Chinese Americans talk about real American life and house prices _Reprinted_ by fdjerue7eeu


									Chinese Americans talk about real American life and house prices (Reprinted)
Circulation costs
The United States with China, are both big countries, there are many state / provincial
component. United States, all states also have their own interests, sometimes there
will be conflict, the Civil War is a good example. Even to this day, many states have
different positions or obvious, such as a state of the Democratic Party or the
Republican Party's hard-core supporters, many years down is unshakeable.
Moreover, the United States is a country of immigrants, all the different races also
have their own demands.
Reasonable to say that different interest groups will defend their interests, but the U.S.
has no serious monopoly and local protectionism. Including financial, material and
personnel resources, including the full freedom of movement. I think it should be
from the system and to analyze two aspects of society.
Mentioned earlier, the United States has a good traffic infrastructure, and operating
costs relatively low. Almost everyone has a car in each of the DMV (rather our
Vehicle Administration) to register at hundreds of dollars; emissions test done once
every two years, but also hundreds of dollars. In addition, no other government fees.
Test driver's license, is tens of dollars, without any mandatory training, as
long as the feel that they can be opened to examination. The other is the insurance, it
depends on your own, and year of car insurance are 500-1000 in the normal range.
Oil prices are relatively cheap, and from Los Angeles to San Francisco, about 600 km
distance, slightly longer in Harbin to Shenyang (550 km), slightly shorter than
Changsha to Guangzhou (700 km). According to current U.S. oil prices, opening
about 600 km of oil costs about 50 U.S. dollars, translated into 350 yuan. And the
United States almost no speed-kilometer toll.
Airfare is relatively cheap, from the northeast to the southwest corner of Los Angeles,
New York, across the entire United States, return air ticket plus taxes and charges in
about 300 U.S. dollars, converted into 2000 yuan.
So even if the dollar is 1000-2000 a month to low-income people, travel is not that far
out things.
So to maintain these infrastructure money come from? Of course, fleece, so much of
your income tax, much of the infrastructure in use. Although the car only cost the
government hundreds of pieces a year, but there are several billion 100 million
vehicles. And the United States, DMV (Vehicle Administration) is not a Niubi units,
the average income of the general population are 3-5 million range. My area of each
door of a fast DMV brands, showing the place DMV fees, including administrative
expenses account for about 10%, most is investment in infrastructure construction.
Airlines, too, even if fuel costs are a price the world, but with the U.S. personnel.
Therefore, cheap airfare prices to maintain only the cost savings. Flight attendants are
mostly middle-aged women. In addition to simply not drink beverages to other food,
eat, then buy their own, the U.S. aircraft on the flight attendants often Tuizhe Xiao
cart ask you this to do that to you, is very similar to the train the train attendant. I met
several times with earplugs not given, to see the film themselves out of money to buy
Low cost is behind the competition, the United States more than 10 major airlines.
Government's role is to not let you create monopoly or monopoly union.
Competition coming up, the price low. Meanwhile, the prices low so more people can
fly, resources can flow up, social benefits arises. U.S. government rule when an
industry is basically to consider two factors: first, the industry as a whole is not
developed? Second, consumers are not there more choices, better products and
services? Aviation is the case, telecommunications as well.
Apart from transport costs, other, too, the United States are the National Bank of
China Unicom, there is no off-site ATM fees. China Unicom's mobile
phone is no roaming charges and long distance. This greatly saves the cost of resource
In addition to these, another one is the population access system. The U.S. population
is basically free movement, without the household registration system and the
resultant employment, education, health care and other issues. But in America, fair is
not absolute. Take education, general state of the State University of like a good,
relatively poor State University and the bad. The poor state of the students, you can
not go to a good state to go to State University, State University because the tuition
fees to students outside the state than a mile.
China is not completely control the population, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and
other major cities, most urban households is still relatively easy. But precisely because
these man-made system of barriers exist, so will be more or less exaggerated many
times. What does that mean? For example, such as you a stranger to Beijing to
develop a few years of working life that is not very wishful. This of course there are
many factors which have personal reasons, there is a system of reasons, but in the end,
we often exaggerate the reasons for this system, that if the Beijing native, then I will
definitely be getting along better.
