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									Character of the Chinese provincial
   As the saying goes: one person one soil, the Chinese nation in the long-term
reproductive process, human personality has also created a large degree of regional
differences. Marxism holds that people are social beings, the main character traits are
learned, was created by the social environment. But we can not deny that innate
genetic influences, physical environment also plays an important role in affect. Taken
together, form a Chinese character in the geographical differences. Judgments in this
province do not intend to somewhere people do not want a piecemeal and wants to be
accepted by most people. After all, "compared to Orange Orange Health
Huainan, Huaibei was trifoliate Health", good people and bad everywhere,
more or acquired factors play a decisive role, so this is just trying to sum a number of
1. Beijinger: Beijing is the leading city, Beijingers knowledgeable, well received by
the official culture influence, the Eight Banners were also committed to the children
of the wind over bath, lazy, many Beijingers prefer to receive subsistence allowances
are not willing to go out at home, work, considerable people rely on ancestors left
behind a large courtyard houses demolition compensation and appreciation; Beijing
officials have mostly to do business, rely on policies to eat.
Peking Man lived a leisurely life in general, is the country's most pampered
people. The proportion of fat people in Beijing the country the most ways it failed a
lot of people. Because of good nutrition, good care, Peking Man, the average height
over the northeast, ranking first in the country.
Beijing's dirty, Lei Huo basic by outsiders to do, outsiders once they leave
Beijing, Beijing would immediately paralyzed. The next generation of Peking Man
Wan Ku children very much sophistication. Beijingers can last as long as want to go
to university, Tsinghua University, Beijing University has a special care in Beijing, the
government after graduation, the company is the priority.
Beijing is full of officials, riding three of the Father's also bullish,
someone's not many people in the DPRK? "Less than a small
Beijing officials do not know." Beijing accounts are very rare, Beijingers
are also exclusive, always feel that he is a "central" and that
Beijing denounced outsiders as "old hat" (actually many of
them are foreigners and later became exclusive Peking Man), Beijing police on
outsiders is extra "care", outsiders will check with the Peking
Man trouble with temporary residence permits.
But Beijing's inclusion is good (of course not, and Shenzhen ratio), in 2006
there are 170,000 pairs of boys and girls outside the Beijing marry marrying, marriage
is relatively easy to find a Peking Man, of course, only, and Shanghai, Guangzhou
ratio. Parents tend to be more open in Beijing, Beijing, boys generally family filial
piety, courtesy, outsiders are endless talk of "Beijing curse" is
indecent. Beijing girls are very open and highly individual.
Recruitment try not to move the company from Beijing, from Beijing to understand
everything that is to say capable, salesman than the boss has beef (for the financial
staff recruited from Beijing, character and reliable, get away). For employees of rights
awareness and Beijing too, is the insurance is subsidized, the cost is too high.
Beijingers glib, good fun of, Kanye forth in large numbers, known as
"Beijing sharper." Wang Shuo's novel, Feng
Xiaogang's film is a typical "Beijing Pi culture."
However, in terms of Peking Man in China in general be a high quality. Beijingers in
general good, the atmosphere, caring, sense of obligation, warm-hearted person.
Beijingers like meddling, especially concerned about national affairs, enjoy talking
about politics, gossip a lot.
Fortune in Beijing mainly outsiders, primarily government officials in Beijing are
foreign immigrants. National Cheng Kung University Peking Man While lazy difficult
one, but the poor mouth Peking Man, the artist.
With the policy of liberal, more and more indifferent account system, outsiders have
come to Beijing for jobs caused many Beijingers unemployment, great sense of loss.
Beijing's culture and finance, the official institutional culture, intellectual
culture and folk culture in a symbiotic state of modern culture and traditional culture
of peaceful coexistence, each holding a different tune, each playing their own
2, from Tianjin: Tianjin, and Beijing is difficult to imagine right close by, but the
dialect is very unique Li's Huai Army is said to bring the language variants.
Although Tianjin is also the municipalities, even with wages of laid-off city of
Shenyang, almost like Tianjin is easily forgotten and municipalities.
Tianjin hearty open-minded man of character, life loyalty, act decisively, it is easy to
make friends, but suspected of complacency complacency. Tianjin is also very
masculine character woman, a wife as friends, curse mouthful of running the train,
definitely not soft! As the saying goes: "sharper in Beijing, Wei mouth son,
Baoding House henchman (Wei Wei is Tianjin, Baoding traitor when war
over)." However, there should be a good number of friends in Tianjin.
From Tianjin nature of humor, so there is a sense of humor "Goubuli
buns," "Er Duoyan fried cake" and "18
Street, cannabis", in addition to Ma Sanli's "teasing
Is not developed in Tianjin, Beijing, suck all the surrounding areas, and Beijing has
never blackout, to Ting Jiuting Tianjin, Hebei. Many multinational companies
headquartered in Beijing, yet the factory located in Tianjin.
From Tianjin to the Peking Man has never been convinced, in the presence of Beijing
from Tianjin said that ill for sure want to hear. The football team met with the two
certainly Sike!
Tianjin Northern unique architecture and snacks. Tianjin relatively thick atmosphere
of the traditional culture, folk artists and more. This place is not suitable to settle in
Tianjin, very salty water, dust storms is not less than Beijing, but the central
newspapers bother to report!
3, Hebei person: Zhao many of her Feelings people in ancient times. Hebei honest and
having peace of mind of people would rather do a foil leaves Beijing for the Beijing
power outages, pollution, wind and sand, and burst protection in Beijing, capital of
prosperous brocade crown cap clouds, out of the capital actually is poverty in rural
areas of Hebei mud house.
