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Child Accident Prevention and Treatment


									Child Accident Prevention and Treatment
   ?"Guidelines         for    Kindergarten       Education      (for     trial
implementation)" clearly states: "Kindergarten children must be
the protection of life and the promotion of child health on the work first."
Characteristics of children because of their age, physical and mental development are
the primary level is relatively weak, and strong needs and activities of indifference
and low self-protection self-protection awareness of the contradiction between ability,
resulting in young children are vulnerable to accidental injury victims. According to a
survey have shown that the cause of death in 26% of the injuries from the accident,
accident has become the number one killer of children. How to prevent and deal with
children's accidental injury for the family, educational institutions, social
issues of common concern. Kindergarten children living as a collective learning
nursing institutions, early childhood accident-prone accident-prone places, therefore,
need to have attracted strong attention. Now I park my work practice in light of the
concrete to talk about.

    First, the prevention of children accidents
       1. To enhance the safety knowledge and skills of teachers
   Teaching staff for security purposes, to enhance the training of safety knowledge
and skills is necessary: First, the security awareness training faculty, foster their sense
of responsibility, and always do caring people, to discover and deal with insecurity.
Second is to ask the faculty to understand the rules and regulations of safety
management kindergartens, act in strict accordance with rules and regulations, not
arbitrary. Is to require faculty to master the three basic norms for safe operation,
master case of accident scene approach, so that failing to chaos, should know how to.
   2. Often flat space, do not pit, no brick, no loosening, no water, no protruding
objects, etc., in time affect the child care activities in the courtyard cleared of
obstructions, at any time check the availability of a large toy screw loose, exposed
metal, pedal cracks rope breaking down, etc. insecurity.
   3. Always check the safety of children whether or not carrying dangerous goods
impede such as sharp weapon, lighter, glass balls and other dangerous materials, and
often common sense safety education for young children to raise awareness of
children's own safety.
   4. When children go out organization, to develop detailed and thorough program of
activities to experience an accident call 110 immediately when telephone.
   5. Teachers in child care activities in the organization carefully before counting the
people, and insisted on the children the necessary safety education to prevent young
children in activities when colliding with each other, pushing, fighting for slapstick
and other dangerous actions. Children pay attention to the road at any time to remind
the foot of security and should not be kicked kick bricks. After counting the number
of activities in time to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of children getting
   6. Drugs should be placed on young children's reach, medicine bag to
indicate the name and way of taking care, taking a detailed registry of reach of drugs
in order to avoid incorrect use of the personal injury accident.
   7. Strict system of child care transfer cards, no cards are not allowed to access the
park will be children, the abduction of young children to avoid the incident.
   8. The placement of various items to be appropriate, secure, without prejudice to
child care activities as a precondition.
   9. Safekeeping items are washed disinfected and set specific placement locations,
to avoid children eating incident.
   10. Without children to kitchen, water room, laundry room and other places, food
porridge soup hot to moderate, to avoid burn accidents.
   11. Kettle, soup bucket, etc. to be placed farther away from the
children's safety zone should not be placed on the window sill flower pots,
tanks and other items, to avoid accidentally to knock over children injured by the
incident happened.
   12. When the meals provided to prevent spread to slip children porridge soup.
Distribution of food for the children taking care not containing too full, can not pass
food from the children's head, to avoid scalding.
   13. Training children good eating routine, eat when not to speak to remind their
playing, laughing and slapstick, so as not to accidentally choke or food stuck to the
   14. PE and games before the venue to check whether the brick tile, tree branches
and ropes obstacles impede the child care activities. Check whether children wear
shoes dress neatly, to avoid the spread shoelace trip took place, knock injury
   To make clear the activities of child care requirements and rules of the game,
children should be within sight of teachers conduct activities to facilitate teachers to
observe the guidance. Campaign to observe children at any time with or without
abnormal performance, such as pale, sweating, looking trance, excessive pressure,
breathing difficulties, anxiety, depression, lack of energy and so on, and promptly take
the necessary measures and adjustment activity.
   15. Organization into large-scale toy site child care activities, to make clear the
activities of child care requirements and regulations, activities, teachers step up
inspections guide and push each other to stop children pulling drag, running slapstick,
to stop children jumping down from a height to avoid wrestling bumps event.
   16. To prevent young children from electrical shock, all the electrical outlets should
be installed in the children's reach and educate children not to pencil, a
stick, rubber and other objects into the socket holes to play.

   17. Do not let children play casually knives, scissors and other dangerous items,
such as activities require children to use scissors, to account for prior note, the
activities after the scissors back in time and place to a child's reach.
