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"Blog" word comes from the English translation of the word
Blog. Blog is short for Weblog, and Weblog is the Log from the Web and the
combination of the two English words. Weblog is published on the Web and read the
flow records, often referred to as "web log", referred to as
"blog." Blog (BLOGGER) interpreted the concept of web
publishing (Web Publishing), published and posted (Post-word as a noun refers to the
post when the article) the article, is a rapidly growing network activity, even now
there is a used to refer to this kind of web publishing and published articles in
technical terms - Weblog, or Blog.

Write a Blog Blogger i.e. people. Blogger has been translated in many cases a
"blog" word, but to write Blog this behavior, sometimes
translated     as      "blog."           Thus,      the      Chinese
"blog" word, both as a noun, to refer to two kinds of meaning,
respectively Blog (blog) and Blogger (blogging people), also can be used as a verb,
meaning to write blog this behavior, but on different occasions were different meaning

Blog is a web page, usually short and frequently updated posts (Post, as a verb,
meaning that post, as the name refers to an article posted on) constitute, according to
these posts are generally arranged by year and date order. As a Blog content, it can be
purely your own ideas and experiences, including your news, personal views on
national issues, or you three meals a day, dressed in elaborate costumes dishes, etc.,
can also be based on a the case of a theme or common areas in a collective creation by
the content of a group of people. It is not the same as "blogs."
Diary of a network is of a private nature are obvious, while the Blog is private and the
public of effective integration, it is more than just a pure expression of individual
thought and daily chores of the record, it can be used to provide content to
communicate and for others to help, it can accommodate the entire Internet, and has a
very high spirit and value of sharing. A Blog is a web page, it is usually short and
frequently updated by the Post posed; these articles are posted in accordance with
chronological order. Blog content and purpose are very different from hyperlinks to
other Web sites and comments, the company, individual, concept of information to the
diary, photos, poetry, prose, and even science fiction published or posted there. Many
Blogs are personal thoughts of what was published, other Blogs is a group of people
based on a specific topic areas of common interest or collective creation. Blog seems
to be real-time information on network communication. Write a Weblog or Blog of
these people called Blogger or Blog writer.

In short, Blog is a network as a carrier, easy and convenient De Xun Su release
Ziji's experience, Jishiyouxiao easy to Yu others Jinhangjiaoliu, Zaiji
variety of Ge Xing Hua Zhan Shi an integrated cohesive platform.
Different blog may use different coding, so not necessarily compatible with each other.
For example, Baidu space using GB2312 encoding, Sina blog using UTF-8 encoding.
And in many cases offer a variety of blog templates and other features, making their
own characteristics different blog.
Edit this paragraph "blog" word of the source
"Blog" the word originated in China, of it was that first come
from the Qin Dynasty in China. Zhang Liang was to assassinate the emperor, to find a
knight, and selected as the assassination site in Sha Po Lang, the results failed
assassination. But the Qin Empire, or were shocked by the time the conflict law, have
to be reported in the first time. Numerous bamboo in the post road from
Mercedes-Benz on the above information is only engraved the seal character
vermilion line: "Bo Lang Sha warrior."

This shows that the "blog" is the original meaning of sudden
major events. Later, the meaning of the word is further extended, to mean
"worth     it",    "another      case     of    people
shocked" or "full of newsworthy speech." So Sima
Qian in "Historical Records" at the beginning of the outset, said:
"The history book is a collection of numerous blog." In fact,
bamboo slips unearthed in Dunhuang, Gansu are numerous references to
"blog" word, basically for the major News before.

Historians of another view that there is a source of origin of Blog: YingZheng for the
sake of immortality, especially to send people overseas to find Spirit Mountain, and in
sight of the sea and construction of a building, named "No Old
House" much-anticipated day. If there is no rotation of the fleet was found,
he would write some thoughts to send their own feelings of depression. When
YingZheng eventually die, "not the old House," this building
has also been politicized, and gradually become a record of all their feelings feelings
about the place of the Pan said.

