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					Chinese Youth Summer Camp 010-51664687 Military
Chinese Youth Summer Camp 010-51664687 Military
Provide primary and secondary students across the country to challenge themselves,
exercise fortitude, temper will learn cooperation, self control, training quality, happy
life, the quality of experience platform.
Highlight the ideological and moral education and cultivation of camp life; emphasis
on campers for physical and skills training; training camp members strong, sturdy and
good quality military sense of teamwork; boot campers set up courage to face
difficulties and overcome difficulties self-confidence; to help campers get rid of bad
behavior, correct mental habits; put up communication between parents and their
children spiritual Jinqiao; organization colorful puzzle game, training camp member
of Sketch.
Experience the theme and content
(A) "I am a soldier," the experience of military training
1, a single queue training;
2, experience the parade, broken type;
(B) "I can do," the self-help training
1, high-rise fire escape;
2, seismic self protection;
3, fractures, bleeding self;
4, heavy rain floods self;
5, pan, circuit fire self;
6, meet strangers, self-care.
(C) "I am the sun" s behavior training
1, clothing and instruments;
2, indoor health and articles placed;
3, civilized virtues speak;
4 "candle in the mother" - scenarios Thanksgiving;
5, Talent Competition - bonfire party.
(D) "I am healthy," the physical training
1, crossing the barriers;
2, Shaolin boxing through arm;
3, dagger exercise;
4, load zipper.
(E) "I am happy" in Games
1, trust projection;
2 people simultaneously;
3, tied up;
4, isolated island for help;
5, over the rapids;
6, conjoined football;
7, through the minefield;
8, risk taking rope.
(F) "I am proud" of the tourism experience
A line (time 2 days, charges 460 yuan / person). The first day, watch a flag-raising
ceremony, climbing the Great Wall, experience the North (or Tsinghua) campus
culture; next day, feeling nest building charm, watch the water cube, visit the War
B line (time 2 days, charges 390 yuan) the first day of camp stay, visit the Red Army
lost in a fog Academia Historica, modern armored vehicles to observe clusters in
armored vehicles and combat experience stimulation; the next day, live fire, tunnel
warfare simulation game site, return to camp.
C line (time 3 days, charges 715 yuan / person). The first day, watch a flag-raising
ceremony, climbing the Great Wall, visit the Air Pump Museum, experience the North
(or Tsinghua) campus culture; next day, feeling nest building charm, watch the water
cube, visit the War Memorial Hall; the third day, play Beijing joy Valley.
The opening time, camp, fees
The opening hours: July 10, 2009 to August 29, 2009.
Camp: 5 days; 7 days; 9 days; 12 days; 15 days.
Camp fee (price):
5 days of 980 yuan / person; 7 days of 1380 yuan / person; 9 days 1750 yuan / person;
12 days of 2350 yuan / person; 15-day 2900 yuan / person (over charges including
room and board, training, management, information clothing and Beijing Railway
Station, West Railway Station, the military battalion headquarters and from the base
transportation charges).
Camp Security
Dinner: 6 dinner soup (3 dirty three factors); fruit once a day; breakfast: milk, soy
milk, cereals porridge, vegetables, eggs, bread, steamed rolls, cakes.
Accommodation: Camp-style air-conditioned rooms, public health, the collective
Transportation: Domestic air-conditioned coaches
Clothing: free training fatigues (closed camp to recover), presented a set of casual
Gifts: a CD-ROM activities, photo 2-3 pieces, a commemorative book, gift.
Insurance: Each camper camp to buy an insurance policy.
1. Team (individual) ten working days prior to departure, the number of this group
(male and female separately), take the train number, flight number, arrival time, or
book return tickets information by fax or email the camp office to arrange them to
2. Enrollment at the regional licensing agencies throughout the country go through,
not the establishment of authorized institutions with headquarters in the area please
contact the Department contact the enrollment process.
3. To ensure safety, campers participate in activities of the team should be in the local
insurance company to provide insurance (non-group insurance for campers from the
camp), and please bring your own personal toiletries (tooth cylinder, toothbrush,
toothpaste, towels), supplies ( slippers, change and wash underwear, water bottles)
and other personal belongings, avoid carrying valuables.
