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									2007 Annual Report
       2007 Annual Report

           Great Skills...
             Great Jobs...
               Start Here
Workforce Development Board
Darlene T. Carver, Chair                                 Message from the Director
Merlin & Associates, Inc.
Laurie Holden, Director                                  On behalf of Frederick County Workforce
Frederick County Workforce Services                      Services, I am pleased to present the
M. Richard Adams                                         highlights of the past year and share
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce
                                                         examples of our customers’ successes.
Alexis Allenback
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR)
                                                         While we are proud that our work with
Laurie Boyer
                                                         our business, government and education
Frederick County Office of Economic Development           partners has contributed to Frederick
David Croghan                                            County’s low unemployment rate, we know
Frederick Community College                              that the workforce community still faces
Sophia Dobransky
                                                         many challenges. Preparing youth to be
Blue Linx Corportation
                                                         our future workforce, training unemployed
David Esworthy
Sandy Spring Bank                                        or laid-off workers with new, in-demand
Jan H. Gardner                                           skills, and assisting businesses to recruit
Frederick County Board of County Commissioners           and retain a quality workforce are all critical
                                                         challenges for our local, state and national
Diane W. Gordy
Frederick County Department of Social Services
Richard Griffin                                           We appreciate our Workforce Development
City of Frederick Department of Economic Development
                                                         Board, the Board of County Commissioners,
Delegate Sue Hecht
Maryland House of Delegates                              and the State of Maryland for their ongoing
Ex-Officio                                                commitment to Frederick County Workforce
Jill Hermes                                              Services and for working with us to meet
Manpower, Inc.
                                                         these challenges. We are proud of the
Leesa Hopkins
                                                         innovative approaches that our fine staff
                                                         continues to develop to make a positive
Alan Imhoff
Independent Consultant                                   impact on the workforce of Frederick
Jason Judd                                               County, and of the outstanding performance
Employees International Union                            and return on investment their work has
William Kasten                                           produced. Thank you for your partnership
Bishop Claggett Center
                                                         and collaboration in the success of our
George Littrell, III
Merrill Lynch                                            customers – the job seekers and businesses
Ex-Officio                                                of Frederick County.
David A. Miller
Real Estate Teams                                        Laurie Holden, FCWS Director
Margaret Nusbaum
Frederick County Citizens Services Division
Donald W. Ogg, Jr.
D.W. Ogg Equipment Company
Richard Ramsburg                                       Our Mission
Frederick County Public Schools
Barbara van der Schalie                                Exceeding expectations in the delivery
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
Mary Siegle                                            of customer-centered, market-driven
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
                                                       workforce solutions for Frederick County job
Karen J. Younkins
Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)             seekers, youth and businesses

2 • Frederick County Workforce Services
2007 Organizational Highlights and Accomplishments
Launched “Great Skills…                                    Enhanced
Great Jobs…Start Here” campaign:                           website with new features:
Initiated a campaign to engage those who                   Introduced a monthly column of original
commute to other counties for employment                   articles featuring “hot topics” for business
(4% of the local workforce) to consider taking            and a “Ask the Career Coach” blog with
advantage of the opportunity to work where                 commonly asked questions from job seekers
they live. Educated the public on the wealth               and responses from seasoned workforce
of jobs that exist in Frederick’s top industries           development professionals.
of bioscience, healthcare, finance, hospitality,
                                                           Expanded customized
construction, and retail.
                                                           recruitment services for businesses:
Created S.T.E.M.                                           Introduced new services to assist businesses
Educational Scholarship Program:                           in identifying qualified candidates for open
As part of a joint commitment to the local                 positions. Services now include sourcing
labor market, the Frederick County Workforce               candidates and targeted advertising of jobs,
Development Board and FCWS awarded                         in addition to applicant screening and follow-
academic scholarships to students with plans               up. In 2007, 75% of businesses that used this
to pursue degrees in a S.T.E.M. (Science,                  service were able to successfully fill their job
Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) career-              openings.
related field. This program was designed
                                                           Partnered with local organizations to
to address the increasing need for qualified
                                                           offer Career Explorers Camp to youth:
workers in these high-demand industries.
                                                           Developed a two-week career development
                                                           program in collaboration with Fort Detrick, the
                                                           City of Frederick, and the Community Action
                                                           Agency. Participants were introduced to a
                                                           variety of industries and occupations through
                                                           onsite tours and interactive presentations
                                                           at participating organizations such as The
                                                           Frederick News-Post; CitiMortgage; Zecker’s
                                                           Farm; the City of Frederick; Chestnut Hill
                                                           Farms; Frederick County Government; and
                                                           television station NBC25, among others.

