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					China consulting, planning industry, yesterday, today and tomorrow
China consulting, planning industry, yesterday, today and tomorrow
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I. Introduction: Background of the International Advisory and Planning industry in
China shuffle
A few years ago in China, internationalization is one of the most frequent keywords.
Because in the past few years, the CPC Sixteenth Congress, Shanghai World Expo
application success, Beijing's successful Olympic bid, APEC, WTO
accession and a series of events, greatly accelerated the process of internationalization
of China. But after a short period of adaptation, the international rules of the game
beginning to become a dominant force in the industry reshuffle, and values. Including
China, including consulting and planning industry, all require under the new map of
international re-examine and location, whether the initiative to meet the challenge is
the impact of passive acceptance, change is only the same laws. To this end, we need
to consult the Chinese concept of business planning, history, meaning, function,
location, integration, such as panoramic forward-looking perspective in order to
understand the environment for their development.
Second,        the       concept:        "consultation"            and
"planning" of the similarities
Western usual "consultation", the Oriental practice known as
"planning",              the         Japanese         often         use
"planning", and we often make the same change of these two
concepts.           Then,            "consultation"                and
"planning" in the end what similarities and differences?
Western will provide information and intelligence consulting services in the industry
Chen Wei, Qi as Zhi Ye and Xue Ke, Yi Hou in the 20 century, 50 years development
has been greatly now that we are Xueli solid, Fanchouqingxi, Xingyeguifan accurate,
industry Zuzhi improve the Scientific and professional.
Eastern has used to use "plan," "planning"
concept "plan" is the emergence of China began in the Han
Dynasty, Han Liu An's "Huainan Honglie Chamber"
in the "arrange the Beginning and Ending * also" Southern
"Later Han Wei Xiao Chuan" in the "fame is the
final     application,     making        paintings      restored."        which
"arrange", "masterminded" by the
"planning" synonymous. Under the December 1988 version of
"Chinese Dictionary", in October 1978 version of
"Chinese Dictionary", August 1980 version of "Ci
Hai" meaning a total of 51 entries in the interpretation of the meaning of
the most fundamental is the "ideas and suggestions", meaning
close to in English "Plan", "Plot",
"engineer". Harvard Management Series Editorial Board is
defined as: "Planning is a process, it is a kind of rational behavior using
brain power." "Plan is to identify the causal relationship
between things, the future value degree can be taken as a means of present a basis for
decision-making, that is pre-determined plan to do what, when done, how to do, who
do. "
Thus, "consultation" and "planning" are
wisdom and information services, have certain procedures and norms, its connotation
and extension is basically the same, therefore, in China, many people mix
"consultation" and "planning" concept
does not cause illness.
However, if a comparison between the "consultation" and
"planning" generally there are three differences:
1, inclusive different. "Planning" than the concept of
"consultation" big, you can set up internal planning department,
but can not set up advisory bodies within the enterprise. Consultation must be the
main decision-making and decision-making actors proposed separation, the separation
plan may also be unity. Can even be said that systems thinking and purposeful action
can be understood as planning and consultation must be commissioned to provide
policy recommendations, advice is only a part of planning;
2, different orientation. "Consultation" tend to professional,
"plan"             focuses       on      its        strategy     of.
"Consultation" in the West has been produced with a specific
career     and    developed,      and    their   career   tend     to     doubt,  and
"planning" may be a career, it may be a simple act, the
emphasis is contrary to the strategy of blind behavior;
3, operating mechanism. "Consultation" is a charge of making
recommendations commission acts, in essence, is a commercial and
market-orientation behavior. The "plan" is likely to charge fees
may not be the wisdom of the activities. Social organization such as the planning
department, they are engaged in intelligence activities of all the work, but does not
directly charge, operating system functions belonging to an organization's
daily operation.
Understand          that        the         "planning"          and
"consultation" between the concept, it can be seen in the
Chinese standard of the industry's professional differences with the West,
"consultation" the concept of inclusive small and accurate
decision-making is entirely commission fees proposed Professional and the East
"plan" concept to emphasize that the strategy of, in professional
terms with the market seems vague and dubious, then the concept of packet size is too
large, as determined inconvenience. To this end, I propose in the future the industry
vocabulary or step by step with international practice as well, gradually
"consultation" as a professional vocabulary, and the
"planning" as a thinking strategy to be stressed.
III Review: China consulting and planning business in four stages
I think that, despite thinking and strategy planning as a symbiosis with the human
destruction, and consulting in the planned economy era have been there, like
engineering consulting, technical consulting. But the real meaning of the Chinese
consulting industry is planning 90 years in the twentieth century the economic
development needs of the Chinese market only when the right moment. Therefore, the
real planning of the Chinese consulting industry for 10 years until course passed.
Although the time period and with no significant cross, but I still according to its
nature, the history of China's advisory planning industry is divided into
four stages.
1, "selling ideas": "point"-like plan
September 1, 1992, "People's Daily" published the
first edition of "Ho Yang selling child * 401 000 a good idea is a hot
item," the sensational reports, consulting and planning demonstrate the
essential characteristics of profit. Since then, the "Economic
Times", "Guangming Daily", "China
Youth Daily", "Wen Wei Po" and hundreds of
national news media coverage, where Yang has been called the "King of
ideas." With its best-selling book, "Ho Yang's
idea," and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala broadcast Feng Gong, cattle
co-wrote the comic dialogue "ideas company", a time He Yang,
ideas, planning and other terms fry up, He Yang, etc. people into a "selling
point" for employment.
For this phenomenon, we should conduct a comprehensive, objective, rational
evaluation. Although the party was in prison for fraud, but the knowledge has a price,
planning to become a career these two basic idea is correct, He Yang forward in the
planning process of professionalization is denied.
Of course, planning is science, not magic, who is an expert and not gods plan, plan is
the system science and can not be reduced to "ideas", even the
role of planning can not be deified as the "Midas touch." This
regard, He Yang a second part of the book "points all over
China," to fully reveal their understanding of bias and lack of professional
"Points" like the emergence of planning, on the one hand
reflects the twentieth century, 90 competition fierce as to produce a strong market
demand for countermeasures; the other hand, reflects the start-up business planning,
marketing, enterprises Poxian immature, "styled" mentality
2, "press speculation": "Line"-like plan
Whether "Zhengzhou Asia" or "Shunde Country
Garden", from the news hype perspective, are planning for success, one
can not very well developed city in Central China as a commercial speculation the
country is known, one can county-level city in real estate speculation that people
would want to emulate, their plan is clearly better than "ideas"
such as small strokes and surgery, this image by a series of news packaging and
promotion of the planning form is the "line" like planning
"Line"-like plan fully reflects the planning process and
procedure, based on their market requirements of business-planning technique is not
just a gesture of "ideas" but a "combination
punches", can produce persistent impact and to promote the upgrading of
enterprise performance. Of course, "press speculation" also
reflects a significant entrepreneurial mind impetuous side, successful, relatively easy
overnight success, after all, is also quite attractive.
And "point" like the same plan, the planner is speculation since
news of the master, of course, fried items are fried own both. So one has a packaging
and hype his "Autobiography" or "gunmen
type" glorifying, praising and even deify the planning of the works
appeared compete. Objectively speaking, these works further spread of the planning
knowledge of the value of publicity promoting the plan, has its unique value,
especially for China's rapid emergence of the "planning
hot" contributed to the severity. Of course, an exaggeration, nauseating
frivolous been touted for superficial grandi

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