China_amp;_39;s first car models beauty beast beast beast beast latest door ★ ★ _with map_ by fdjerue7eeu


									China's first car models beauty beast beast beast beast latest door ★ ★
(with map)
China's first car models beauty beast beast beast beast of the door
Following the three sections of indecent video out, the last line it is said that the
fourth paragraph of indecent video beast beast, I have to watch than this, little can be
said before, this video of the scale entirely comparable with the international AV! The
entertainment is really one trouble following another ah! !

Tiger just opened, the "China's first car models"
indecent beast beast Zhai Ling threw entertainment video give a "big

Three years ago, only the fledgling Ling Zhai beast beast beast beast was the former
boyfriend nude photos (later confirmed by the users as indecent video), have spread
and threatened to destroy. Yang Di-no screwdriver is a photographer, using family
connections to get naked this issue was settled, and the Trustee for remote alarm
monitoring. Then the poor personal relations of its effort to push red beast beast, this
time they became boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.
Now there are recent and current boyfriend, she did not screwdriver Yang Di indecent
video taken aside, said to eat a loss a lesson, play the same mistakes twice, is it beast
beast I have the shot by doing this hobby? With the most popular words I see beast
beast was the "beast beast gate" of the.
Beast beast Resume
Chinese name: Ling Zhai
Hometown: Shandong, China
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 49KG
Measurements: 88-60-87 cm
Nationality: China
Date of birth: August 18, 1987
Constellation: Leo
Occupation: Model Performing Arts
Hobbies: watching movies, fashion magazines, research like underwear, collect all
kinds of perfume sample, good food.
School: Dalian Institute of Light Industry professional fashion show
Important Event: 2006 China Underwear Model Contest Finals runner-up, fashion
charm Award
2006 Silk Road International Model Contest Finals Runner-up in China
2008 (Tenth) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition "trillion license
Cup" car model contest runner-up
2009 (thirteenth) Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition on Auto
Mirror Star Model Competition
Representative work: "Sports and Leisure" cover;
"Car        &         Driver";        "Eastern

Seen the video know that obviously is voluntary to be shot, the male lead in the video
said the words and she made a pair of lovers are consistent with the behavior does not
conform photographed and forced. Beast beast really worth the psychological nature
of doubt. It can be said to own doing the best word to explain the right meaning. I will
not stand with her sympathizers, because she is not weak in this!
Irony is that now the implication of the "gate" is a hype! !
Whenever a little brain can think of who would take such people have no work to
spoil their beauty? ? ?
Regret to the intestines are countless young artists had, why the time to do something
reckless? Love needs expression of such behavior?
This original and reproduced specify!

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