                                                           Enhanced career
                                                           resource lab with new technology:
                                                           Implemented new hardware and software
                                                           technology, such as magnification software,
                                                           a programmable alternative keyboard, a
                                                           braille printer, and text-to-speech software,
                                                           to accommodate individuals with disabilities.
    2007 Career Explorers visit television station NBC25

                                                                                     2007 Annual Report • 3
 Businesses:                                         Business Spotlight
 Great Employees                                     Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber Construction
 Start Here                                          Thurmont, Maryland

 Business Services:                                  The longevity of Frederick County’s covered
 •   Placement Assistance                            bridges and timber barns depends on the
                                                     restorative efforts of companies such as
 •   Job Listing Opportunities
                                                     Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber Construction in
 •   Job Fairs                                       Thurmont, Maryland. Fitzgerald’s specializes
 •   Internship Referrals                            in the preservation of historic landmarks and
 •   Business Showcase                               the construction of new timber structures.

 •   Use of Onsite Facilities                        Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber partnered with
 •   Customized Employee Training                    Frederick County Workforce Services to provide
                                                     training to employees through the Maryland
 •   Access to Funding for Training
                                                     Business Works program. As a result of this
 •   On-the-Job Training for New Hires               partnership, many of the company’s employees
 •   Tax Credit Information                          have participated in a variety of training
 •   Outplacement Services                           programs at Frederick Community College in
                                                     the past year.
 •   Salary and Wage Data
 •   Customized Recruitment Services                 Laura FitzGerald, the company’s documenta-
                                                     tion and administration specialist, praises the
 2007 Accomplishments in                             instruction employees have received through
 Business Services                                   Frederick County Workforce Services and its
                                                     community training partners.
 Awarded training funds to 365 employees at
 35 businesses through the Maryland Business         “We have learned that taking advantage of
 Works program. The majority received wage           such training programs has allowed us to stay
 increases and/or promotions after completing        competitive in our market. By training our
 the training program. All participants earned       staff, we aim to keep everyone motivated
 certifications, college credits and/or CEUs.         and up-to-date with industry trends and new
                                                     technologies,” states Ms. FitzGerald.
 Achieved a 96.6% overall satisfaction rating
 from business customers that utilized one or        Over the last year, 7% of Fitzgerald Heavy
 more recruitment, retention and retraining          Timber’s workforce has earned a certification,
 programs at FCWS.                                   a higher wage, or a promotion as a result of
                                                     the training they received.
 Facilitated employee development courses for
 444 workers at 38 Frederick County businesses
 representing various sectors of the labor market,
 in partnership with FCC Customized Training.

4 • Frederick County Workforce Services
Job Seekers:                                     Job Seeker Spotlight
Great Opportunities                              After Reggie Ward’s job as a salesperson with a
Start Here                                       local sports retailer ended, he attended a two-
                                                 day Early Intervention workshop at Frederick
Job Seeker Services:                             County Workforce Services. The purpose of
•   Career Assessment                            the Early Intervention workshop is to provide
•   Career Coaching                              job search preparation to individuals coping
                                                 with unemployment. Reggie was introduced
•   Career Training
                                                 to the basic principles of networking, resume
•   Skill Development Workshops                  writing, interviewing, and career exploration.
•   Computer Classes
                                                 Through coaching sessions with a career
•   Certified Professional Résumé Writers         specialist at Frederick County Workforce
•   Access to Current Job Listings               Services, Reggie learned of the Department
•   Career Resource Lab                          of Labor Construction Grant that now provides
•   Salary and Wage Data                         him with financial assistance to attend classes
                                                 at Frederick Community College.          He is
•   Onsite Job Fairs
                                                 currently pursuing an Associates of Science in
•   Outplacement Assistance                      Construction Management and Supervision,
                                                 and will earn a certification in welding as part
2007 Accomplishments in                          of the program.
Job Seeker Services
                                                 “I wanted to get into the degree program so that
Provided onsite career coaching, computer        I could learn about the different trades and about
training, and seminars on topics such as job     the full spectrum of construction.” Reggie is
search strategies and interviewing techniques    excited about gaining a comprehensive education
to over 3,000 participants.                      in the construction industry at FCC.

