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									Certification Daquan
Such as: CE certification, UL certification, CCC certification, CB Certification, E
certification, GS certification, VDE certification;

Germany Certification:
Germany GS (Germany safety) certification security certification mark;
German VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) Electric Engineers Association
Standard Certification:
German TUV (TUV Rheinland Group) Certified Rhine;
Germany VDA6 certification;

American Certification:
United States CUL (Canadian underwriter laboratory) (equivalent to UL Canada
U.S. NRTL (National recognized Testing Lab) nationally recognized laboratory
American UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety testing laboratory accreditation;
U.S. EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) certified the Environmental
Protection Agency;
U.S. CIPN (Certificated International Professional Negotiat Negotiant) registered
teacher certification in international negotiations
U.S. ETL (ETL Testing Laboratories Inc) Test Laboratories Certification;
U.S. Energy Star Energy Star certified;
American UC certification;
U.S. FCC (Federation Communication Certification) Federal Communications
Commission Communication Certification / EMC certification;
U.S. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Society of Mechanical
Engineers certification;
U.S. ANS standard certification;
U.S. BACL (Bay Area Compliance Laboratory Corp) times the Division testing and
certification laboratories;
American SEI (Safety Protection Equipment Institute) certification;
CPSC U.S. Consumer Association certification;
North America NEBC certification;
U.S. ASTM certification;
North America ENTELA Certification (ENgineering TEsting LAboratory);
U.S. SNELL certification;
U.S. CQ & R certification;
U.S. DTCMC (Discreet Training Center Management Center);
U.S. Motor Vehicle Engineers SAE certification;
PCM U.S. company certification;

Japan Certification:
Japan PSE product safety certification;
Japanese T-MARK government mandatory certification;
Japan JATE electrical communication terminal product review Association
Japanese Voluntary Control Council for Interference VCCI EMC Certification;
Japan JIS (Japanese Industrial Sign) industry certification mark;
Japan JQA (Japan Quality Assurance) quality assurance certification;
Japan, S-MARK safety certification mark;
JET Japan Electrical supplies laboratory certification;
Japan VCCEI certification;
Japan JISC certification;
Japan VCC1 certification;
Japan VCC2 certification;
Japan RCJ certification;

Canada Certification:
Canada CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Standards Association certification;
Canada IC (Industry Canada) Ministry of Industry Certification;
QMI Canada Certification;
Canada's Corel certification;

Netherlands Certification:
Netherlands KAMA Branch code certification;

United Kingdom Certification:
British BS (British Standard) Standards Association certification;
UK UCL (University College London) University College London, certification;
British QEC Certification;
British LLOYD `S Lloyd's certification;
UK AMBA (Association of MBA) Master of Business Administration Association
UK MBA Master of Business Administration;
British OHSMS18000: Occupational Safety and Health and Safety Management
British OHS (other occupational health and safety standards);

Australia Certification:
Australia SAA safety certification;
Australian C-TICK electromagnetic Rongrong certification;
RCM Australian law meet the mark certification;

South Korea Certification:
Korea KTL Certification
South Korea KS certification;
South Korea KSA certification;
South Korea EK-Mark Certification;
Korean RRL certification;
Korea MIC certified information and communication equipment;

EU / European Certification:
EU Key-mark certification;
EU EMC EMC Certification;
CEV European Union certification;
EU GMP certification;
EU LVD (Low Voltage Differential) low-voltage electrical equipment certification;
EU CE European safety certification,;
EU EEC certification;
European PPE certification;
European ENEC standard electrical certification;
EU E-mark certification;
European EN71 Certification (toys);
Ergonomic logo European Ergonomics-Mark Certification;
European EN46000 management system certification;
Mark the four Nordic countries Nordic safety certification mark;
European ECE certification;
Europe and the United States automobile industry standard DOT;
EU car industry standard certification VDA6.1;
Conducted EMI electromagnetic interference EU certification;
EU EMC (Electro magnetic compatibility) (including EMI, EMS);
HAR certification in Europe;
European ENEN Certification;
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute certification;
European Foundation for Management Development EQUIS international quality
certification system, Business School, Europe's most stringent quality
certification system;
EU WEEE certification;
EU ROHS certification;
European ENS (European Norms, Ens) standard certification;

Italy Certification:
Italy IMQ Quality Mark Certification Institute;
Italy IG Certification;
Italy ETS / RTS certification;

Norway Certification:
Norway N-Norway certification;
Norway NEMKO Electrical Standards Association certification;
Norway DNV Certification;
Denmark Certification:
Denmark Demko Electrical Standards Association certification;

Finland Certification:
Finland Finland FIMKO Electrical Standards Association certification;
Finland CDCC certification;

Middle East Certificate:
Saudi Arabia SASO (Saudi Arabia Standard Organization) standards organization
Kuwait Industrial Authority PAI certification;
Saudi Arabia, GCC certification;
Saudi GEC certification;
Iran VOC certification;

