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									Call Center
A time when the Chinese Spring Festival, Beijing News Bird Software Limited (Bird
News) Vice President Chen Yongliang but not at home and enjoy their grandchildren,
but went to the U.S. tour.
Flew to New York from San Diego, California, then flew to Silicon Valley from New
York to participate in the Jinsha River Ventures dhl activities "GSR
Ventures Chinese New Year Entrepreneur Mixer". Last stop, select Later,
proceed by car from the Silicon Valley, San Francisco visited the world famous
Golden Gate Bridge dhl.
But everything, it was a last resort, because - IT and Media Venture Capital Journal
"Red Herring" (Red Herring) of "2008 Top 100
global high-tech growth," announced the election activities in the January
16 of dhl San Diego .
Who had insight found Google, Youtube and other stars of enterprises dhl
"Red        Herring"         enjoy     "Silicon       Valley
Bible," said. This year the Chinese IT companies selected dhl dhl than
Wang Huainan's baby tree, in a taxi to do, "Focus,"
the dhl touch media and wireless Internet dating company Bedouin, another hearing
shall Beijing birds.
This is also the only one to call center industry as among the companies which dhl
company. To honor, Chen Yongliang that hearing birds in February 2008 the new call
center dhl "Kai Tong Bao" contributed.
"Kai Tong Bao" to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, Software as a
Service) is armed. Many people know, SaaS is the traditional software industry, a
revolution dhl, dhl difference between the traditional boxed software models and
licensing models, business users can access via the Internet software services, at
present, Ali software, Kingdee and other companies have already opened.
"SaaS provides to the call center industry dhl value, compared to other
software dhl SaaS higher value." Chenyong Liang said in the past,
customers investing in this area dhl very carefully, starting from the tender to down,
and often require a long. Now, change to "buy" to
"rent", not only shortened the time, and very cheap,
"It's like I am in California dhl7 days, rent a Chrysler car, only
30 U.S. dollars a day, but we must buy it then, but at least have to pay tens of
thousands of dollars. "
Call Center Civilian
Call center, also known as Call Center or customer service center. Industry outsiders
to    understand      this   in    a     short    time     "communications
management" dhl process may be difficult. However, close contact with
consumers dhl "Ctrip" is a call center can explain the usefulness
of dhl excellent example.
From the enterprise, the call center is able to charge the same service dhl group of
people placed in a group in. It is individuals such as a bank, get a number one can
click "first come first served" principle of access to services,
rather than death and so in a particularly crowded dhl service window.
This dhl call center functions to a large extent is based on the "queuing
theory" theory. In life, you can see a lot of "queuing
theory" dhl live cases: if the two separated by a wall, level it opened up
quite dhl barber shop, then come to the dhl hairdressing customers that a store can not
make a big fuss deserted but a shop full knowledge dhl each situation, and fast access
to services.
Especially since 2008, many companies use call centers are not just using it for
customer service, more importantly, dhl is it to do proactive dhl
"breath", that is actively marketing.
This dhl function, very beneficial to the modern enterprise to save time and meet the
needs of our customers dhl. But the call center system is very complex products,
including hardware, software, including systems integration, and general software
prices than can be described as "lofty", which enhances the
application of the threshold.
Bird is the earlier hearing the industry dhl cut into the company, its services, dhl
major clients include: Alibaba, Art Long Travel Network, the Chinese insurance
companies. However, a long time, hearing birds and most of the call center companies,
rely on the traditional boxed software sales models and licensing models.
"Since the business started in 2001, hearing birds in this new industry have
been making a lot of money." Chenyong Liang said, but very alert birds to
find, with the new entrants dhl continuous influx of call centers compared to industry
chain The dhl hardware and system integrators, software call center located in the
chain of dhl "players" are too much compression, in a weak
These strong dhl hardware vendors, including Cisco, Alcatel and Avaya (AVAYA), etc.,
they often are the "big world", and systems integrators on
behalf of such domestic dhl Digital China, as background to mobilize a large number
of extraordinary resources, the same in the industry to play a strong role in the chain.
At the same time, due to lower barriers to entry, call center software provider dhl
chain in more and more, competition became more intense.
Anxiety in birds began to think dhl information changes. The birds turned the dhl
information constitutes another important trigger, it is 2004, the rise of Skype, dhl.
"At that time, Skype only a few dozen, but shake the global telecom giant,
which let us see the power of technological innovation dhl." Chenyong
Liang said.
Thus, within the external difficulties, the end of 2005, Bird began hearing a huge
investment in research and development dhl costs, and cooperation with Tsinghua
University, payment of funds for scientific research. February 2008, hearing birds
introduced SaaS model dhl based call center, "Kai Tong Bao" to
the majority of Chinese dhl for growth companies.
In the "Kai Tong Bao" in dhlSaaS mode, the user simply
download the client, and pay 200-300 yuan / month dhl cost to use, while reducing the
use of the threshold, it also simplifies the process of service delivery. "This
call center dhl previous customers may be hard to imagine dhl." According
to Chen Yongliang said, at present, "Kai Tong Bao" total sales
growth of more than 200% per quarter.
In early 2008, information obtained from the venture capital Bird AGPF-I of dhl first
about 10 million dollars financing.
Opportunities for the financial crisis dhl
Chen Yongliang Chinese New Year when it comes to travel to the United States is
completely dhl "last resort" but also not exact. At least, selected
"Red Herring" for its reputation to expand overseas, and Chen
in the United States dhl busy, and partly also for exploring water dhl overseas market
Although the information is now marketing the birds dhl English do not consider the
dhl keyword search engine google ranking, but Chen Yongliang believe: the financial
crisis that many overseas companies favor low-cost, high flexibility of dhl Hosted
Call Center.
"A lot of items, if you want to put 500 thousand, today's
conditions, it is possible the company will be cut off." Chen Yongliang that,
but if cash dhl Yi Cixing input can reduce the many, many companies still do what
this budget, "In fact, not only including the United States, including many
service-oriented dhl Chinese enterprises, especially SMEs."
Hearing a bird that, in 2009 the global economic crisis will continue to expand and
deepen the impact of the real economy will continue to be the dhl. But if this is the
development of e-business dhl, contains more opportunities in crisis, then the Yi Zhi
dhl call center into a high-ranking "civilian time" may also be
for the Chinese e-commerce business development dhl scale of the infrastructure,
thereby opportunities.
According to report, at present, hearing the birds dhl "Qi Tong
Bao" Customers have been extended from small and medium enterprises,
such as Digital China and Lotus and other large enterprises.
The other birds on the dhl information good news may be the Chinese government 4
trillion economic stimulus package. It is understood, of which the Chinese railways,
highways, airports and urban and rural areas dhl power input, will reach 1.8 trillion
"It may be that we cut into the railway industry's dhl a
chance." According to Chen Yongliang said, to achieve more efficient
Mudi dhl, the present Government's intention to rail networks,
"Ctrip" of dhl call center operations. Among them, the railway
will become the forerunner of a city, while hearing a bird may get the project is
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