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China Conservatory of Music Guzheng teacher introduced the famous by fdjerue7eeu


									China Conservatory of Music Guzheng teacher introduced the famous
China Conservatory of Music Guzheng teacher introduced the famous
Lin Ling-known contemporary Chinese zheng soloist, associate professor of Chinese
music. Early years he studied under famous Chaozhou zheng Yang Xiuming, in 1977
admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music in 1981 into the China Conservatory of
Music, where he studied under CAO, Qiu Dacheng, Professor Li Wanfen and Zheng
of China and other famous items of Sri Lanka. In 1985 graduated with honors and was
elected as the first history of Chinese education graduate without examination of the
zheng, 1987 with papers "On the art of Chaozhou zheng," a
master degree.
      As artists group and a member of the Chinese plucked string orchestra, and her
footprints all over the world, has visited Austria, Japan, Canada, the Philippines, the
United States, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions have been
highly praised. 1995 held in Taiwan, solo concert, reflecting the waves, by local
critics as "Ling-inspired playing rich, exquisite elegance, the perfect
technology and the exciting music and memorable."
      ?Lin Ling repertoire, with a deep traditional knowledge, but also continuously
updated to a deeper exploration of art in the field, many with contemporary music
such as "Mountain Charm", "Dialect,"
"Guizhou Fu", "scenario chapters" , Deng
Jun from her hand, to this ancient musical instrument zither brought to a new Realm.
Over the years she was more than radio, television, record companies produced a
large number of audio and video programs, and published a multi-album recording in
1993 with the Central Symphony Orchestra's "Dance of
Tang," "Sad River Head" and "Spring in
Liangshan" to be more expressive zheng music on its head.
      She taught 10 years, she's impressive, more than the students, many in
the country by Zheng match first, second, third prize; some institutions has become a
music teacher Zheng. In addition to teaching and performances, Lin Ling also serves
as the China Conservatory of Music Guzheng Grading Test materials editor, Zheng
China Nationalities Orchestra Society and other teaching materials editorial staff.

Wang Zhongshan, China's contemporary famous zheng player. Was born in
Nanyang, Henan Province, Mongolian. Began studying koto, has been more than a
dozen civil Cheng family guidance, then he studied under the artist Mr. Zhao Manqin
Zheng. 1986, Wang Zhongshan difficult technique to perform a new "big
tiger mountain" and "Red Sun Jinggangshan" and
koto music, hit the first of China Guzheng academic exchange. Entered the China
Conservatory of Music, he studied under Professor Li Wanfen zheng educator. Won
the "International Chinese Folk Instrumental Solo Competition,"
Zheng first.
     In Guzheng performance, Mr. Wang Zhongshan has a distinct personality. His
music is insightful, gentle and beautiful music, good music using emotional language
rational thinking. He shrugs of playing skills, free and easy performance style is
elegant look askance.
     Wang Zhongshan is taught at the China Conservatory of Music, and a visiting
professor at more than art schools, the current secretary-general of the Chinese
Musicians Association, Guzheng, Gu Zheng Chinese Folk Orchestra Society,
Professional Committee of the Secretary-General, executive director of the Chinese
Folk Orchestra Society, the Chinese Musicians Association.
     ?Playing techniques on the zither, he has many new ideas and put into practice,
as in 1986, "The First Chinese Guzheng academic exchanges",
his pioneering use of the wheel refers to techniques, pioneered the use of his left hand
in Day 4 meaning a form of play; development and the development of a
multi-fingered left hand shake and roll means so that Zheng a new look. Currently,
these new forms of performing arts institutions in more than China's Zheng
profession has been promoting.
     ?In Zheng creation, he has published "Wang Zhongshan Guzheng
Music Collection", "Zheng Grading Test Pieces"
(co-author), created or adapted a number of zheng solo, ensemble, ensemble work, he
has written many articles, and distribute the album more than playing.
     Apart from teaching, he also participated in various large-scale performances,
and many TV soundtracks, has visited Southeast Asia and Europe. Of Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Macau and Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Shenyang, Urumqi, Dalian,
Qingdao, Changde City, Xiangfan, East Port, Tatung and other invited, he has held
dozens of solo concerts and academic seminars, and vigorously promote the Zheng
     For his artistic achievements, the People's Daily, Guangming Daily,
Beijing Evening News, music, and so given weekly interviews and presentations.
China Central Television, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing
TV and other publicity media has repeatedly broadcast his creative performance of
"sea mountain", "Yunlin Poem" and other
songs, and made presentations. His artistic life has been elected to the
"essence of Chinese music", "Dictionary of
Contemporary Chinese music celebrities."
Mr. Wang Zhongshan hailed as the most influential Chinese contemporary artists
Zheng, Chinese zither player so far to maintain the highest record solo concert
Qiu Ji: Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Zither player. Zheng master's degree in
education. Teaches at the China Conservatory of Music Department. By 1993,
"commemorating the centennial of the birth of Bing," National
Instruments National Invitational Zheng first prize. By the Ministry of Culture in
1995, "Oriental Cup" National Youth Competition first prize
Zheng. 1998, for the first time held in Beijing Concert Hall solo concert
"to commemorate Mr. Qiu Dacheng", in Chengdu, Taiyuan,
Shijiazhuang, Hangzhou and Shenyang to host a number of solo recitals concerts.
Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore, France's cities, according to Lisa White
UK Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam and other world-famous music hall
performances of classical and modern koto music works. By the foreign media
praised as "the perfect combination of technology and the arts."
As "academic" representatives, Qiu Ji not only a large number
of premieres of new works and explore new techniques have made outstanding
contributions to folk music in the world environment, she also participated in the
German world music band composed of musicians - Five Elements. In opening up the
rhythm and improvisation Zheng has done so good and try to explore. July 2003 in
Nuremberg, Germany and Sri Lanka held a special concert moved Vigna. Held in
October for the first time in Fuzhou domestic concert. 2004, the five elements of
Chinese music as the only one playing the band invited to participate in the German
WOMEX World Music Festival, received widespread attention in world music circles.
Emotional and financial skills Qiu Ji cast the soul of the music. Traditional and
modern, East and West of integration makes Qiu Ji playing enrichment and ethereal,
since      1997      published     the     "Guizhou         Fu",
"Dialect", "Autumn said," and album of
40 pieces. Published "On the evolution and classification techniques
zheng" "Ethical Functions, dharmas normalized, On the
fundamental performance Zheng shape" and other papers. ---- Chiu added,
"Five      Elements    band    world,"       the    official  site

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