But even if you are in the United States, you are free to go to New York looking for
work, but you want to survive in New York, certainly better than outsiders easily
survive in Beijing, but the U.S. has no artificial barriers, so although the Americans
also criticize the government, in particular, as the current economic downturn, work
hard to find, but Mama is passed, not to ruthless proportions. Because they are
relatively fair, your reference are generally in a horizontal line is, you think, they also
will become rational.
This is China and the U.S. are very different. Chinese mobile than Americans, so
many have their own reasons. First, China's market liberalization has not
fully. So you can not used in the majority of resources from the market, a large part of
interest groups from your crony. Many small places, if looking for a good job, into the
government sector, or large-scale state-owned enterprises, or hospitals, schools and
other institutions, the main way is through the available groups around nepotism. Or
each industry so that each local system will form a separate barriers. You can use is
around a circle, if for a city, you nothing. So for most people, trying to enter into this
fortress were. Get in, scolded the social injustice; the inside, so hard to maintain their
own interests. This in fact is already a vicious circle of. Because you once out of the
fort, there is no end. So the Chinese do not want to flow, because the flow is too high
a social cost.
Another is the concept of the family. Chinese people still want to live with her family.
U.S. industrialization, the market for so many years. Her children, had left the house;
parents gave you went into nursing homes. From birth to death, what are the lines
patterned. So the Americans also reflect on their pension system is not a problem,
especially in pension and other social welfare now occupy an increasing proportion of
government expenditure. Capitalist development to a certain time must rethink human
China's family values in addition to traditional, more importantly, is the
current social stage, except for some major cities and coastal areas, most of the region
to break the Na Zhong Wan Quan Huan peasant society is not the framework, content
with the mainstream thinking Hai Shi. Unless it is in really poor Shan Gougou could
not get along, and will go out a living. While the cost is very high flow of migrant
workers return home New Year, tolls may occupy a significant portion of your savings
a year.
So, lastly, how should we view elements of this resource flows? There are too many
barriers in China, each region seek to protect their interests. Although regional or
small groups to create social value. But speaking from the national level, only the
elimination of these barriers to free movement of various social factors, can be
spontaneous and long-term economic and social development.
Absolute justice does not exist. Unified national admission, not everyone on the
Peking University, Tsinghua University; open Beijing accounts, not everyone bought
the house from Beijing. But only open to people to return to reason, to return to a
rational society. Very often, we complain, anger, fear are all out of ignorance or
irrational. Sometimes we hate our prosaic lives, but if like most Americans, as can
regularly go to big cities like New York look, or even to a foreign holiday, you may
feel the same about those places, where life has not good, convenient place. Then you
may have a better attitude towards the current life. But for some people, big cities,
you may always think you live in the best place to go other places, but if you walk,
you may find that there are many areas of life is much better than Beijing and
Shanghai should be good.
Central and local

When I read the news, said a U.S. Xiaonian Qing, was early 20s, the elected mayor of
the. Then concluded that the U.S. democratic system is very advanced. This means
more or less a bit out of context, or at least incomplete. One to the U.S. market with
two concepts of China's market is the United States some people call the
town is only a 2000 city, City, with a concept of China's villages. Second,
the U.S. government and the Chinese are not the same as the structure, each level of
government will have different functions, but little overlap. Specific to the bottom of
the city, a mayor's power may be very small, thus it can control things like
two or three.
We take for telecommunications. In China, the top is the Ministry of Industry,
formerly known as Ministry of Information Industry. And then each province had of
Information Industry, each city has a Bureau of Information Industry, to the county
government, there will be the bureau.
In the United States, the management of telecommunications sector called FCC, full
name is the Federal Communications Commission, translated into Chinese call the
Federal Communications Commission. The telecommunications sector not only
control but also control newspapers, Internet, TV, radio. Similar to our Central
Propaganda Department, SARFT, the Ministry of Industry and Information
Administration of the combined function.
The FCC has five members the most on top of any one party can not be more than
three seats, in determining the specific question, 5 votes, one vote, is open. This five
members appointed by the president, including a Chairman. But the president only the
power of appointment, the FCC does not the President, but for Parliament. Therefore,
we can easily find, under the framework of this, FCC has an independent
administrative authority, do they call themselves independent government agency, the
independent government agency, unlike the the cabinet departments, to the President.
