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Immigration and Naturalization S


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									June 3, 2004

TO:            UW-System Controllers, 1099/W2 Contacts, System Administration

               UW-Madison Deans, DBR’s, Directors, Departmental Chairs, Department
               Administrators, Travel Contacts, Accounting Services Management, Pre-
               Audit Staff, EC&BS

FROM:          José A. Carus, Jr.
               Tax Compliance Manager

SUBJECT:       Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) name change

On April 22, 2003 I sent all of you a letter regarding the name change of the Immigration
and Naturalization Service (INS) to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
(BCIS). Now they have changed again and their new name is “US Citizenship and
Immigration Services.” Their web page is located at

Please forward this letter to your departmental contacts who deal with the non-resident
aliens, immigration, and visas because future documents, references, and payments
need to be made to “US Citizenship and Immigration Services.” At this time I am
also sending this letter to the Accounting Services Web Master for posting on our tax
web page at for reference purposes.


José A. Carus, Jr.
Tax Compliance Manager

                                        José A. Carus, Jr.
                                        Tax Compliance Manager
      University of Wisconsin-Madison  750 University Avenue, Room 312  Madison, WI 53706-1490
           608/262-0582  (Fax) 608/262-5060  

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