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International Language Institute
International Language Institute of Education commitment to the British, Japanese
and Korean languages for all professional and public foreign language teaching
professional. Foreign Language Curriculum, Teaching Materials for selection and
foreign teachers selected by the United States, Japan, Korea, Honorary President of
gatekeepers       do      to    ensure    that      foreign     language      learning
"original." Beijing Zhongshan University language courses as
50% of foreign teachers. All language teachers overseas experience to make oral pure,
flexible teaching methods. University in Beijing by the end of 2008 assessment, the
advantages of foreign language teaching, Zhongshan University again won the highly
expert, Institute of Foreign Language University in Beijing, highlights the advantages
of teaching.

International Business School
International Business School for South Korea, Japan and English-speaking countries
develop an international business management business (including marketing),
International Trade Administration (including trade, investment), international
logistics management (including logistics, commodity), international financial
management (including banks, securities and insurance), International Tourism
Management (including hotel management) expertise. Curriculum of theory and
practice it to achieve the zero, is derived from relevant, cutting-edge and practical
courses to determine the principle is the need for foreign graduates of all employment.

International Institute of the Arts
International Institute of the Arts with the international cultural industry management,
international dancing, international film and television performances, Korean image
design, international art and design, game and animation design professional, relying
on the Seoul Arts University, and LKJ authoritative international image design image
design company Li Jiazi cooperation and colorful arts for young students to achieve
the dream of success paved the way through the world stage - and must not only
domestic film and television industry ... ...

International IT College
International IT College offers an international network of information and
communication, computer network engineering, computer software engineering,
computer application technology and expertise. With a solid professional foundation
of excellent foreign language skills and empathy of foreign practice experience, the
international IT college graduates stand out in the same inevitable.
Pai Chai University Korean Language Education Center
Beijing Zhongshan University Korean Language Education Center training materials
are Hanguo Pei Chai University in Beijing, many universities set up the only Korean
Education Center. Pai Chai University has worked in Shandong University, Hebei
University, Anhui University, Xi'an International Studies University,
Yunnan Normal University and other universities established the Korean Language
Education Center. Training materials to send full-time university professor, Centre for
Korean professional and teaching, teaching guide, students enrolled in the center of
Korean review and selection of teachers and so on. Korean Education Center in the
students get Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 3 or above and meet the
entrance requirements of Pai Chai University, could go to university study training
SMS Direct Fast registration: edit your real name, and professional institutions
reported, age-sex identification number, zip code families more home address,
landline number and mobile phone number, please send message to: 13462294154,
School Admissions first quota set for timely contact with professional teachers
provide you with detailed advice, contact school matters, issued a notice issued by the
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