So no matter who became president, FCC was able to act independently, the policy
can basically inherited.
FCC manages all matters relating to the United States. In local government, no longer
had a similar authority. So the next state and city bureau and the like are not you a
governor, a mayor is unable to manage telecommunications. As a comparison, saying
that the U.S. telecom civil population less than 99% of China should not be
exaggerated. U.S. authorities in many sectors, including financial, transportation, etc.,
are similar establishment.
This is somewhat similar to our "central vertical management."
Some areas, such as primary and secondary education, is entirely under the
management of local government areas to grass-roots level, the federal
government's Ministry of the fundamental routines that starting school in
the course of time, even without a unified textbook.
So federal, state and local governments is very clear division of labor between the.
Who cares that one, we manage this one, decision-making power, executive power is
in your hands. One level will not be handed to the report, and other top leaders to
speak before the implementation of one level down.
The reason for this structure is also summarized down long-term development. Kind
of like how the efficiency of how to better offer.
Return to FCC, headed by five members of a department can not manage it as a huge
framework of the country? I have said before, the U.S. government rule when an
industry is usually based on two considerations: first, the public is not being a better
service, more choice is not much? The price is reasonable or not? Second, the industry
is not developed?
The most classic case is the FCC on the AT & T's control. AT
& T telecommunications company in the United States veteran. By Bell and
others founded. Bell is no stranger to us, that is, the man who invented the telephone.
Development of the United States has followed this rule is: technology innovation
breeds new industries, thus promoting social development. Bell invented the
telephone, he opened the company, after several years of expansion, almost occupied
the whole U.S. market.

But the market is interest-driven, AT & T, a dominant two problems will
arise. First, it is not willing to stand to the Shan Gougou telephone lines go as high
cost, low yield. Second, it monopolized the market, the price asked casually. FCC at
this time came out to speak. Telephone line that you must go inside the frame to the
Shan Gougou, second, I want to restrict your price. The Government amended the
good the shortcomings of the free market.
Still later, and in 1996, AT & T is to be split into several parallel family of
telecommunications companies, completely changed the pattern of U.S.
telecommunications industry.
AT & T is equivalent to our private enterprises. It is the government has the
will refuses to accept? Of course. Many large companies behind the United States,
there are many spokesmen, and many lawyers, so-called non-profit independent
research institutions, government lobbyists specialized public relations and English
called lobbyist, this is a career in the United States has. Activities of these people are
up. But eventually be divided. One reason for the balance of the parties the right to
speak; Second, the government is not out of self-interest, and the law. Behind the FCC
to do so by the Telecommunications Law, Antitrust Law as a basis, are tenable.
The result is as ordinary Americans, 40 a few dollars a month cell phone almost
unlimited play, no long distance, no roaming charges. If a few people together to open
a one month as long as 30 a few is enough.
So the U.S. government, there is no Development and Reform Commission, no
five-year plan. If we say that the Government guidance, is more substantial funding to
research institutions. New technology can bring new products, a company that can
develop a good thing, consumer recognition, then naturally bigger. Then If problems
are found, the Government come out specifications. Of course, the prerequisite to
achieve this is to form a national legal protection under the free market.
Therefore, the competent departments of these industries, the government basically
only play a regulatory role. Between the government and enterprises, and some
industry associations, industry associations such exercise of some of
China's governmental functions, such as setting the standard for the
industry and so on.
In addition to industry, authorities, there are some things the public services, such as
the Government planning a plot to build a park or a library of classes, which must be
dominated by the government. The efficiency in the United States would be much
lower than China, and Chinese leaders a green light, flew started. Things about the
U.S. rules, a round of argument, until the feel perfectly safe and we have to start the
construction. Chicago's Millennium Park, from start to finish took 10 years
to built. Chicago's bid at the last when opponents attack, saying that you
efficiency too low. So this really is an abuse of democracy. Duration so long for, not
only to good design is good planning, exhaustive, construction has to talk up the
environment, not disturbing, not yellow sand over the sky, have to ensure that the
interests of workers, not around the clock. I live next door to the subway station,
repair not repaired for four years. Comparison of China, which system is good, the
eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom of. But what if the U.S. built up, but it is
durable. Decades, a century can, go.
