaire. The BCMUD has contracted with a
management consulting company to develop a Master Development Plan that will
identify where, when and how Brushy Creek will look over the next 10 years.
In order to get this information, they will send out a questionnaire to ALL
residents of Brushy Creek asking them what they think is important for our
community development. This questionnaire will be mailed out in November or
December.   It’s very important that you take the time to fill out this
questionnaire. It is the one chance you to have an input and an impact on
where we are going for the next 10 years.

      G.   New Interim MUD Board Directors.    Two directors have resigned;
Steve Widacki and James Buchanan. The remaining three MUD Board directors
appointed two Parks Committee members, Bob Grahl and Russ Shermer.      They
will fill these positions until May of 2008 when MUD Board elections will be

IV.   Standing Reports.

      A.    Water/Waste Committee update.      Chauvet Parker, Water/Waste
Committee Chairman reported that the MUD Board plans to move the maintenance
facility, which is near Hairy Man Road, into the water plant compound. New
facilities will be built to accommodate all the maintenance personnel and
equipment.   This new facility will increase the traffic in and out of the
water plant compound but should not create a major traffic problem.

      B.     Parks Committee update.      Susan Salvati, Parks Committee
Representative, reported that there was no Parks meeting in November because
it was preempted by the Williamson County Town Hall meeting that was held to
provide county residents with an update on the new roads in Williamson
County. Of interest to Brushy Creek North residents will be the addition of
three new stop lights on FM 3406; one at Chisholm Trail, one at Creek Bend,
and one at Wyoming Springs. There will be no light at FM 1431 and Sendero
Springs Road.

      C. Treasurer Update. Vicki Martin, Treasurer, reported that we have
$2,262.54 in the bank and we have received $340 in dues so far this year.
We have spent $419.23 on maintenance and repairs, website expenses, mail
outs and bank fees. Several people suggested that we check other banks to
see if we could find a bank that would offer free checking.      Amplify and
Capital One banks were suggested as possible sources. JD Tucker suggested
that in order to generate more revenue for Brushy Creek North, we might sell
advertising space on the BCNNA website.

      D. Webmaster Update.     Marsha Surles, Webmaster, wanted everyone to
tell their neighbors about the website and to let them know that they could
advertise their special events such as garage sales, bake sales, scouting
events, birth announcements, etc. on the website.          The website is . One of the residents mentioned that they felt there was a
lack of good communications within Brushy Creek North. They do not have a
computer and do not have access to the website.      After much discussion,
everyone agreed that information would be passed out to each home via
“street captains.” The following residents volunteered:

      Deer Tract     –    Gus Vega
      Live Oak       -    Sylvia Ellis
      Quail Run      -    Doug Laws
      Chert/Cv       -    Harvey Chappell
      Double Tree    - Linda Figg
      Elm Trail      - Murray & Kathy Hansen
      Oak Bend/Cv    - Vacant
      Park & Hilltop – Susan Salvati
      Great Oaks     - Vacant
      Emerald Hill   - Vacant
      Overview       - Art Fierke
      Carmel         - Vacant
      Valley View/Cv - Vacant
      Eagle Way      - Vacant
      Curtis        - Vacant

      E.   Architectural Review Committee Report.    The ARC was originally
formed by the Brushy Creek North developer, HRI. When the last lot was sold
in Brushy Creek North, HRI no longer controlled the ARC. Last year, Chauvet
Parker and Rich Landry, BCNNA representatives met with Mr. David Bodenman,
HRI Representative, and his lawyer to have the ARC legally authorized. The
paperwork for this authorization will be provided to the BCNNA board by
Chauvet or Rich as soon as possible.    However, in order for the ARC to be
legally established, it has to be approved by 50% of all the households in
BCN.   It was decided that a vote of all 296 households will be taken to
legalize the ARC. A new Architectural Review committee will be established
after the completion of paperwork verification and the household voting.
Volunteers to be considered for the ARC were:      JD Tucker, John Salvati,
Chauvet Parker, Linda Figg and Art Fierke.

      F. Technology Committee Report. The Brushy Creek MUD has established
a committee to oversee the development of a more efficient and effective
district website.    As a part of this interest in better communications
throughout the district, the MUD has approved the building of several LED
display marquees.    One of these marquees will be placed close to the
entrance of the water facility on Great Oaks.        It will electronically
display all the upcoming events in the district and also serve as a means of
providing a neighborhood watch and warning system.         This marquee is
scheduled for installation within the next year.

V. Action Items:

      1.   Poll BCN residents for ARC authorization.
      2.   Retrieve ARC legal documents.
      3.   Develop Yard of the Month procedures and signs.
      4.   Develop standard notice to violators of deed restrictions.
      5.   Establish “street captains”.
      6.   Check with Post office to get mail drop box in BCN.
      7.   Check with other banks about free checking.
      8.   Change date/time/place of BCNNA meetings listed on MUD newsletter.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

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