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If your state legislature considered legislation affecting title insurance
business requirements or operations, please circle the appropriate issue

                                                                              Submitted by Mary Ann
                                                                              STATE: Alaska

                                                                              Work Phone 907-235-8196

   I. CIVIL ACTIONS                       H. Controlled Business              B. Streets and Highways
   A. Dissolutions                        I. Creditors' Rights                C. Covenants, Conditions &
   B. Statute of Limitations              J. Deceptive Trade Practices/       Restrictions
   C. Appeals                                Anti-Kickback Laws               D. Adverse Possession
   D. Statute of Frauds                   K. Legal Ethics Opinions            E. Mineral Rights
   E. Receivership                        L. Bulk Sales                       F. Husband &
   F. Estates and Probate                 M. Bank Sales of Insurance          Wife/Community Property
   G. Torts                               N. Electronic Transactions          G. Condominiums
   H. Consumer Protection                 O. eSign Verification Issues        H. Trusts
   I. Enforcement of Tax Lien             P. Privacy Concerns                 I. Broker Regulations
   J. Child Support Lien                                                      J. Subdivisions
   K. Courts                              V. Statutory Liens
                                          A. Mechanics' Liens                 IX. DEEDS AND
   II. ENVIRONMENTAL                      B. Judgment Liens                   SECURITY INTERESTS
   ISSUES                                 C. Attachments                      A. Assignments
   A. Wetlands                            D. Child Support Liens              B. Financing Statements
   B. Hazardous Waste                     E. Attorney                         C. Conveyances/Deeds
   C. Public Trust/Riparian Rights        F. Estate Tax Liens
                                                                              D. Foreclosures
                                                                              E. Mortgages/Deed of trust
                                                                              F. Reconveyances/Releases
   A.   Disclosures                       VI. TAXES                           G. Leases
   B.   Funding                           A. Real Estate
                                                                              H. Usury
   C.   Settlements                       B. Transfer Taxes                   I. Tax Sales
   D.   Trusts Accounts                   C. Subdivision                      J. Deficiency Judgments
                                                                              K. Legal Description/Land
   IV.INSURANCE/BUSINESS                                                      Surveys
         ISSUES                           VII. PUBLIC ENTITIES                L. Obligations
   A. Agents/Abstracter Licensing         A. Eminent Domain &
   B. Forms/Rates
                                          Dedication                          X. RECORDING
                                          B. Indians                          A. Secretary of State
      Commission Splits
   C. Claims Administration               C. Sale of Municipal Lands          B. Acknowledgment/Notary
   Requirements                           D. Zoning                           C. Recording Requirements
   D. Reinsurance                                                             D. Seals
   E. Investment Risk Limitation                                              E. Recording Fees
                                          VIII. REAL PROPERTY
   and Tax Rules                                                              F. Automation
   F. Limited Liability Companies                                             G. Medicaid
                                          A. Easements
   G. NAIC

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HB135 An act relating to municipal fees for certain police protection services and to a tenants activities that result in
the imposition of those fees. Would create a new super lien (like taxes and assessments) in favor of municipalities
who impose fees on residential property owners who call the police excessively. Alaska Land Title Association was
successful in amending the bill to drop "super lien" status. In Senate CRA Then Judicial.


SB60 ("The Pig Farm Bill") An act relating to agricultural facilities and operations as private nuisances; and to
disclosures in transfers of certain real property located within the vicinity of an agricultural facility or an agricultural
operation. Would require notice to land purchasers of the existence of an agricultural facility within one mile radius
of the land being bought. Would require notice in a disclosure form approved by the Real Estate Commission.
Passed. Effective 8/7/01.


HB157. An act relating to trust companies and providers of fiduciary services. This bill in effect would have put
escrow services out of business. The bill reestablishes the trust company act but did not exempt title companies and
their escrow operations. Bank were exempted. Alaska Land Title Association was successful in exempting the title
companies and their escrow operations from the bill. Passed. Effective date 7/0/01.


HB148. An act establishing a moratorium on the foreclosure of certain loans, making the moratorium retroactive,
requiring the reversal of certain foreclosures and the return of certain property and providing for an effective date.
This would cause Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (who does 80% of the loans in Alaska), Commercial Fishing
and Ag Bank and Division of Community and Regional Affairs to stop foreclosures of loans where the debtor was
adversely affected by a poor fishing season. Would require reversal of foreclosures held since 1/1/2001 in such
circumstances, retroactively. Opposed by Alaska Land Title Association and Mortgage Bankers Assoc. No action on
bill after introduction in House.


An act relating to the accounting for and appropriation of fees for recording and related services by Department of
Natural Resources. Would segregate recording fees and revenue for use by the State Recorders Office. These funds
enable the State Recording system to automate with barcoding, serial numbers, internet access to grantor/grantee
indexes and scanning documents to CD for purchase by public. (At this date, this has been implemented in
Anchorage. The rest of the State by the end of the year). Passed. Effective 7/01/01.

Alaska has a two-year session and we have just completed the first year. Session will reopen in January 2002 until
May 2002. The bills not passed survive to the second session and they die if not passed and signed into law at end of
second session.

To view any of these bills, you may go to

Mary Ann

1828 L Street, NW         Suite 705       Washington, DC 20036-5104  202-296-3671  800-787-ALTA
                    E-mail:  Fax: 888-FAX-ALTA  Local Fax: 202-223-5843

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