Another problem is that funding sources. U.S. local governments the money in hand is
very limited, as China's local governments can not ask like a large bank
credits. So the Chinese government officials asked them to come to China, they do not
have the money, not the budget. Once the Government money, to stop the situation
has become residential flats. Therefore, some local governments in the United States
in fact very poor. Like a while ago that the California government to bankruptcy.
Because of government revenues from taxes, the poor economy, the house no longer
marketable, revenue falls. Schwarzenegger went to Washington, Obama asked for
money, Obama does not give, because the federal government with the state
government each have their own revenue and expenditure system, I give you money
without obligation. Schwarzenegger had to take the civil service, teachers and other
public officials surgery, layoffs. There is the State University tuition up. Because he
can within the power tubes, it was only these things.
Philosophy of pragmatism
Philosophy of pragmatism
A country is always based on history and culture of the country on ways of thinking.
If you were to summarize the philosophy of American way of thinking or doing things,
then the first should be that of pragmatism.
At this point, Americans and Europeans are very different. Europe has a long history,
the culture is intertwined, it touches a bit like the Chinese, the article also quoted the
ancients to write, how to say how Aristotle was. But American culture is not so much
a burden. Europeans first came to the U.S. is to get rid of the set of ancestors.
Simply put this pragmatism is to do things without any limitations of, you feel
justified, there is good reason, can confirm it, then feasible. China's
massive anti-vice is network, it reminds me of the time in the school heard the report
of a subject, whether the topic is the raw footage will really harm our young people. It
seems to us that things can not get the table, no need to discuss, but for the Americans
of great social significance.
The teachers how? He got two young, high school students. Americans developed
earlier than the Chinese people, their psychological and physical high school students
are close to our students, it can accept the raw footage, and will not harm their
physical and mental health. Can be controlled in the context of a group of people can
be arbitrary close to the raw footage so that they can watch the raw footage; another
group of people not allow them to watch raw footage. The teacher tracked for 10
years, 10 years later, compared two groups of people to see their psychological,
marital, behavior, life condition. The results show that Kan Maopian of that group
than the non-Kan Maopian actually spiritual good.
Some may question his experimental methods, such as whether to control a number of
factors, some variables are chosen as. But the experiment itself can not be denied.
Since the raw footage so healthy, why should we ban it? American thinking is like that.
I have a scientific basis to prove that something is good, then there is no reason to
oppose it. In this basis, there will be a film classification system. To a certain age to
allow them to see adult movies. Website, too, can run for adult porn sites.
Any of the measures that the United States were to go through repeated demonstration,
a large number of scientific data as support. This process may be lengthy, but once
through the debate, that this matter, then it can be implemented over a long time,
unless significant changes in the larger environment.
Comparison of our network anti-vice, were once two to three years. Saowan later,
before long there will be a lot of Xinhuang net out. Not fundamentally solve the
problem. The root of the fundamental motives of our anti-vice is granted the moral
starting from. Many of our decisions are not based on scientific analysis and rational
judgments on. In particular the treatment of such complex things Huang network -
adult pornography have such a natural demand side, this can not be denied; but such
information would endanger children at the same time, it points to oppose. We should
fight against the side to retain its beneficial side.
But we sense for large, just beat him to death. Therefore, this phenomenon occurs:
Even some mainstream portals, for its own interests, full of soft porn information,
pushing boundaries, the danger still exists for children. Meanwhile, interest is not
straightened out, before underground porn industry chain, make more negative social
effects of its expansion.
Looking back, we see some U.S. social sciences, such as economics, political science,
sociology and the like, which in our view, the liberal arts majors may require you to
program the data will run for a lot of science analysis. United States, many policies
are the data from these studies as support. Although we can not say elsewhere, but on
the whole decision-making errors can be reduced to the lowest level.
And many of our policies are more out of the subjective will, the lack of scientific
basis. GDP growth rate to remain at 8%, 8%, but why? 6% do not you? 5% do not you?
No one can answer that. We all cried 8%, 8% of that should make it right, I also agree
that 8%.
And specific to the individual, pragmatic ideas that are embodied in the personal
values, personal life experience. I am pleasant like, do not care how other people
evaluate me. Americans sometimes feel so very easy to meet. Some families, children
got two third-rate university, and if China did not face may feel that the
school's name. But Americans still very self-enjoyment, still sign posted to
the school board, through the streets.

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