Chinese contemporary art criticism by fdjerue7eeu


									Chinese contemporary art criticism

Citation, "Global Times" and "surprised the world of
Chinese art renaissance"
Has a trade surplus of China's two trillion pounds, the economic strength
will lead the world when its domestic art flourished. "Art Price
net" and Jinsheng Insurance Company Limited on the global art auction
each year to conduct the investigation, on July 2007 to June 2008 the world market
auction held in 2900 survey, the top 500 most popular artists , the top 10 in two
Chinese, in the auction works before the 10 largest sellers, there are six from Asia,
five are Chinese. Survey said: "2003 to 2004 by 100 Chinese artists
auction revenue to 86 million pounds in the past 12 months, another auction of the
100 artists of 2.7 billion pounds of work, of which three artists The auction amount is
more than 26 million pounds. "
After reading the Chinese contemporary art have been deeply impressed, indeed the
current rapid development of China's economy, successful integration with
Western markets, Chinese businesses are subject to free market economy, to stimulate
and influence, they are rapidly developing, particularly Chinese contemporary art,
it's human nature to the Transition Period, spiritual, cultural lack of a
specific phase, to fill a big hole, big blank. His spiritual wealth, need to decorate the
surface of culture, to reconcile the Western art market, Chinese contemporary art
quickly became popular, the price is soaring. But it has spiritual value of art and
cultural value, it is worth us to distinguish!
It was divided up from time to contemporary Chinese art. To 1989 as a watershed in
contemporary Chinese art from the Cultural Revolution ended in 1989 more than ten
years, mainly for the West to accept and explore modern art, but after that the rapid
influx of Chinese art to the global trend, and participate in art market in. From the
time perspective division stage of Chinese art there is a certain reason. However,
some deficiencies and shortcomings of them, this division of the Chinese
contemporary art of a dead end li Zai Rong Yi limited, Er Shi Qu was on Neihan and
significance of Shenceng mining. Phenomena from the arts to determine the most
essential art school production. Like Western pop art, abstract expressionism art,
conceptual art and so on in the West in the late 20th century produced, but with the
development of society, the concept of improving people's lives, thinking
the update will inevitably produce a new art concept , also would create a new art
genre,     the     original     school    of   art    inevitably     decline.   But     a
"obsolete" school of art it will not develop the new artistic
schools disappear evaporation, which gives the artistic exploration will leave future
generations a profound impact, even on the entire socio-cultural, political and
economic impact. Status from the Chinese art Chinese art is still art of abstract
expressionism, conceptual art reproduction and development. Another point of view,
people are experiencing in the lives of the current activities carried out by the impact
of social relationships formed with others, not with the historical significance of
"Yesterday" or "past" the arrival of the
disappeared, they still exist, so that contemporary art can not use the time to qualify.
The simple definition is more accurate, from time to enter a new era of the problems
facing the arts and artists of psychological changes occur. It includes the
artist's thoughts, ideas position to judge the change in real life, on the
current socio-political, cultural, new thinking.
I personally feel that "contemporary art" concept is vague,
uncertain, fault. From time to time if the definition of "contemporary
art" concept, but it has a simple and obvious knowledge fills a deep
understanding of inquiry is unlikely. Because it has too much fuzziness, is a
contradiction. Chinese contemporary art is moved over the West's model, if
based solely on the concept of the West to discuss China's contemporary
art, Name is bound to lead to conceptual Yu Hui's not Pipei Chinese reality.
So China's contemporary art can only put it as a cultural phenomenon
rather than the one the Chinese art of Liu Pai.

