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									Information Technology Services Division Committee
                                                                                  Last updated: 7 December, 2009
                                                                            Next scheduled review: February, 2010

The aim for, the enterprise portal, is to be a "one stop shop" for each student and staff
member of the Monash community; a personalised and customisable, usable and accessible online
resource. The user's role within Monash and the time of the academic year combine to ensure that presents each user with a range of personalised and relevant information and single
sign on access to useful services.
A series of Guiding Principles (see
has been developed to ensure that the manner of development aligns with this vision.

Terms of reference
The Terms of Reference of the portal Committee are to:
    1. formulate, monitor and review the strategic plans and policies of the portal to
       ensure that it;
        a.     is aligned to the strategic and operational directions of the University and is
               positioned to facilitate these directions; and,
        b.     has sufficient and early engagement with proposed new business/ enterprise
               solutions in other areas.
    2. provide comment and advice on various aspects of
    3. collaborate with and promote to stakeholders to ensure that is embedded as
       the ‘channel of choice’ and to maximize the benefits to students and staff of the University.
    4. recommend policy and strategic directions to bodies, groups or committees as appropriate.

Membership of the Committee includes representation from the faculties and the overarching
portfolios represented by the portal.
The role of each member is to represent their faculty or portfolio’s perspective in discussion and to
engage discussion within their portfolio on the issues raised so that communication between the
committee and each community is effective.
The Information Technology Services Division, as service provider, is also represented.
Membership is as follows:

              Chair:    Ms Janette Burke, University Library

           Portfolio    Mr Gerard Toohey, Student Administration and Systems, Student and Community
    representative -    Services Division
                        Alternate: to be advised

           Portfolio    Ms Samantha Jacob; Health, Wellbeing and Development; Student and Community
    representative -    Services Division
                        Alternate: to be advised

           Portfolio    Associate Professor Len Webster, Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
    representative -
                        Alternate: to be advised

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                        eEducation Centre: to be advised

          Portfolio     Ms Janette Burke, University Library
   representative -
                        Alternate: Ms Stephanie Foott, University Library

          Portfolio     Mr David Saint, Information Technology Services Division
   representative -
                        Mr Neil Clarke, Information Technology Services Division
                        Alternate: Mr Michael Murphy, Research Office

          Portfolio     Dr Tangerine Holt, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)
   representative -
                        Alternate: Erica Tippett

          Portfolio     To be advised
   representative -

           Faculty      Mr Patrick Tan, Faculty of Art and Design
                        Mr David Albon, Faculty of Business and Economics
     (on 12 monthly
                        Mr Gerard Schnabl, Faculty of Education
                        Dr George Kotsanas, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
                        Ms Deb Horne, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
                        Faculty of Information Technology: to be advised
                        Faculty of Law: to be advised
                        Faculty of Arts: to be advised

 Service provider -     Mr Jeremy Du Vé, Director - Applications Services, Information Technology Services
       Information      Division
                        Ms Lisa Marsh, Service Manager
 Services Division:
                        Alternate: Ms Desiree Joubert, Flexible Learning and Teaching Program, Information
                        Technology Services Division

         Committee      Ms Desiree Joubert, Flexible Learning and Teaching Program, Information Technology
          secretary:    Services Division

Meeting frequency
It is proposed that the portal Committee meet 4 times per year at the instigation of the
Meetings will be notified to members in advance.

Please refer any questions about these Terms of Reference to the Committee chair, Ms Janette

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