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Northern Metropolitan Region Au


									Northern Metropolitan Region

Autism Spectrum Disorder Network

NMR ASD                      NETWORK
     Who:
       ASD specific ECIS in NMR
       ECIS Managers Representative
       Parent Support Worker

       Coordination of training/education across the region
       Develop a training calendar across a year which will met
        the needs of parents and professionals
The Beginnings: 2002
 Early Childhood Autism Service-Northern
  (ECAS-N) identified the need for better
  coordination of services
 Paper titled “Coordination of Services”
  presented to DHS
 Response – funding for:
        Professional Training
        Parent Education
        PEC’s training
Skills & Training Analysis
   All ECIS in NMR surveyed
   Need for basic knowledge of Autism
    across ECIS and Early Years programs
   Further training in PEC’s for ECIS
   Secondary Consultation
   Need for coordination and collaboration
    across region
NMR ASD Network
 2 days Professional Development for
  ECIS, CSRDO’s, PSFO’s M&CHN, Paeds
 One Professional Training series for

  Early Years staff - 4 sessions
                    - 90 attendees
 Two Parent Education series- 4 sessions
Training Expands:
 Network successful in obtaining grant
  from DHS – Quality Initiative Funding
 Further training for Early Years staff

 Planning for a Calendar of training

 Collaboration with City of Whittlesea-

  training in conjunction
Broader training program:
 2 series for professionals

 2 series for parents

 Workshops on “Social Stories”

 Presentation during Autism Awareness Week

 Family day during Autism Awareness Week
2005 Calendar of Training
Term 1
  Professional Training in Autism
                    series 1 & 2
Term 2
  Parent Education in Autism
  “Life and Learning with Autism/Aspergers Syndrome” – Wendy Lawson
  Workshop on Writing “Social Stories”

Term 3
  “Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder-fussy eaters?”
  “A Parent’s Journey Through the Maze”

Term 4
  Parent Education in Autism
  Workshop on Writing “Social Stories”
What works?
   Venues spread across the region to enable
    access for the majority of people
   Parent sessions at no cost
   One daytime and one evening series for
    parents –childcare provided for daytime
    through Carerlinks North
   Maximum of 20 parents to enable interaction
   Professional series fund parent series
What Works (cont’d)
   Feed back through NMR Managers
    group about ECIS needs
   Formation of Parent Support Groups-
    Northern Autism Parent Support (NAPS)
    and Autism Family Social Group
   Ongoing evaluation to look at needs of
    both groups- Parents/Professionals
   Joint sessions for parents and early
    years staff
   Evaluation of the purpose of the
    Network with a view to broadening the
Calendar for 2006
Term 1
  “ASD- Inclusion into Early Childhood Services”
  “Introduction to ASD for Parents”
Term 2
  ASD -What Parents Want to Know” 4 sessions - daytime
  “Finding A Different Kind of Normal”- Presentation from 2 adults with
   HFA/AS (Autism Awareness Week)
  Family Day to Bulla Railway (Autism Awareness Week)
  “Training in ASD for Early Childhood Professionals” 4 sessions
Term 3
  “Training in ASD for Early Childhood Professionals” 4 sessions
  “Writing Social Stories Workshop”
  Writing Social Stories Workshop”
  “ASD –What Parents Want to Know” 4 sessions -evening

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