Stimulating the development of the Yangtze River Delta Shanghai, Beijing has
drained the water in North China Plain. Hebei is a large vegetable garden in Beijing,
many people in Hebei to Beijing to see the door, a street vendor selling vegetables,
often urban management and bullying. Cui Yingjie rage killing farmers under city
management, the courts fear intensify social contradictions, first time only imposed
the death with reprieve.
Hebei government officials are traitors tradition, accustomed to watching Beijing
glance pitch with the people, everything the Beijing. During the Olympics, Hebei
guard in some areas, than Beijing over, the public toilets, to vegetable market actually
have to check ID cards.
Everyone likes a lot of Hebei, Beijing University, then they learn Four Unlikeness.
Hebei plain good girl, a very suitable wife and mother; Hebei men loyal to the simple,
hard-working. Many of the foreigners working in Beijing, Hebei, are the envy of
people: you can go home the day, and road tolls, but tens of dollars.
Hebei various regional dialects differ greatly from what actually Jizhou other places
than the Cantonese dialect is also difficult to understand, Tangshan, then north, then
mildly sweet Zhang, Qinhuangdao, Chengde, northeast and other places close to say
4, Shanxi: Shanxi culture heavy, but the dregs in the majority. "Square face,
angular, short, big nose," is a typical image of Shanxi. Shanxi honest part,
loyal and reliable, like step by step. But the mind is not flexible enough, stupid
stubborn, cautious and fearful of Shanxi style, gone.
Shanxi much less, poor soil, industrial backwardness, outdated ideas, but for mine I
wonder if there are more poor. However, although Shanxi poor, the rich are many,
many of the miners is, the bones of the kiln workers in return. Regal group had a
collective purchase of house in Beijing, though well-dressed but could not escape the
upstart's ugly, was Peking Man laughed about that.
Coal city of Linfen known, been the foreign media as the world's dirtiest
city. Taiyuan, Datong most air suspensions is cinder. Very difficult to find a beautiful
full Shanxi place to, either the compound or a temple.
Shanxi government officials are very stupid, like put on airs, the official big one
people crushed to death, the government as bureaucratic. Shanxi is a very reliable and
cheap and although the men, saying that people in Shanxi, "ninety
nine", shows the mean degree of Shanxi is extraordinary.
Shanxi wear "rustic" substandard fashion, food is simple,
separated from pasta and sauces are limited, can not eat anything from vinegar.
Although the kind of Shanxi woman can live, so my wife is a bit of soil.
Merchants have a moment of glory, "Land of Wealth", which
stress "returning to their roots", their headquarters in Pingyao,
Taigu, Qixian, Yuci these small places, of course, no development.
5, Inner Mongolia, people: Here is the main talking films, four Union stresses the east
northeast of Chifeng, then people usually claim to the Northeast. The so-called
autonomous region is to safeguard national unity and put together, is now the majority
of Han Chinese.
Mongolian stout stout body, wide voluminous ears, eyes, God, prominent cheekbones,
hair rolled up, your voice loud, arm strength and cunning mighty sturdy, a bold
courage of the model. But the Mongols simple mind, good heart, man, honest,
forthright character, Ganaiganhen, little crooked door evil thoughts, bold and big
drinker Needless to say, many people have finished the Mongolian.
Neimeng Xi Han film more like the Northwest, although known as North China,
Northwest Voice is the taste of the Han Chinese in Inner Mongolia is also the honest
part, conservative, do not line pipe business, Baotou, Hohhot mainly Han Chinese
immigrants, no culture.

6, Northeast (including eastern Inner Mongolia, four leagues, city): The reason
together, said because of the language of the region very close to the customs.
Northeast ancient minority of wild grazing land, the history of minorities in the
Central Plains conquest basically Originated from the Northeast. Today Han mainly
northeast of Shandong, Hebei, descendants of immigrants. Northeast Central Plains
region had been exiled to the land of sinners, rob and kill fugitive's
paradise, after half a century on a clear, Russia, Japan, warlords, the Republic of
China, Chinese Communist rule, long-term lawlessness. With Manchu, Mongolian,
Korean fusion, cold climate, vast land, forming a unique culture of the Northeast.
Northeast is the nation's largest regional genetic differences (genetics that
the genetic differences between the more outstanding the greater of the race).
Liaoning Shenyang and Tianjin Campaign campaign is basically playing by the
Northeast people, the arrival of a campaign of fieldwork after the Lin Biao led the
way hitting Hainan Island from the northeast, the Northeast can be said that the
founder of the Republic, northeast of people with strong Jiangong, career, fame heart
China's industrial northeast has the most developed regions, known as
"the eldest son of the Republic." Until today, the national per
capita is still the highest in the level of education and transport the most developed
regions, but also off the Northeast today the largest number of areas.
The Northeast are mostly small business operators and small rich and safe, not lofty
ideals and aspirations, can be described as "battle-bold, business
timid." Traces of the Northeast in recent years quite talented people, rich
richest standings the following number has a lot of Zhang Yin, the DPRK also has
"the Northeast to help itself."
Among the advantages and disadvantages of China's northeast are the most
distinctive character: the endoplasmic fortitude, looks tough, loud voice is not stage
fright. But some people are ignorant and blind Northeast arrogant.
Northeast character who gives the impression that forthright, bold and sometimes too
difficult to accept. Northeast warm and hot people, courageous, sense of obligation
and not heavily on the law, making friends easily, often said: "Do not
mention money, raise money, feelings on the back to the topic." Northeast
were belligerent, rampant thieves dare not go to the country's north-east of
Xinjiang. Northeast casual and insolent character who, due to conservation of the
gentle breath.
Most of the Northeast people are v

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