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									Cinema Paradiso
     ?Baidu Search Wikipedia if the movie, you will find this sentence:
  ?"Cinema Paradiso", an Italian film, a film on the film, the
film can not fail to mention the history of a classic.

   He did claim to be a one classic, is directed to his director,
"Pianist" and "legend of Sicily," the
renowned director Chu 塞佩多纳托雷. But this warm and moving film is the real
allows the 塞佩多纳托雷 reputed in rivers and lakes.
   This is a film about film, the story of a boy named Toto and movie-related growth
and life.
   Janka grew up in Sicily more than a weird village in a child with Ai charge more -
and a "cinema Paradiso" screening division, because the
film's go-between, so they built up the feelings of Mentor . Projectionist
played a leading role, in Toto's childhood, adolescence, adulthood and even
old age, has led numerous growth. After his death, he left a box of film, lots of
re-connecting the three years from the lot of lost memories and emotions.

 ?Old Yifu Da role in the film is a friend, a father, a mentor. He led Toto embarked on
a road he did not think of flies.
 ?Finally, when Toto back to the city, he opened the old Yi Fuda left him a gift: a film,
had been deleted kissing scene are connected together. Have had little Toto seek every
possible way and not as film, and now his old Yi Fuda be given, together with some of
the good old memories and dreams of some of the passing years, and that has brought
people over to heaven like feeling happy movie era.

  ?I think this should be the one which you can watch movies. Many things I can not
express in words the real sentiment, is to understand only after you've seen.
Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?

El Salvador: Who said that? Gary Cooper?詹姆士斯图 Stewart? Henglifuda? Ah?

Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life
isn't like in the movies. Life ... is much harder.

Yi Fuda: No, Toto, no one said. This is my own account. Life is not like in the movies,
life ... ... even more difficult.

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