About Us
Located in the southwest suburb of Beijing, China Youth Military Camp (China
Junior School Military bases total), facilities, and quality service. 20,000 square
meters of building area to a reception of 3000 people carried out various activities; for
2,000 guests in the restaurant for you to add nutrition and energy needs; accommodate
1,000 people, large bathroom for you to wipe the weary after the training. Dormitory
in luggage rack, washstand, shoe racks and other supporting facilities, environmental
protection by adding air conditioning to bring you the arrival of spring, cool summer
comfort, bring you the warmth at home.
The total camp opened in 1999 and since has undertaken to review the Sixth National
Youth Military-style, four military survival skills the National Juvenile Championship
and the National Junior Tournament of military skills, third in the National Juvenile
Military Art Festival, hundreds of young Military summer camp, received from the
Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and
other regions more than 100 million young people.
The total camp Military camp of Chinese youth has always been the Central Military
Commission, the CYL Central Committee and the leadership of national ministries of
loving care and great attention, Chi, Cao Li, Zhou Qiang, Hu Chunhua, etc. The total
camp has come to visit, participate in review. Through our efforts, the Chinese Youth
Camp Military Camp is now Beijing and even the total national youth experience
military life, learning defense knowledge, learning military skills, hone their will, the
ideal place to cultivate team spirit.
Aims of Education
With the militarization of the training, management, training young people a strong
fortitude of character, confidence and courage to face difficulties in an orderly habits;
ways of educating people with the experience to guide young people experience the
pleasure of communicating with people, the joy of teamwork and tolerance of others
pleasure; educating people with practical ways to help young people improve life and
self-protection and survival.
Our goal is: to enable the young people through training with the "five
capabilities", referred to as "five to training method"
(ie: A, self-care ability; B, self-protection; C, frustration tolerance; D, non-differential
capacity; E, environmental adaptability).
Instructor Team
Camp coaches, instructors, counselors, respectively, from the People's
Liberation Army, armed police, retired soldiers and normal students in good jobs,
after full-time and post a total of two months after passing the examination before an
induction training coach. In order to ensure quality coaching team, the camp
developed "Management Handbook" Chapter 64 of 13, in
particular, made outstanding coaches, "8 to 10 are not allowed,"
and accordingly assessment to ensure the serious implementation of the regulations.
Training mode
Learn from the PLA military discipline, culture and training and other elements,
learning West Point, the world scouting methods, combined with youth physical,
psychological status, according to different types of Jiaoyuzhuti age appropriate and
carefully preparing training plans, try to the All-Rang youth closed, the pressure of
different kind experience the environment, to experience the rigorous, tension, fatigue,
hard, excited, happy, leave unforgettable memories.
Management security: coach, instructor, counselor 24 hours valet management;
environmental protection: training, events and places to set clear safety tips with a
full-time security monitoring inspector; livelihood security: strict procurement,
storage, cooking and the "three off" one vote rejected; injury
protection: group by the organizational unit of departure for the accident and casualty
insurance, personal accident and casualty insurance by the camp; sickness protection:
the camp have medical clinics, camps in injury or discomfort in the camp infirmary
for emergency treatment , according to injury, illness into the camp hospital
Logistics Services
Camp dormitories are air-conditioned apartments, on the bunk bed, living 8-18 people
each, daily hot water bath. Camps according to nutrition experts to develop standards
for the supply of food according to recipes, meals to ensure the "five dishes
and one soup," once a day fruit. Campers used cutlery after washing, the
staff clean the second time the next day to conduct a disinfection. Health and
epidemic prevention departments on a regular basis the quality of the camp, tableware,
cooking utensils tested to ensure that the indicators meet the standards. Drinking
unboiled water in order to prevent campers, camp in the training field, dormitories, etc.
Heat Preservation placed the workers at any time to add water, to ensure for use.
1, download the registration form or online registration can register online
2, fax or E-mail the application form will be earmarked for operating expenses
remitted to your account
3, Tel: 010-51664687 Fax :010-51664687 E-mail:
4, address: Beijing Fangshan Qinglonghu Village town 10 000 young Chinese military
base in the total school