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Civil feelings by fdjerue7eeu


									Civil feelings
  ?I also came along for the ride, test yourself, ha ha ha ha ... ... ... ...
  ?Administrative capacity test: feel than January 16 to increase the difficulty of
examination of the title a total of 120 questions, that less than 20 116 subjects, heart
secretly happy about, but to look below the title of the number of words changed
much, Three subjects got a piece of paper, certainly get the job done.
   First, the main theme of the reduced 20 questions. The test compared with the
January examination, examination times are 120 minutes, but the problem has
reduced the amount of 20 questions. In 2009 the two countries have civil service
exam, and exam-line test on the total issue amount for 120. Also shows that the total
issue amount of provincial exams, increasing stability, the difficulty lower than the
national civil service examinations.
   Second, the Questions in the same, but the module in order to adjust. In January
2010 in Guangxi line test the order of five modules: language comprehension and
expression, the number of relations, Judgement, data analysis, common sense. The
order of this paper are Guangxi, the number of relations, language understanding and
expression of Judgement, data analysis, common sense, but the order of the exam
provinces are not the same module.
First: the number of relations, a few seconds, Ho no clue, no one understands write,
jump in the past.
Second: speech and expression, should be considered my best at, but still tight test of
time, I speed up to see the subject very well done, it should be a high hit rate.
No. 3: Judgement, this part of the inspection is your space thinking ability, change the
speed of fast? Read the title, you need to know how to launch true proposition,
introduced subject to ask questions. Bit difficult, or done.
Fourth: some of the information analysis, information analysis, or simple, with
graphics, the answer came out quickly even if done very smoothly.
Fifth: common sense, tell the truth, that is, you usually study the accumulation of
extensive reading, the degree of press interest, history, geography, astronomy and so
   Done with the subject, but also the answer sheet coated, and 129 subjects, should
be coated for 20 minutes. So: oil, painted one should do a title question, I thought it
slightly wrong.
   Difficult to test the overall feel is harder than 16, some questions difficult to
calculate large, sub-topic is too simple and that the discrimination of individuals is not
very good, much better sub-area papers.
   For this test, I have some conclusions under the
   First: It is not usually very good results can be admitted to the civil service, usually
results in general can be admitted to the civil service, civil service exam to look at
your skills, your ways, your luck.
   Second: To understand your best at the plate is where your best at the plate from the
start, just start the first no mess, and do the hit rate will be higher.
   Third: do subjects talk about techniques, the watch should look like, thus reducing
the time and have more time to do math problems.
   Fourth: the subject must be cool to do, not half-hearted, like something to focus on
in order to improve efficiency.
   Fifth: did questions should contact the context, to know the right answer faster.
   Sixth: Sometimes they do not already subject, see your luck filling it?
   I made the wrong decisions in this topic, next time I start first from the data
analysis, this is my best at the plate, the title is simple, score high, so do first,
clear-headed, at least on the two-thirds. Second, to understand speech, although the
subject of many test is knowledge of languages, language is also good, very good hit
rate. Third, do Judgement, to study thinking. Fourth, to achieve common sense, to
accelerate the speed to do so, time is short, usually accumulate important. Fifth, do the
number of relationships, four questions can also be done, because I am in front of the
   On the test application is the issue of water resources, urban municipal issues,
topics closely to see the center focus on it.

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