Second, the common accidents and the treatment
1. Bumps. In most cases, bumps his head, child physical development characteristics
as 4 years old children, 2-head one-fourth of the total body weight, the first significant
fall behind, the ground generally only a scratch, congestion, without nonintact, cold
compress can be quickly adopted the method, to prevent the skin to bleeding, to stop
the bleeding, swelling, pain purposes. Specific methods of operation are: a towel
wrapped in ice, popsicles, or dipped in cold water cold compress for 5-10 minutes, do
not rubbed mass, otherwise the greater the more kneading. Nonintact first
debridement and wound depth, generally nonintact treatment of superficial
debridement with saline, and then dressing the wound net (CTZ), so there is no
excitement, children will not fall after the panic, pain combined with drugs stimulated
more than crying.
2. Falls. Attention to early childhood trauma and child fall injury site response, if
found to fall after the children, loss of consciousness for some time, seconds, ten
seconds after a reaction, it should be noted observation, with or without vomiting,
lethargy and so on. Kindergarten In such cases care should be immediately sent to
hospital holding peace deal, observed a few hours, severe falls coma woke up every
hour observation care should be a wake-up child care or follow medical advice.
   3. Cuts: If less injury when the wound nor a foreign body, you can use the
Band-Aid; if metal, glass and other foreign matter, you need to clean up after the
foreign body wounds do disinfected. Serious bleeding cuts to timely wound dressing,
wound near the heart in the direction of other items fastened with a rope, and children
sent to hospital for treatment immediately. If the children's fingers were cut
off tool to protect the finger, the finger into the container together with the children
rushed to a hospital for treatment.
   4. Stab wounds: Clean the wound with disinfectant, and then clamp the thing down
the thorns piercing the direction of the stab grip pull out. If the material is too short or
have been thorns piercing the muscles of children, you can squeeze Tiaoba method to
clear the thorn, and finally with alcohol or iodine on the wound disinfected.
5. Fall, the body of a part of the ground, and can not immediately get up, the teacher
must understand the details of the ground location and time, do not pull or force
picked up the children, so he tried them, and to observe the injury site, such as leg ,
feet and other parts of fracture, children can not stand to walk, then teachers should
quickly organize other children, make a doctor or health board will be hard to find
child care up to the hospital where, otherwise, the child will affect the medical
treatment of displaced fractures.
6. Burn. Children dressed in winter are more opportunities to burn less, Xia Qiuchun
three quarters need to be aware to prevent burns. (1) boiling water poured Heat
Preservation in early summer, removable tops do not reclosable to maintain the water
temperature at 35 degrees -40 degrees can be. (2) burning the soup kitchen in summer,
porridge, milk, milk, boil it to air in advance, and then distributed to each class. (3)
your teachers for children to maintain good order before a meal, play relaxing music
to wait for dinner, children cultivate good habits. Teachers feel the food temperature
can be further distributed to child care, meals to the bowl containing two-thirds of
capacity can be, then please children eat lightly before the end of their own. In the
event of burns, do not panic, quickly took care of cold tap a few minutes before the
affected area with cold water, cooling treatment, wearing clothes, socks, use the
scissors cut, slowly exposing off, so as not to pull off the skin. And requested medical
care under the circumstances and then make a deal.
7. Oral, nasal, ear, vaginal foreign body treatment.
(1) Oral foreign body. Children meals are not perfect as the nervous system,
mediation system worse, without a good eating habit and order, and eat his speech,
slapstick, concentration, easy to fish bone, chicken bone stuck in the throat, etc.. After
this occurs, the teachers do not use for children to eat food that, or Hekou vinegar
forced to swallow, it will scratch the esophagus, causing other diseases. Teachers
should understand the situation carefully so that children look carefully opened his
mouth, or into the health center handled tweezers to remove the thorn stuck in the
(2) foreign body in trachea. Children will sometimes put small objects in his mouth
oral play, an inattentive or speech, sudden card to the trachea, the time, teachers
should be quickly brought down to children, children living with both hands raised leg,
tapping the back so that it cough, vomiting out. This is a very dangerous, sometimes
life-moment child care will be taken away. Side edge treatment should please
health-care doctor and rushed to a hospital.
(3) Children sometimes imitate other people nosebleeds Cypriot cotton phenomenon,
will be able to fill the paper ball, soybeans and other items into the nose, ears. The
little girl saw her mother on the toilet for sanitary napkins, she did not understand how
the matter, adults more dodge, more curious about her, but also pieces of paper copy
quartet built a small stuffed vagina. One of many examples, the discovery must be a
doctor in time, not be overlooked.
