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					China Minsheng Bank 1
China Minsheng Bank in January 12, 1996 was formally established in Beijing, is
China's first major public enterprises shares by non-national joint-stock
commercial banks, is also strictly in accordance with "Company
Law" and "Commercial Bank Law" to establish
norms joint-stock financial companies.

December 19, 2000, A shares of China Minsheng Bank (600016) listed on the
Shanghai Stock Exchange. March 18, 2003, China Minsheng Bank 4 billion of
convertible bonds traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange official. November 8, 2004,
China Minsheng Bank inter-bank bond market by successfully issued 5.8 billion yuan
subordinated bonds, to become China's first national inter-bank bond
market in the success of private commercial banks issue subordinated bonds. October
26, 2005, Minsheng Bank successfully completed the share reform, became the first
to complete share reform of commercial banks, the share of China's capital
market reform and a success.

As of June 30, 2008, China Minsheng Bank total assets amounted to 1.0622 trillion
yuan, net profit of 6.046 billion yuan, 760.404 billion yuan, total deposits, loans
(including discount) 612.051 billion yuan, non-performing loan ratio 1.21%, to
maintain domestic advanced level.

As of June 30, 2008, China Minsheng Bank in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,
Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dalian, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing,
Xi'an, Fuzhou, Jinan, Ningbo, Chengdu, Tianjin, Kunming, Suzhou,
Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou set up 24 branches in Shantou set
up a branch directly, set up a Hong Kong representative office, the total number of
bodies to reach 346.

Minsheng Bank's rapid development in the country by the public and
industry attention and recognition. 2004, "China's most viable
enterprises" Award, Minsheng Bank ranked 18th position, won the
"2004 China's most vigorous hundred enterprises";
2005 Top 500 Chinese enterprises, the Minsheng Bank ranked 22; in the
"2005 Financial Entities" selected activities, the Minsheng Bank
won the "Best Internet Bank 2005" title; in the "2006
Top 100 Listed Companies," ranked first, and in the market, social
contributions ranked first among the two sub-list; in November 2007, Minsheng Bank
was the first financial and monetary brand value in 2007 top ten list of banks is also
named "21st Century Business Herald" and other institutions
named "Best Trade Finance Bank Award "; in December 2007,
Minsheng       Bank"        extraordinary    financial    management
"business," China Banking Sector Innovation Excellence Award
"and" Best Personal Finance Banking brand in China
"; in April 2008, won the Fourth China Minsheng Bank Board of Directors
of Listed Companies "Golden Round Table Award."

In addition, China Minsheng Bank, and is also enjoying increasing popularity. In 2005,
the world's        authoritative financial magazine          - the UK,
"Banker" magazine published in Asia 200 top banks in terms of
total assets, the bank ranked 28th. In the American financial magazine
"Forbes" named the "2006 China top ten list top
companies", the Minsheng Bank ranked seventh. December 2007,
Minsheng Bank won the "Forbes" issued by the third
"Asia-Pacific region's largest listed companies 50"
award. In the "2008 China Commercial Bank Competitiveness
Report" core competence Minsheng Bank ranked 6 in the process of
corporate governance and individual evaluation of the two banks ranked first.

10 years, China Minsheng Bank staff carries a thankful heart, keep back the
community. October 2005, Minsheng Bank of China Foundation for Poverty
Alleviation organized to participate in the "poverty line of large-scale
public events in China," while 31 million yuan donation a
"people's         livelihood,     education,    poverty     alleviation
fund," so far this donation as the largest private enterprises in public
donations; in 2006, Minsheng Bank financed 14.5 million yuan for poverty-stricken
counties in the Central TV Free broadcast TV advertising, national audience to its
local products, natural and cultural landscape. In 2006, China Minsheng Bank won
the "poverty line in China 2005 Award" and
"China's most respected enterprises" survey of
corporate social responsibility, and China 100 Outstanding Business Awards; in
March 2007, won the 2006 "China Charity Award" Award
nominations; 2008, won the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation awarded the
"2007 Special Award for the year poverty line in China."
October 2007, China Minsheng Bank, through the SAI's SA8000 system
issued by international organizations, certification (ie corporate social responsibility
management system), became the first financial certification by the commercial

Honorary Chairman Jing Shuping
Born in 1918, graduated from Shanghai St. John's University in 1939.
Former vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, China International Trust and
Investment Corporation Vice President, General Manager of Real Estate Department;
National Foreign Affairs Commission, Foreign Trade freelance consultant, President
of the National Federation of Industry.
Dong Wenbiao Chairman
Born in 1957, master, senior economist.
Served as associate dean of financial management in Henan, Zhengzhou Branch Bank
of Communications president and Party secretary of the Bank of Communications
Director, Hai Tong Securities Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chief Executive. February 1996
has served as our Vice President, served as director of China Minsheng Bank,
president and party secretary.
Vice Chairman Zhang Hongwei
Born in 1954, Master, Senior Economist.
Orient Group is currently Chairman of the Board and President, Eastern Group Co.,
Ltd., Kam Kong Group Co., Ltd., the CPPCC National Committee members, the
National Federation of Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee of China Youth
Federation, vice president of Heilongjiang Provincial Federation of Industry.
Vice President Lu Zhiqiang
Born in 1952, Master of Economics, Research Fellow.
The current chairman of Asia Standard Group Limited; China Holdings Limited and
Chairman of Asia Standard; Guangcai Investment Group Ltd; Asia Standard
Construction Group Co., Ltd.; the CPPCC National Committee members; China
Federation of Industry, vice chairman of China Guangcai Association Vice President.

             Board of Directors.
Hang Wang, Yu-Gui Wang, Shi Yuzhu, Xing Jijun, Chen, Victor Chan, Huang Xi,
Wang Songqi, Wang Lian Zhang,
Zhang Ke, Wu climbing, Gao Shangquan, Leong Kam Chun, Wang Tong Shi, Hong

Wu rosy Chief Financial Officer
Born 1959, Bachelor of Economics, economist.
Chief Financial Officer of the China Minsheng Bank, party committee members,
Discipline Inspection Commission. People for Education, former cadres; Senior Staff,
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Deputy Director of School Management;
China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Trust and Investment Corporation,
Beijing's vice president of securities business; vice president of China
Minsheng Bank Ministry of Personnel, Office of the Director and Party Committee
Office, Head Office, General Manager, Party Committee Propaganda Department,
Party Committee secretary.
YANGLING Secretary of the Board
Born in 1972, Harvard Kennedy School Master of Public Administration, Doctor of
Management. Former Executive Chairman of the All-China Students Federation,
Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province assistant deputy secretary of
the county, the Communist Youth League Central Committee General Office of the
Director of integrated, mission, assistant director of the Central Industrial
Development Center, China Minsheng Bank, deputy director of the office
headquarters. Vice President of the China Minsheng Bank, party committee members,
Secretary of the Board.