Everyday Life in 19 th Century Latin America

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					    Everyday Life in 19th Century
           Latin America
   How do we reconstruct everyday life?
   Whose lives are most often depicted?
   Why do we need to talk about race
    and class?
   How do we discuss this?
    How did Independence affect
        cultural activities?
   New pantheon of heroes and holidays
       1. Political: creation of new anthems, parades,
        street names, calendars
       Artistic: Statues and monuments, popular
   Political uses of print media: newspapers,
    broadsides, history books
   Church-State relationships affect culture
    Celebration of new European
       linkages (non-Spanish)
   Adoption of French culture and styles
    in elite dress, artistic efforts,
   Reliance on European or US
    specialists to build infrastructure
   Emphasis on importation of factory-
    made products over artisan efforts
 Celebration of mestizo, Afro-
Latin American and indigenous
   Traditional forms of self defense
    (capoeira in Brazil)
   Evolution of the tango in Argentina
   Maintenance of Indian communal
      Rise of national culture
   Need to find ways to assimilate indigenous, mixed
    race and white populations
   Novels as a way to create “national romances”
   Universal military conscription for men
   Acknowledge the artistic value of past Indian
    civilizations as well as remaining artisan styles
   What happens if you can’t form a national culture
    and a modern nation state?

An Argentine gaucho
La Tapada, Peru
Women with peinetones
Elite political tertulia,
Independence Period
Painting, Brazilian man
Mexican ex-voto
A Nun taking Religious Orders
A Mexican painter and her
A Bahian Woman
French Children in Mexico
A man from coastal Mexico
Liberators, Caudillos and their
The Bay of Havana
Giving Alms at Church
Photography: White Brazilian
      farmers, 1890s
Peruvian Servants and their
Peruvian Indigenous
19th Century Rio de Janeiro
US sailors peeking in a bordello
A Grieving Mexican Family
A Mexican woman and her
       dead baby