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"Lookout Eastern Weekly" reporter Mi Aini, freelance writer Li
Ching / Beijing reports
Pork dumpling, pork is likely to be your illusion, add pork with soy protein powder,
etc. Some additives, it is easy to made a "pig meat", the cost is
much lower than the release of pork. We are now on the market sausage, inside can
have 50% of the meat's pretty good, the rest can be filled with soy protein,
and then the meaty flavor back up
In Beijing, thousands of square meters of new hair to "North Xiaguang
supermarket food additive", the simple shelves stocked with more than
2000 kinds of food additives. Bottled, packaged, liquid, powder, dazzling.
The label clearly states: beef powder flavor, apple flavor, bread improvers, gardenia
yellow ... ... but there are still the New Orleans roast chicken wings pink!
The big supermarket belonging to the North Xiaguang Food Additives Co., Ltd.
Beijing. R & D manager Zhang Lisheng with the words, their
company's additives industry in China can be considered on the issue
scheduled to be.
China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, data provided to the
correspondents is clear: China has reached more than 2300 kinds of existing additives,
additives last year, the country's total output of up to 5.24 million tons,
sales income of 52.9 billion yuan was from.
Eat into the hundreds of additives
"Our lives, where all can not do without food additives," said
Zhang Lisheng, "Everyone had to eat every day hundreds of food additives,
this is not exaggeration."
Such as a fresh-baked bread.
"We produce bread improvers, bread in general additive manufacturer to be
used for light inside the bags, there are more than 20 kinds of additives. To a bakery, a
more complex formula, light must have dozens of flavors. If is the bread and butter,
cream supplier has added antioxidants, pigments, etc., you re-analysis of the bread
flour, increase agent is certainly indispensable. so a bread making, from start to finish
is estimated to use statistics from 50 to 100 kinds of additives. "Zhang
Lisheng very familiar.
Bright color such as a glass of juice.
"30% of the basic ingredients are fruit juice, the remaining water and
fragrance are, what color, blending out sweet and refreshing, the color they look good,
pure fruit juice is more than the hard to please."
Another example is a pot of pork filling in the frozen dumplings, or a piece of ham.
"Pork dumpling, pork is likely to be your illusion, add pork with soy
protein powder, etc. Some additives, it is easy to made a 'pig
meat', the cost is much lower than the release of pork . and we are the
market sausage, inside can have 50% of the meat's pretty good, the rest can
be filled with soy protein, and then the meaty flavor to come back up.
"Zhang Lisheng told correspondents, he studied meat products for many
years This is almost sausage industry "hidden rules."
Do not convenience food, cook yourself, but you always have to put chicken, right?
"Chicken is simply a complex food additive, not necessarily a relationship
with the chicken. Japanese first invented by the flavor of fresh nucleotide disodium, a
framework of chicken recipe is 40% salt, 35% of MSG, 8 % sugar, 5% chicken extract,
1.1% disodium flavor nucleotides, and the remaining are starch. salt, MSG and sugar
are very cheap things, the chicken is the protein extract, or even soybean protein.
"Bubble" in the food additives in
In 1992, Zhang Lisheng from the Department of Food Engineering, Dalian University
of Technology's graduation, when China has no specific food additives
plant, so he went to a food processing factory as on the technician.
"At that time I learned the profession is fairly skewed, what I have in the
processing plant research: beverages, meat, jam, canned ... ... spring and summer are
often processed fruit, processed meat in winter."
Zhang Lisheng said, then rarely used food additives, we are not used until 1996, the
State introduced GB2760 "food additive use of health standards"
used before.
Done in that house plants after 8 years, Zhang Lisheng went to another a food
processing plant, specialized in meat production formula. "It was the late
'90s, when we export a lot of meat to foreign countries, has begun a large
number of additives used in food processing has."
Zhang Lisheng said, then new to food additives, is really a bit of
"panic", "I feel a bit like poison additives."
Now, he believes that food additives are the soul of the food industry.
"For example the beverage industry, without additives, we can not drink
fruit juice, fruit milk and yogurt, and no bottled ice tea ice tea. Additives for human
and create many new foods and new food production technology . "
China Agricultural University, Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Professor FAN
Zhi gave its food professional students once the application of the pigment survey
students were surprised to find, add food coloring is too much variety. Strawberry
sandwich crackers in they are fundamentally not strawberry, but with food dye out of
red pigment; blueberry cake of course, no blueberries, are bright blue or indigo
pigment dyed. As for the real fruit flavor, is sugar, acid and flavor masterpiece.
Because of the appearance of people on food quality, taste quality, convenience, save
time, set stringent requirements. Improvements in all manufacturers of food
desperately, "increase the technological content", trying to
please the people's eyes and tongue. The results of food more attractive,
more delicious.
