No. F.6 {I)-FIN lPcl l2oo8l
                            GOVERNMENT TRIPURA
                            DEPARTMENT FINANCE

                                                       Dated, the 17th June, 2OO9


      In exercise of the powers cinferred by the Provision to Article 309 of the
Constitution   of India the Governor is pleased to make the following Rules,
further to amend Tripura State Civil Service (RevisedPay) Rules, 2OO9,namely:-
     1.   Short title and commencement

               1.    These Rules may be called the Tripura        State Civil Services
                     (Revised Pay) (first amendment) Rules, 2OO9.
               ii.   Thev shall be deemed to have come into force on and from the
                      f ", a.y of January .2006.
Amendment of rule 7(1l(il

Below Rule 7(1)(i) starting at page 8 of the Tripura State Civil Services (Revised
Pay) Rules, 2009, the following sha11 inserted as last three sentences:
   "Those employees who had already reached the ceiling of the pre-revised
   scale before 01.01.2006, they sha1l also get this bunching              benefit on
   fulfillment of said condition. The rate of increment for providing this benefit
   shall be the last increment rate in the pre-revised scale. Corresponding pay
   in the revised pay structure shall be calculated applying multiplying factor of
   1.74 to pay so arrived in pre-revised scale after adding two increments as
   bunching    benefit and then rounding      off the resultant   figure to the next
   multiple of 10 (ten)."

Amendment      of rule 7(lXiil

Below Rule 7(1)(ii) starting at page 8 & ending at page - 9 of the Tripura State
Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2009, the following shall be inserted:
   "Note: For the purpose of rounding off to the next multiple of 10 fraction
   rupee shall be ignored from the amount so arrived. As for example Rs.
   9870.55 or Rs. 9870.35 shall be rounded of as Rs. 9870."

   Clause '(ii)' of rule 7 appearing at page 9 shall be read as '{iii}' of rule 7.

Amendment     of rule 9(11

Below Rule 9(1) at page 11 of the Tripura State Civil Services (Revised Pay)
Rules, 2OO9, the following shall be inserted:
   "Note: Same example ."                 below rule 7(1)(ii) shall also apply for this
   Sub-rule also."

Amendment     of Note 1 below rule l2(iiil

Below Notel of rule 12(iii) at page 19 of the Tripura State Civil Services (Revised
Pay) Rules the following shall be inserted:
   "Those employees who had got promotion or earlier CAS now being treated as
   ACP under this Rule during period 2"d January, 2006 to 4th May, 2009 and
   had exercised their option based on pre revised pay scale will also be eligible
   to re-exercise their option as per this Note after coming over to the revised
   pay structure."

Amendment     of Note 2 below rule 12(iiil

Below Note 2 of rule 12(iii) at page 19 the following shall be inserted:
   "Provided he had not availed the scope of exercising option as per Note 1"
Amendment rule 14(81(al(iil

In rule 1a(8)(a)(ii) appearing at page 24 of Tripura State Civil Services (Revised
Pay) Rules, 2009, the first sentence shall be replaced as follows:
"Those who are having Degree in Computer Application or Graduate in any
stream with one year Diploma or 'O' level certificate in Computer Application
from a recognized Institution      shall be provided with Grade Pay against pre-
revised pay scale of Rs.420O- 8650/-."
 Amendment of rule 16(21(cl

 In rule 16(2)(c) appearing at page 26 of Tripura State Civil Services (Revised pav)
 Rules, 2OO9 shall be replaced as follows:
 "(c) The Government employees, who retired on or after
                                                              lst January 2009 and
 before publication of these Rules in the official gazette and also
                                                                    those employees
 who retired/will retire during period Stt'May 2oog to 31st
                                                               March 2010, shall be
 paid arrear pay & allowances for the period from l"t January
                                                                  2oog to 31st March
 2 O 1 Oi n c a s h . "

                                                 By the order of the Governor

                                                                       t 7 , 0 6 ,L 0 0 1
                                                       Joint Secretary to the
                                                       Government of Tripura
1. A11Departments/ Head of Departments.

Copy to :

1.   Secretar5rto the Governor, Tripura, Agartala
2.   Secretary to the Chief Minister, Tripura, Agartala
3.   PS/PA to all Ministers, Tripura
4.   Joint Secretary to the Chief Secretary, Tripura
5.   Secretary, Tripura Legislative Assembly, Agartala
6.   Registrar, Guwahati High court, Agartala Bench, Agartala
7.   Secretary, TPSC, Agartala
8.   Accountant General (Audit), Tripura
9.   Sr. Dy Account General (A&E), Tripura, Agartala
10. Secretary, Yusuf Commission of Enquiry, Agartala
11. Director, General Administration ( P & S) Department, Govt. of Tripura
     publication in the next Tripura Gazette
12' GA (Confidential & Cabinet) Department. This refers to Memo
     GA(CAB)/2008, dated l6th June, 2OOg
 13. Al1 Treasury Officers/ Sub-Treasury Officers

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