   ?As we all know, after the Western modern art to modern art in its social and
cultural development of the industrial age backward from the change in the industrial
age fit, while in China is the lack of this process. So the lack of Chinese contemporary
art the foundation of a social context. Modern art in China is set to move over
completely from the West, even without any selective advantage. "Health
Huainan was orange orange, trifoliate orange was Huaibei Health."
Transplanted concept of Western art in China, this land is doomed to fruition. ,
Together with China's contemporary art market feedback through the
Western market, gradually replacing the standard of Chinese contemporary art culture.
A large number of artists have impure purpose in such a market to meet the standard,
complete with the standard Western concept of art. They did not ponder over the
traditional Chinese culture, human feelings, etc., the lack of their own culture to judge,
the lack of integration of their own culture. So doomed in a free market economy of
contemporary art and Chinese culture will form a fault. Even if the Chinese art in the
auction house to create a copy in astronomical time, on the world stage would not
have culture.
   ?Chinese contemporary art in human nature after the Cultural Revolution, the
liberation of the spirit of gradual development, while it was the product of the West,
but superficial view, the development of Chinese contemporary art is the sublimation
of the Chinese spiritual level, is the toast of the Chinese culture drink freely, which is
also a big step forward. Although the visual and theoretical confusion, but people are
breaking the spirit and form are an innovation. I think that art is no longer the
language of individual forms, but up to the level of social responsibility. An artist
should be more concerned about the social reality in all of China, including the
bottom of people's life, psychological status, level of global dynamics. An
artist must have a strong social sense, and show their works in such a fragmented
social reality.
China's contemporary artists are paying attention to the reality of
China's broken, deserve our full recognition and appreciation. Xianting the
Chinese contemporary art "The Godfather", it creates the
vocabulary and the planning of the exhibition as road signs, succeeded in still in the
chaos of a hectic group of Chinese contemporary artists into the West, the Chinese art
made an indelible contribution. His sharp eye to the success of Yue Minjun, Zhang
Xiaogang and other art onto the world stage, so that their work set a high price. He
can say that the so-called great man. But in his creation of economic value, is the
founder of Chinese art and culture bubble.
?More than a month to go before I go to Beijing for a week and spent a whole day to
the largest Arts District 798. Are galleries throughout the region, a row of one, can be
called orderly ah, there are paintings of Chinese contemporary art painter. Usually
only on the Internet, books, paintings to see, which can be seen in the 798 Gallery.
There Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi, and so on to Beijing. Have
moved there after reading disappointment, more worried. In the Song Zhuang
Youcheng 1000 artists in the creation, trying to think of. But to lead the market trend
is just one small part. In addition, these are hard to see in the decadent artists, my
heart shabby ah! It is struggling in desperation as tragic. They are destitute, living not
guaranteed, their living conditions are worrisome. But their spirit is always drooping.
I know a friend in Songzhuang where, he told me that the art world with the same
entertainment has its own unwritten rules. Inevitably shocked after hearing. I think in
this highly competitive society, can be summed up the basic rules of evolution of
biosphere, that is, "things actually natural selection, survival of the
fittest." I think not just of contemporary artists, they only create awareness
of different cultures with western background. But I we have more in-depth analysis,
they are in a particular phase of history in China to create a schema. The schema is
China the eyes of Westerners or traditional symbol of Chinese traditional culture.
These artists create works of art ignores the universality of the human, but stressed
that regional and national particularities, and this particularity exaggerated. This
narrow-minded, after the success of their imagination and creativity step by step
degradation, nature of art remain in place. Yue Minjun's screen after the
characters had more Daitou giggle. Wang Guangyi is the screen after the sudden
change from the imposing Ping Tu, Zhang Yi Gai, after many of the pictures is the
effect of the Debilitate the Deficient Huhu. Areas in the original creation did not make
in-depth thinking. Critical broken if they had to run out of ideas a reality. But I am
impressed that these artists have a contemporary high level of social sense, their own
personal experience and unique perspective interested in China's happening
in the real world, in the works, all showed the reality of China's broken. An
artistic expression of the inner anger. For us to reveal the time of China's
social transformation of people's living condition and situation.
?Yue Minjun is I am more concerned about a Chinese contemporary artist, he is a
cynical realist artist, his work "rubbish", "red flag
fluttering," "water" and so on, describing his unique
perspective of today's empty stupid people spiritual world, the language of
work mode is repeated, the image of his own model for the image, put all kinds of
weird and funny action and Xipixiaolian expression. His works are pop art hip-hop
feel, with criticism and discontent.
Here is my constitutional court and Yue Minjun Li reproduced part of the dialogue:
Li: The earliest painting in Tiananmen Square who giggle, no individual who is in
what year? Is the composition on the rows of people, some horizontal lying, people
looked at those paintings feel dizzy.
Y: It was painted in 1993 in Winter Palace, now think of it and the relationship
between a child's cultural environment, when the subject is the unified
education. I was a child living in a large flat yard, very little contact with the
community, what happens in society is not very clear, all things are how people tell
you should do, what to do, what not to do, are people tell you. You should do what the
ideal person to listen to so and so, then the daily behavior, there is a fixed pattern,
then I feel like life is normal and there is hope. After graduating from high school I
joined the work, then the unit although a bit closed, but infighting and human
relations, such as leadership and leadership, leadership and workers, between workers
is very subtle, strange. Then I thought, and human relations, not the kind of school
learned something, there is a doubt. Later, after 85 years in college, but also the
feeling of holding an ideal, grow up to serve the motherland, to make any contribution
to the country and encourage their learning momentum. Later changes in society as a
whole, these things have started in their own mind some false sense of. There 1989,
the year I graduated from college just to catch up 6.4 Tiananmen Square incident,
there is a sense of loss, the loss of idealism. Although less than ideal, but there seems
to be a kind of feeling deceived for decades, the social discontents. Some artists had
already started work there feeling lost, and they gave me some inspiration, I started
doing row after row of people, rows of people have little sense of power, there is a
sense of ridicule, consistent with my When the mentality of the inner vent also
No picture rows of people, I always feel that strength is not enough, there is always a
feeling that art should express its particular emotion, should show the dramatic effect
that deep that started simply because of this feeling, drew on more than one person,
and there are a drawing of a man, painting paintings became more rows until the
feeling, only that meet their own attitude.
Yue Minjun with his unique powers of observation, combined with his profound
impact on society, so that his work distinctive, and both strong and simple visual
symbols of power. But his work is critical to stay in the most primitive sense, no sense
can this criticism up to a higher level. Read his works, I just think, and he has shared,
and I am feeling is plain. Higher after the pursuit of the painting is seen, people will
shake, get emotional resonance, and reflection from the community and reflect on
their own.
View 798 most of the galleries, artists are only created with the Western ideology of
different social and cultural background, to cater to their art market. So they have a
unity of artistic creation and the limitations are merely a reflection, critical social
situation. Viewed from the perspective of a single issue. The impact of China by
Western culture, Chinese traditional culture has been integrated and accepted in
Western culture, Chinese culture has shown a diversity. Artists can actually
multi-dimensional point of view the social status of the Chinese yuan, breaking the
limitations of thinking in the arts, the pursuit of higher ideals! !

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