Chinese cultural roots of counterfeit counterfeit products

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					Chinese cultural roots of counterfeit counterfeit products
Chinese cultural roots of counterfeit counterfeit products

Cooking in the kitchen need a good knife. Many Chinese tourists in Germany are
aware of a good German knife, the most famous brand name Zwilling, far higher than
Beijing's international reputation and Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Wang
Mazi Scissors. This knife's expensive, but the real materials, value for
money. But many admirers Zwilling no chance to Germany, but in the residential area
next to the free market found Zwilling knives are German words printed above, there
is no Chinese, the price so people can accept. Used to buy back up to know, fake.
This case, the victim is not just consumers, but also has a 275-year-old German
company Zwilling knives. The company's trademark brands Medek
Department of Trade and Industry in Cologne, organized by the General Assembly,
"How to avoid being pirated in China," the theme report was
presented Zwilling experience.
He said: "China is now the emergence of new trends in trademark
infringement, there has been a lot of bad faith registration of trademarks, Zwilling
knives brand in China that is registered as household appliances, computers, and even
baby trademarks. We are many in China filed a complaint registered trademark, but
China's unusually long appeals process, many complaints lodged in 2002 is
still no result has been four years. "
Subordinates in the German Industry and Commerce Federation of Germany and the
call of the economy, nearly 70 more than Germany, brought together representatives
of small and medium enterprises on how intellectual property protection in China,
exchange of experience. German Economic Association of the Secretary-General
Gedi Mu is a China hand. He felt that the counterfeit product to others has its cultural
roots. Because the traditional Chinese Confucian education to remember, copying.
Students follow the example of a great man, scholar Ye Hao, poet Ye Hao,
philosophers Ye Hao, comprehend ancestors thought, and then relayed. The formation
of personal views, put forward their own solutions to problems - in the past 25 years
by the Chinese people attach importance gradually. This is culturally determined to
follow the practice of others, imitating others is an honor in China.
Sage should be that imitation is an honor. Chinese people imitate the cultural,
ideological, ethical, brush fonts, harmless. Can be related to economic interests, is
another matter. In Germany's view, the Chinese copy everything could
imitate, and large magnetic levitation train, small integrated circuit chip, which could
shorten the development time, and quickly catch up with international standards.
Many enterprises believe that their intellectual property rights have been violated,
economic interests can not be achieved. Statistics show that within the EU of
counterfeit counterfeit goods were confiscated, some two-thirds from the Chinese
mainland and Hong Kong. The Zwilling knives of counterfeit goods is all the
continents in the world, even including the European Union, the United States,
Canada and Japan and other countries and regions, sound legal system.
IP is a broad concept. The business representatives in Germany to communicate with
the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office Li Yonghong, deputy director of the
Patent Reexamination Board introduced that China's intellectual property is
divided into three categories: invention, utility models and designs. She suggested that
foreign companies apply for patents in China in time. If you find yourself after the
violation of intellectual property in China can be made through the Intellectual
Property Office of the Chief complaint. If the judge infringement case, foreign
companies have the right to order the other party through the Intellectual Property
Office to stop infringement. Administrative decisions made relatively short time,
seven days after the request of the parties to decide whether placed on file. 15 days
after placing the files transferred to the other side, generally speaking, can be closed
after four months to six months. But the Property Council just made an executive
decision, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law of China, was
sentenced to party the right to administrative proceedings.
Requirements in the protection of the law through administrative means, while also
directly infringed unit to civil or criminal court. Beijing Municipal Higher
People's Court of IP Justice, said Zhang Bing, China has more than 400
established the Intellectual Property High Intermediate People's Court. She
added that although the courts in cases most of Chinese companies sued the Chinese
enterprises, foreign enterprises in China that if their rights are infringed, the law
should take up arms.
The Chinese government and the court emphasized that the Chinese and foreign
parties to give the same protection of intellectual property, and courts in China,
foreign-related intellectual property cases, cases of successful foreign account for
80%. In the event of violations, if mediation fails, a lawsuit can go to court to protect
their rights.
And Germany, court time-consuming, energy consumption, but also need to pay for
attorney fees and court costs. Participants in the meeting that China's
current complex legal and practical procedures for the administration of justice, but
they agree that the risk of China not to risk compared to the much larger China.