Sponsored skills training in high-growth         Reggie found a position in the industry working
occupations on behalf of eligible job seekers,   as a laborer for a local construction company.
resulting in new employment, enhanced            Because of his newly acquired credentials,
qualifications and/or higher wages.               he was quickly promoted to a position as an
                                                 apprentice pipe fitter.
Earned a 96% satisfaction rating from
customers on quality of services available,
value of resources available, and staff

Of the job seekers who received training and/
or job placement services in 2007:
•   90.1% found a new job
•   91.1% were still working in their new
    positions after one year

                                                                             2007 Annual Report • 5
 Youth:                                           Youth Spotlight
 Great Skills Start Here                          The Frederick County Workforce Development
                                                  Board and Frederick County Workforce Services
 Youth Services include:
                                                  proudly launched the S.T.E.M. (Science,
 •   Preparing Young Professionals (PYP)          Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
     Career Training Program                      Educational Scholarship Program in 2007.
 •   Career Passport Program                      This program awards academic scholarships
                                                  to students who plan to pursue degrees in
 •   Internships
                                                  these specific disciplines, where projected
 •   Educational Scholarships                     employment growth is high and the demand
 •   Summer Jobs Program                          for related skills is significant.
 •   GED Tutoring                                 A total of eight students who met the program
 •   Career Matinee Series                        criteria were awarded scholarships ranging
 •   Job Shadowing Opportunities                  from $,000 to $2,500 in support of their
                                                  studies in a S.T.E.M. career-related field.
 •   Leadership Development
                                                  Scholarship recipients included Michael Foote,
 •   Annual Teen Summit                           who is studying biology and philosophy at the
                                                  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
 2007 Accomplishments in
 Youth Services                                   Michael discovered his love of science in
                                                  a ninth grade biology class while working
 Managed a Summer Jobs Program for youth          on a project about vaccinations. “I was so
 with barriers to employment, resulting in        amazed at how you can manipulate this thing
 a 90% successful completion rate among           that can harm people to create a vaccine to
 participants.                                    protect people.” From there, Michael went on
 Placed 95% of Preparing Young Professionals      to do an internship with the National Cancer
 (PYP) and Career Passport training program       Institute working with an individual mentor
 graduates into employment, academic              doing cancer research.
 and/or internship opportunities after their      After completing his undergraduate work,
 participation in these programs.                 Michael hopes to continue his educational
 Cultivated partnerships with over 50 Frederick   career in the S.T.E.M. disciplines by studying
 County employers to provide valuable job         clinical lab sciences in graduate school or by
 training opportunities to youth customers.       attending medical school.

 Collaborated with the Career and Technology
 Center to deliver character education and
 career development programs to high school
 students. Recognized with a State School of
 Character Award from the Maryland Center
 for Character Education.

6 • Frederick County Workforce Services
Fiscal Overview
                                 Fund Allocation
                                                   Customer Comments
                                                   “Our training was perfect, informative
                                        72%        and excellent...we want more! The
                                                   instructor was very knowledgeable of the
    15%                                            subjects she teaches; her presentations
                                                   were very clear and her approach is very
                                                   personable and friendly.”
                                                   HR Officer
            Job Search/Career Development: 72%     Frederick County Bank
            Occupational Skills Training: 15%                         ***
            Business Services: 7%                            Grants: 48%
                                                   “I was so impressed with all the services
            Administration: 6%
                                                   offered atCounty Resources: 47%
                                                               FCWS. While I appreciated the
                                                              Revenue Earned: 5%
                                                   practical help like the resume clinic and new
                            Sources of Income                 job searches, just as important
                                                   ideas for Return on Investment: 0%
          5%                                       was the moral support and enthusiasm in
                                                   helping me get back to work.”
                                        48%        Job Seeker
                                                   Presently employed at a law firm


     47%                                           “Every class has been helpful and
                                                   encouraging. Employees have been
                                                   considerate, knowledgeable, and a
            Grants: 48%
                                                   wonderful resource. FCWS offers an
            County Resources: 47%
                                                   invaluable service to someone who is
            Revenue Earned: 5%                     new to the Frederick community.”
            Return on Investment: 0%               Job Seeker
Return on Investment                               Recently relocated to the area
•    For every dollar spent on customers                              ***
     in 2007, $17.15 was returned to the
     economy.                                      “Both informative and entertaining, this
                                                   program has given me a great deal of
•    The average cost per customer in 2007
                                                   knowledge that will help me along my
     was $721.
                                                   journey through my work experience.”
                                                   Youth Customer
                                                   Graduate of the Preparing Young
                                                   Professionals program

                                                                            2007 Annual Report • 7
  5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A • Frederick, Maryland 2703
(P) 30-600-2255 • (F) 30-600-2906 • (TDD) 30-600-672

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