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									Bordeaux School of Management
Chinese Name: Bordeaux School of Management
English name: ESC BORDEAUX

Country: France Average cost of living: no record
Establishment: 1874 Entry Time: October every year
Location: N / A Ranking: 11
Number of students: 2,200 Application Deadline: June 15 each year
Scholarships: Some professionals may apply for degree type: undergraduate,
master's and doctoral
Overseas Students: N / A School Website:
School Type: Private

   Bordeaux School of Management by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce was
founded in 1874, which provides business, management and business operation of a
high value-added education. University education in industrial management and has a
leading position in 04 annual ranking of the French High School of Commerce ranked
No. 11 in 9,05. Bordeaux School of Management to implement a professional study
published in international policy, especially at the value of the field.
   It is in this way participate in the management of the development of new ideas and
these new concepts in the enterprise application. The College advanced to grasp the
needs of enterprises, and the source of these requirements in order to determine the
graduates and the companies jointly develop training objectives or service managers
to continue education course. Schools and academic networks, national or
international professional organizations to maintain contact, exchange agreements
with foreign universities to establish the same level of reciprocity in the policy above
all to the Bordeaux School of Management to become an international reputation for
educational institutions.
   Since November 2000 received EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)
accreditation, the school has enjoyed the positive effects of this international
recognition. Bordeaux School of Management has a unique living environment: a
world-famous Bordeaux wines of high quality, there are in the Atlantic and the unique
geographical location between the mountains, there are a variety of tourist attractions.
【From the figures Bordeaux School of Management】
2200 students in reading; 12 program; 15 000 graduates; 160 cooperative companies;
91 full-time professor Professor and collaboration; 450 external staff; 83 partner
universities abroad; 25,000 square meters area
【】 Wide range of services for students
Computer room: Many students enter the school database: 90,000 After analysis of
newspaper articles constitute the reference databases, Internet databases and online
CD-ROM, 20 000 management professional books, of which 30% of English books;
Trading Office: This is a unique tool for real-time financial information
Information Resources: The school provides students with 24 hours of computer
rooms and provide free Internet access service;
【Setting】 school diplomas diploma, degree diploma, MASTER Diploma, DEA
Diploma, Diploma, Dr.
【Features】 school specially designed for international students recommended
creation of two English-medium master's programs, academic 18 months
【Entrance hours】 every year in October
【Language】 English medium of instruction;
【 Entry Requirements 】 (1) administered by graduate or undergraduate level
academic years of work experience in another
        (2) the average score of 75 or more professional
        (3) English IELTS score of not less than 5.5; TOEFL not less than 550 points
Study costs】 【Supply Chain Management - € 12,500; International Trade - €
【Application period】 before June 15 each year for


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