"Food additives and chemical raw materials are very different, previous
issues are out in the colors, preservatives and bleach on Formaldehyde, Sudan,
melamine, formalin, are all three. And the three raw materials are chemicals, not a
food additive. "Zhang Lisheng that anxious in a series of food safety
incidents, the additives being" wronged "the.
"Sodium nitrite is a good example, it is the most toxic additives in a man
taking 3 grams can be fatal. We are using in the ham in the amount of 30 mg per kg,
while the use of natural methods of production eateries in to contain 200 mg per kg.
additives are toxic and harmful, it is saying the ratio of degree and amount of a
relationship, as long as the "standard" to put, and will not
impact food, more food will not become toxic. "Zhang Lisheng said.
However, China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, told correspondents, the
question of food additives, is out in the "synthetic chemicals",
such as coloring agents, preservatives and so on. "It is because of synthetic
chemical food additives in food a large number of applications, and even abuse, to the
beginning of the last century, people discovered that many food additives on human
health, also found that some can even make animal teratogenic,
carcinogenic." Therefore, the standards and norms of paramount
"Every day we 'bubble' in the food additive in the
ways of peaceful coexistence with them, probably more realistic to
consider." Zhang Lisheng said.
"I never look at shopping list of ingredients"
"I will not buy things to see list of ingredients." Marked on the
product behind it a long list of chemical terms, Zhang Lisheng a little disdain.
"That may be marked above four additive terms, do not know who that is,
four kinds of additives, in fact, that are all complex additive terms, each term is more
than a dozen 20 behind synthetic additives. See That did not help. "
Zhang Lisheng said that the general attention of food he bought two things, first, to
large supermarket to buy, expensive to buy second election.
"You think about it, the meat is so expensive, and also so cheap ham? The
most direct way to reduce costs is to not add meat, all you soy protein and flavor. In
the food inside, 'no good cheap goods' is positive . "
"Of course, if a large supermarket to buy food, if not the 'good
stuff', at most, is not nutrition, but there is no problem. If not allowed to
say a small wholesale market to buy." Zhang Lisheng told correspondents,
One other day to do blood tofu small traders came to him, and said the blood did not
tender tofu, Zhang Lisheng Return Weapon him, let him add a little gum and sulfate.
A few days later, the man came back and said the tender was not as good as
someone's home, Zhang Lisheng advised him that, do not tell them more
than they certainly increase the formalin, it is illegal. A result, the small traders direct
question: How can sell this stuff from?
"Another point, we must be clear-headed, not to rely on advertising, what
ah calcium, iron, ah, ah ... ... you really want low-salt nutritional supplements, or eat
the original ecology of meat, eggs, milk, do not expect industrial products nutrition.
These industrial processed foods, is to solve people's habit of, say, a
change of diet to help you, make you feel comfortable eating. "
No matter what the food manufacturing industry experienced setbacks, Zhang
Lisheng that, or let people know what to eat in the end. He said there are many in the
United States of soy protein mixed with sausage for sale, but the inspection agency
will be marked Sausage: This sausage is not a pure meat, are "like
ham" food.
"You can only put 30% in the ham in the meat, and even a little meat are
tightly but you have to let consumers know, there is in the end what it is. As for the
take it or leave, it is consumer choice. "
Zhang Lisheng said the additive is not wrong, wrong is his abuse and the whole
industry is not standardized.
Affected is the "Made in China"
As a technician, Zhang Lisheng on the additives industry in technological innovation
in the "embarrassing" experience deep.
He told reporters that China now uses 90% of the food additive, from synthesis to
toxicity testing, are imported from abroad, single product additives, very little
independent research and development. The reason is simple - a single product
additives came from the laboratory stage to the market and at least 10 years of
research and toxicological testing, in order to get international certification,
production. A certificate about to spend more than 1000 million euros.
Therefore, Zhang Lisheng they now study, are both additive synthesis of several
complex additives. No long-period, also without certification, research out of the can
put into use.
China Food Additives and Ingredients Association, told correspondents, from the
production, the scale of stress, food additives or small industry. Existing food additive
producers in China around 2000, trade in food additives thousands of enterprises.
Because the lower the threshold to enter this industry, so there have been small
business access, management difficult.
The last two years the situation has improved, "market competition is
fierce, no strength of small businesses are out there, some on the development
up." Association data show that by 2007, industry-wide sales of more than
1 billion yuan of enterprise In more than 10, more than 100 million yuan more than
100 companies. Food additives in China began in the international market place food
additive, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, xylose, xylitol production, etc. are in the
world, and citric acid production and export volume ranks first in the world.
Another difficulty is the standard fuzzy. "The current approved use of the
species has reached more than 2300 kinds, but national standards and
industry-standard varieties of less than 300 species. In addition, in recent years, rapid
development of complex food additives and no quality standards."