  8. Epistaxis. Common cause of nasal bleeding is trauma, such as of falls, violence,
etc. In addition, internal diseases such as leukemia, thrombocytopenia, and typhoid.
Treatment of nasal bleeding occurs, let the children take half supine or seat, do not
bow or backward position adopted. Figure out which side of the nose bleeding,
bleeding into the nasal cavity with sterilized cotton balls, and then clenched his hand
on both sides of the nose, so that children with mouth breathing, and a few minutes to
stop bleeding. Then there with a cold towel or ice pack on the towel in the forehead,
his feet were soaked in hot water, are beneficial to stop the bleeding. If not stop
bleeding after treatment, should be checked immediately to the hospital for treatment.
  ?9. Dislocation. Mostly occurs in children aged 2-3, the elbow in a straight position
when suddenly being forced upward pull and place, common adults pulling children
on stairs, cross the road, removing clothes. Injured limb can not elevation, can not
take anything, others refused to reverse his elbow In such cases, Nguyen must be
taken to hospital for treatment of a simple reset.
  ?10. Food poisoning: mild poisoning to young children in time to drink water, then
induce vomiting. Allow children to open his mouth, fingers can be used to stimulate
the children with a teaspoon of deep throat or mouth to the children and their tongue
Department slight compression force, causing an infant vomiting reflex to reduce the
toxins on the body stimulated.
    Severe poisoning while taking emetic rushed to hospital treatment, and children had
eaten the food and vomit in the sample keeping equipment in Rongqi save in order to
test and detoxification Tigongyiju hospital.
   11. Electric shock: shock that young children, we should immediately cut off the
power, and make emergency calls, the children placed into rehabilitation horizontal,
condition serious first aid to the scene immediately to take CPR or chest cardiac
compression method to assist the rescue.
   12. Drowning: Drowning is caught plenty of water for mouth cavity caused by
inhalation of respiratory asphyxiation. The water were rescued after falling into the
water, immediately remove their mouth, nose in the mud, weeds and vomit so as not
to fall into the trachea caused by suffocation. May squeeze its mouth shut on both
sides of the buccinator muscle and force open the jaws, release the belt she carried
water control. Ambulance will be prone shoulders of children, to those who shoulder
the abdomen close to the ambulance, head at the foot down, through the back and
forth, to the natural flow of water within the respiratory tract. Can make use of the
natural ground slope, so that Trendelenburg, out of the water control. Once when his
heart stopped breathing, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should be immediately and
closed chest cardiac compression.
 ?13. Children get lost: children mood has changed dramatically, sometimes to the
class with the teacher because the other children in the place unpleasant, or because
their parents did not say when the morning to park a good condition, delivered after
the class while the teacher do not pay attention, will return to to find Mom and Dad.
Activities in a day or a moment of play in the yard, out of curiosity away from the
gate. To educate the children know how to solve the problems your teacher for help,
the teacher is the children most trusted people: remember the parents names, home
addresses, work units, where their kindergarten. Children, whether in the classroom,
or in the hospital in the game, should always be among the teacher's
attention. A walk back to the classroom, the teacher should count the number of time
in order to discover the problem. With particular emphasis on the walk out to visit, to
be good at organization and management care, the two lined up holding hands, poor
child care and classes to be - dead children with good capacity development hand in
hand. It clear disciplinary requirements before departure, the purpose of teaching
requirements. General 40 2-3 teachers led children to leave the nursery. Go out to visit,
before walking, teachers must first understand the walking environment around the
built environment, design a good line, and then to organize child care to go out in
front of a teacher, a teacher bring up the rear, the pace not too fast, press and hold the
speed of the first row, and the number counted at any time. Teachers to guide children
and when children want to keep up interest in reactions. In short visit to the security
arrangements for the first out, can not be taken lightly.
14. Artificial respiration and closed chest cardiac massage: a, mouth to mouth
breathing: children will soon head back, Satisfy the lower jaw, so that airway,
attention glossocoma blocks the air passages to prevent the other hand and hold the
nose in children suffering from children during the last two gauze pads, mouth
inflatable, inflatable children's mouth close to the mouth, blowing
frequency of 14-22 beats / min. Note inflatable timely light, thorax can be slightly
undulating; b, closed chest cardiac massage: Let children sit, the roots of a palm on
the middle and lower sternum in children, moderate force, rhythm, and half of
oppression under the sternum connected to the rib cartilage. 60-100 times per minute,
such as the effect was not obvious, it can be slowed down. During external chest
compression should be to prevent excessive force or position caused by incorrect rib
fractures, liver rupture, or pericardial hemorrhage and so on.

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