State of California Standard Agreement by tco17643


									                                                                                                CONTRACT NUMBER                             AM

                                                                                                2005200003                                  NO.

                                                                                                TAXPAYER FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER
THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this 1st day of July, 2005 in the State of California, by and between the Trustees
of the California State University, which is the State of California acting in a higher education capacity, through its duly
appointed and acting office, hereinafter called the University, and Airgas West, Inc hereinafter called the contractor.

WITNESSETH: That the contractor for and in consideration of the covenants, conditions, agreements and stipulations of the
University hereinafter expressed, does hereby agree to furnish to the University, its Foundation and Auxiliaries, services and
materials as follows:
                                                          CAMPUS CONTRACT
     Contractor agrees to provide Industrial Gasses to various departments at Cal Poly State University, San
     Luis Obispo, in accordance with their response to Invitation For Bid SW04-01. In the event of a conflict
     between documents, the following order of precedence shall apply:
                          Exhibit A – General Provisions
                          Exhibit B – Insurance Requirements
                          Exhibit C –Contractor Price Schedule
                          Exhibit D – Campus Contract Instructions for Use
     The term of this agreement shall be from 7/1/05 to 6/30/08 and may be extended for an additional two (2)
     one year options. All existing terms and conditions will apply.
     Contract Coordinator is to be Sarah J Worley (805) 756-5494
     The total value of this agreement shall be determined by the services required by the various campus
     Prices shall remain fixed for the entire term of the agreement, including any optional renewal periods.
     Contractor is required to provide current insurance certificates prior to the expiration date of the insurance
     each year.
     Each party represents and warrants that execution and performance of this Agreement has received all
     necessary corporate approvals, and that its signatory is authorized to execute this Agreement and to bind
     it thereby.
     Payment shall be made in arrears of services and upon receipt by the University Accounts Payable Department of itemized
     invoices approved by an authorized department representative or designee.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this agreement has been executed by the parties hereto, upon the date first above written.

         TRUSTEES OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       CONTRACTOR
    UNIVERSITY                                                                                   CONTRACTOR
    Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407                                          Airgas West, Inc
    BY (AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE)                                                                    BY (AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE)
    X                                                                                            X
    PRINTED NAME OF PERSON SIGNING                                                               PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING
     Greg Melnyk                                                                                 David Erbstoesser
    TITLE                                                                                        ADDRESS
     Purchasing Manager, C&PS                                                                     205 Tank Farm Rd San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401
    $0                                      Industrial Gasses                                               General Funds
    CONTACT                                Campus Contract
    TOTAL AMOUNT ENCUMBERED TO DATE        ITEM                                             CHAPTER         STATUTE       FISCAL YEAR
                                                                                                            2005           2005-2006
                                           OBJECT OF EXPENDITURE (CODE AND TITLE)
                                              660003/AD205/126500/CU001                                                SJW
    I hereby certify upon my own personal knowledge that budgeted funds are available for   T.B.A. NO.      B.R. NO.
    the period of the expenditure stated above.
    SIGNATURE OF ACCOUNTING OFFICER                                                                      DATE
              Contractor                 State Agency             Accounting                       Controller                        Department

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