China Certification:
China CCC certification;
CQC Voluntary Product Certification in China;
CCLC Beijing China Certification Center of Light;
CSC China Standard Certification Center;
CCIC Commodities Inspection Corporation of China;
China National Accreditation Board CNAB;
GSG China Compulsory Certification;
CEMC EMC Certification Center of China;
CAL China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission
Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate CNACL;
Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation CNAL;
CSQA China Classification Society Quality Assurance;
China GSP (Good Supplying Practice) certification;
China CEPREI certification;
China Audio Society A standard certification;

Russia Certification:

International Certification:
International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60968;
IEC 60969 certification;
International CETL certification;
International ITS certification;
International IEC International Electrotechnical Certification;
ISO9001: 2000 certification;
ISO9002 certification;
ISO9003 certification;
ISO17799/BS-779 information security certification;
ISO13485 certification;
ISO14000 Environmental System Certification;
ISO14001: 2004 Edition;
ISO14001: 1996 Edition;
ISO14000: clean production and environmental management system;
ISO14001: energy saving and environmental management system;
ISO14012: Guidelines for environmental auditing;
ISO14010: Guidelines for environmental auditing - General principles;
ISO 14011: Guidelines for environmental auditing - Audit procedures -
Environmental Management System Audit;
TL9000 Quality Management System in the telecommunications industry;
SAFETY product safety testing laboratories of international certification;
IQNET International Certification Alliance;

Taiwan Certification:
Taiwan BSMI (bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection) Bureau of Standards,
mandatory certification;
Taiwan BCIQ certification;
Taiwan NCC certification;

Thailand Certification:
Thailand TAS certification (by the National Accreditation Committee Office of
Thailand (in Thai government agencies under the Ministry of Industry) the specific
operation and implementation of the
In accordance with international requirements for specific activities, the ability to
provide formal recognition of certification bodies);
Thailand TISI certification;

Hong Kong Certification:
Hong Kong OFTA (Hong Kong Office of the Telecommunication Authority) of Hong
Kong Telecommunications Authority certification;
Hong Kong HKAS (Hong Kong Accreditation Service) laboratory accreditation;
Hong Kong HKSI (Hongkong Safety Identification) Security Certification Center;
Hong Kong STCC certification;
Hong Kong HKQAA certification;

Australia AS / NZS certification;
Australia DE-ESB certification;
SMA certification;
Belgium Certification:
Belgium CEBEC certification;

United Kingdom Certification:
UK BSI certification;
Royal Crown Certification Mark UKAS;
Self-service terminals BST British mandatory certification;
British BEAB Certification;
UK ASTA certification;
UK M & S certification;
British BS8800 certified occupational health and safety standards;

Switzerland Certification:
Switzerland SEV certification;
Swiss Electrotechnical Association (Swiss Electrotechnical Association) SEA
Swiss SGS SGS product / system certification;
TCO Professional Employees Union, the Swiss quality and environmental
Swiss IMD certification;

Sweden Certification:
Sweden SEMKO Electrical Standards Association;
Sweden SWEDEN certification;
Sweden CCV communication facilities certification;

France Certification:
France NF certification;
France LCIE-SNQ certification;
France BVQI Certification;
Association certification;

Argentina Certification:
Argentina IRAM certification;
Argentina SMARK certification;

Austria Certification:
Austria OVE certification;
Austria VE certification;

Brazil Certification:
Brazil CVV certification;
Brazilian ABNT certification;
Brazil INMETRO certification;

Bulgaria Certification:
Bulgarian BDS certification;
Bulgarian VVV certification;

South African Certification:
SABS South African Bureau of Standards certification;

Chile certification:
Chile INN certification;

Colombia Certification:
Colombia ICONTEC certification;

Cuba Certification:

Cuba NC certification;

Czech certification:
Czech Republic EZU certification;

Egypt Certification:
Egypt EOS certification;

Greece Certification:
Greek ELOT certification;

Hungary Certification:

Hungary MEEI certification;

Poland certification:
Poland CBJW certification;
Poland BBJ. Authentication;

Iceland Certification:
Iceland RER certification;

India Certification:
India ISI certification;
India STQC certification;
Indonesia Certification:
Indonesian SNI certification;

Ireland Certification:
Ireland NSAI certification;

Luxembourg Certification:
Luxembourg SEE certification;

Malaysia Certification:
Malaysia, SIRIM National Water and measurement certification accreditation
Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia SIRIM. JBE (ST) certification;

Mexico Certification:
Mexico DGN certification;
Mexico's NOM Certification;

New Zealand Certification:
New Zealand SANZ certification;

Peru Certification:
Peru ITINTEC certification;

Israel Certification:
Israel SII. Authentication;
Israel Indi. Authentication;

Philippines Certification:
Philippines PSA certification;

Poland certification:
Poland PCBC certified;

Portugal Certification:
Portugal IPQ certification;

Singapore Certification:
Singapore SISIR certification;
PSB Certification Singapore;
Singapore IDA certification;

Slovakia Certification:
Slovakia SVPU certification;
Spain Certification:
Spain AENOR certification;

Turkey Certification:
Turkey TSE certification;

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