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 Issue Date:           June 2005
 Review Date:          June 2007
                                                                Department of Chiropody and Podiatry
 Author:               Podiatry Department
 Version:              Version 1
 Code Number:          CS 133/IFP 0290
                                                                Division of Clinical Sciences
                                                                    Division of Medicine
This booklet has been produced by the following contributors:
        Podiatry staff working within Clinical Sciences at
       Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Trust

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This booklet has been designed to allow patients to make an         If you have any questions you would like ask your
informed decision regarding the treatment and interventions they
receive from Podiatrists within the Northern Lincolnshire and       Podiatrist you could note them here and bring them with
Goole Hospitals NHS Trust                                           you on your visit:

When you attend for a Podiatry appointment, you will be assessed
in order to design a treatment programme suited to your needs. It
is likely that you will receive one or more of the treatments or
interventions outlined in this booklet.


Podiatry, formerly known as Chiropody, is the care of the foot
through careful assessment, diagnosis, prescription and

You will have been sent here for assessment as your referrer,
usually your GP, will have decided that your foot problems are
substantial enough for you to possibly require podiatric

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If you need further assistance, the Patient Advice and    IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I ATTEND
Liaison Service will be able to help.                     THE CLINIC?
They can be contacted as follows:

FOR DPOW You can contact the Patient Advice & Liaison     Prior to your appointment you will receive a letter confirming the
Service (PALS) on (01472) 875403 or at the PALS office    appointment date and time. If this is not suitable please contact
which is situated near the main entrance, for further     the telephone number printed at the top of the letter to arrange one
assistance or advice.                                     more suitable to you.
                                                          You will also have received a form in which to write all your current
FOR SGH / GDH You can contact the Patient Advice &        medications, this is very important to give us a full overall picture of
Liaison Service (PALS) on (01724) 290132 or at the PALS   your general health. We particularly need to know if you suffer with
office which is situated on C Floor at SGH, for further   any medical conditions which may affect the care of your feet eg.
assistance or advice.                                     Diabetes, stroke, allergies.
                                                          You can eat and drink prior to your appointment.
                                                          You are welcome to bring a companion if you would like some
                                                          support or company during the assessment procedure. We do
                                                          have an excellent team of staff who will talk with you and hopefully
                                                          alleviate any anxieties that you may have, and you will be
                                                          accompanied throughout the procedure.

                                                          WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE CLINIC

                                                          Please allow time for parking. Pay and display car parks are
                                                          available at most of our clinics.

                                                          When you arrive at the Clinic you will need to go to the reception.
                                                          At clinics with no reception please see posters/notices.
                                                          On arrival, your personal details will be clarified and updated if
                                                          necessary. The receptionist will then show you to our waiting area.

                                                          At your appointment time a Podiatrist will show you into the clinic.
                                                          There may be a trainee student present. If you are not happy for
                                                          them to be present, please let one of the staff know.

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                                                                          CONCERNS and QUERIES
The Podiatrist will explain and perform the assessment procedure.
                                                                          If you have any concerns/queries about any of the services
Time will be given to allow questions or concerns regarding your
                                                                          offered by the Trust, in the first instance, please speak to the
presenting symptoms and forthcoming treatment.
                                                                          person providing your care.

Verbal consent from you will then be required prior to the treatment.     CONFIDENTIALITY
The Podiatrist will assist you onto the examination couch. Your legs
are supported on two leg rests.                                           Information on NHS patients is collected in a variety of ways
                                                                          and for a variety of reasons (e.g. Providing care and
The Podiatrist will then take your medical history assisted by the list   treatment, managing and planning the NHS, training and
of medication that you have provided. This is followed by an              educating staff, research etc.). It is stored on paper and on
assessment of your feet for circulation and for general foot shape        computerised systems in line with the Data Protection Act
and condition. This is followed by a discussion of your symptoms          1998.
and the treatment that the Podiatrist intends to perform.
                                                                          Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep
If you have been assessed for routine Podiatry care i.e. Toenail trim     information about you confidential. Information will only ever
and/or corn and callous removal, the podiatrist will perform these        be shared with people who have a genuine need for it (e.g.
tasks with sterile instruments with the utmost care to minimise pain      your GP or other professionals from whom you have been
and discomfort.                                                           receiving care) or if the law requires it, for example, to notify a
                                                                          birth. Please be assured, however, that anyone who receives
                                                                          information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it
After treatment the Podiatrist will inform you of any information you     confidential.
need eg. follow-up appointment and also check with you that you
have received enough information and that you are
satisfied with the process.

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                                                                        TREATMENT - INSOLES AND FUNCTIONAL ORTHOTICS
All Podiatrists practicing within the UK are obliged to register with
the Health Professions Council. NHS Trusts undertake                    DEFINITION
examination of this registration to ensure that all therapists
working within the NHS are licensed to practice.                        This treatment involves the use of an in-shoe device to improve
                                                                        function, pressure distribution or alleviate malfunction in the foot or
Members of the public are able to check the registration of             leg.
individuals through the Council. Contact details are as follows:
                                                                        WHEN IS IT USED?
The Health Professionals Council
Park House                                                              When the walking pattern has become abnormal enough to cause
184 Kennington Park Road                                                problems, risk or pain.
SE11 4BU                                                                WHO SHOULD NOT RECEIVE IT?
It is also possible to check registration on the Internet at the        Caution when using in shoe devices is especially important in
following address:                                                      patients who have damage to sensation or blood supply in the feet.
                                                                        This does not mean insoles / orthotics cannot be used but you
Http://                                         should discuss this with your Podiatrist. People for whom the
                                                                        devices have not been prescribed should not use the devices.
In addition the professional society for Podiatry is the Society of
Chiropodists and Podiatrists. They can be contacted as                  EFFECTIVENESS
                                                                        There are numerous studies involving / related to the use of in shoe
Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist                                  devices for a number of different lower limb conditions and
Fellmongers Path                                                        pathologies. This shows that they are effective in both short and
London                                                                  long term treatments of conditions.
They can be contacted on line at:                                       RISKS
Http//                                              There is a risk that the devices may cause pain or malfunction
                                                                        especially if not used in the style of shoe advised or fitted to. The
                                                                        patient may become dependent on the devices.

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ALTERNATIVES                                                            DO YOU NEED ANY FURTHER INFORMATION?

Exercise therapy, activities, advice, alternative therapies,            If you have any queries please contact any of the following:
strengthening and stretching exercises and rest. These depend on
the type of condition and you should speak to your Podiatrist about
                                                                        Grimsby Community clinic tel. 01472 875355
CONSENT                                                                 Fax                      tel. 01472 875671
                                                                        William Molson centre    tel. 01472 874111 ext 2585
All treatment and risks will be fully discussed with you in order for
you to make an informed decision and give your verbal consent to        Cleethorpes clinic       tel. 01472 232241
treatment.                                                              Immingham clinic         tel. 01472 874111 ext 2585

OTHER INFORMATION                                                       Scunthorpe General Hospital
                                                                                                tel. 01724 282282 ext 5033
Assessment and treatment normally takes between 20 and 45
minutes and appointment times are specific to you. To assist us in
ensuring we deliver an effective service we would appreciate you
contacting us if you have difficulty attending at your allotted
appointment time.

There are comments books and suggestion boxes in all of the
clinics, please feel free to use these. All comments and suggestions
are discussed at staff meetings and if you request a response we
will be happy to provide that.

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