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									ChurchmanUniversity of MBA postgraduate Shanghai
Churchman, Shanghai-the-job postgraduate; University campus located in
Pennsylvania, California, Texas and other places, including the establishment of
branches of the first Churchman Business School was established in 1911, nearly a
hundred years of history is American history, one of the oldest business schools,
tertiary for the U.S. financial sector and train high-end professionals, network
engineers, distance education, comprehensive ranking of MBA in the U.S., which was
ranked by the prestigious Century 17. Churchman University awarded undergraduate,
graduate and doctorate.
Distance MBA in 1995 with the emergence of problems in job training, more
in-service staff are more willing to pursue through the network remotely MBA. The
advantages of distance MBA:
1) Time flexibility for learning while working
2) the degree and learning to achieve the same campus
3) Internet communication, but also conducive to the subject in-depth discussion
Churchman University's distance MBA, a combination of special attention
and practice, curriculum by senior business managers who participated in the
compilation, the school also provides students practice a variety of internships.

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