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					         State of Vermont
      House of Representatives

                         Montpelier, Vermont
                   Joint House Resolution
                                  J.R.H. 269
   Joint resolution congratulating Clint (Jito) Coleman on being named the
2002 United States Small Business Administration’s “Small Business Person
of the Year” for Vermont
Offered by: Representative Connell of Warren
   Whereas, early in his life, Clint (Jito) Coleman, as an Eagle Scout and
Peace corps volunteer, demonstrated a desire to strive for lofty personal goals
while employing his technical expertise to improve the quality of life for others
near and far, and
   Whereas, he became an engineer who is also passionately committed to the
preserving the earth’s natural environment and loves to wander through the
woods, track animals and ponder the human impact on other species, and
   Whereas, Jito strongly believes the construction of electrical energy
facilities need not be in conflict with preserving our natural environment, and
    Whereas, as president of Northern Power Systems (NPS) in Waitsfield, he
is dedicated to achieving these truly compatible goals through the development
and sale of innovative and energy-efficient solar and wind-powered electrical
systems, and
   Whereas, since being awarded a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Small Business Energy Loan in 1980, NPS has soared to amazing heights,
posting a 400 percent revenue growth in the year 2000, and
   Whereas, NPS has won contracts from the U.S. Navy to install offshore
hybrid power systems, and, subsequently, the company constructed and placed
three wind turbines in Antarctica which have each produced continuous energy
for over 15 years, withstanding temperatures of –70 degrees Fahrenheit and
wind velocities reaching almost 200 miles per hour, and
   Whereas, NPS’ cold weather turbine technology led to the development of
the North Wind 100/20, a unique power source designed for potential use on
Mars, which was awarded the prestigious R&D 100 Award for the year 2000,
   Whereas, NPS’ resources have produced the three infrasonic and seismic
monitoring stations, two situated in Antarctica and the third located in Alaska,
which are utilized in monitoring the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,

   Whereas, in recognition of this amazing corporate development record, the
U.S. SBA has named Jito its Vermont “Small Business Person of the Year,”
   Whereas, Jito, is actively involved in many environmental and conservation
activities in the Mad River Valley, and
   Whereas, he, along with 52 other similar award winners from across the
nation, will be honored in Washington, D.C., and one of these outstanding
small business persons will be further honored as the SBA’s “National Small
Business Person of the Year,” now therefore be it
  Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:
  That the General Assembly is pleased to congratulate Clint (Jito) Coleman
on his receipt of the U.S. SBA’s 2002 Small Business Person of the Year
Award for Vermont, and be it further
   Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this
resolution to Clint (Jito) Coleman at the Northern Power Systems headquarters
in Waitsfield.

____________________________              Attested to:
Speaker of the House

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President of the Senate                   James A. Palmisano
                                          First Assistant Clerk
                                          House of Representatives