When the whites first contact to "blog" and "not old
House," and found that the letters can not be accurately expressed, so will
the concept of their combined, fight for the Blog. Published in Hungary since the
"Khazar Dictionary," Zhong, Duiyu Blog of Jieshi still is
"worth watching Zuowei stimulating personal reflections recorded

(The above reflect the humor)
Edit this paragraph blog (Blog) Development in China
Blog published in the concept of the network began in 1998, but to really become
popular in 2000. The blog started to enter China in 2000 and developed rapidly, but
the results are mediocre. Muzi Mei event until 2004, only to the Chinese people
understand the blog and use blog. In 2005, domestic portals such as Sina, Sohu, the
original blog are not optimistic about business, also joined the blog camp, entered the
blog Warring States period. At first, Bloggers to visit the site every day experiences
and observations recorded and made public, to give other people to see and follow.
But with the rapid expansion of Blogging, which has been far from the original
purpose. Currently the network of thousands of Bloggers Blog published and posted
very different purposes. However, due to communication than e-mail, discussion
group is more simple and easy, Blog has become a family, company, department and
team communication tool between the more and more popular, as it is gradually being
applied to internal network (Intranet) . Currently, BSP surging business, there are
dozens of large-scale blog sites. Currently, the outstanding Chinese-language blog
BSP are:

1. Blog coach

2. Sina blog

3. Netease blog

4. Sohu blog

5. Blogcn

6. And News blog

7. QQ Space


9. End of the World blog

10. Baidu Space
Edit this paragraph blog categories
Blog can be divided into the following categories:

1, the basic blog: Blog in its simplest form. A single author to provide for a specific
topic related resources, made a brief comment. These topics can be involved in almost
all areas of human.

2, the group blog: The blog of a simple basic variant, some group members have
completed blog log, times of the content can not only edit their own, but also be able
to edit someone else's entry. This form of blog to allow members of the
group on some common topics to discuss, or even consult together to complete the
same project.
3 blog among friends: the members of this type of blog mainly constituted by the
relatives or friends, who is a living area, a family or a group of project team members.

4, collaborative blog: The group blog similar to its main purpose is to discuss the
participants to in some way or agree on, usually defined as a collaborative blog to
allow anyone to participate, expressing views and discuss issues The blog log.

5, public community blog: Public Publishing a few years ago was popular for a time,
but because there is no lasting and effective business model and disappeared.
Low-cost blog publishing system with such a public share the same goal, but more
convenient, less the cost spent, so it is more likely to survive.

6, commercial, corporate, advertising-based blog: blog about this type of management
similar to the usual ads WEB site management. Business blog is divided into: CEO
blog, business blog, product blog, "leaders" blog, etc.. Public
relations and marketing communications at the core of the blog application has proven
to be a mainstream commercial blog applications.

CEO blog. "The new Public Relations Wikipedia" to early
November have the statistics of nearly 200 CEO blog, or in a leadership position in
the company who write a blog. The United States the most, nearly 120; followed by
France, almost 30; Britain and Germany and other European countries are the
precedent. China has not been included in CEO blog. The blog of companies involved
in new technology-based though, but in many traditional industries, the international
giants, such as the Boeing Company.

Corporate blog. That the identity of the enterprise rather than individual executives or
the CEO to blog writing. To November 5, the "new public relations
Wikipedia" Statistics to 85 in the strict sense of the corporate blog. Not
only to Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco, Disney World hundred such companies, the
dairy company Stonyfield Farm is also strong growth in such traditional industries,
the company has established four different blog, very popular. Services, non-profit
organizations,   universities,    etc.,    such     as    coffee     giant   Starbucks,
PricewaterhouseCoopers firms, Tivo, Cornell University, also have established their
own blog. NOVELL company also established a public relations specialist blog
devoted to the communication with the media.

Product blog. That is specialized to a certain brand of product public relations, or that
the customer service for the purpose of the launch of the "blog."
According to related statistics, there are currently more than 30 international brands
have their own blog. For example, in the automotive industry, in addition to last year,
Nissan Tiida and the Cube blog blog, the beginning of the end of this year we have
seen two blog GM, Ford Mustang recent series also introduced the "horse
blog", Mazda in Japan launched its Atenza brand dedicated blog. This year,
GM has also used its blog to assist in the successful campaign to address the
"Los Angeles Times" public relations crisis.

"Leader" blog. In addition to its established corporate blog for
PR, some enterprises have also taken note of the blog community as the
characteristics of opinion leaders, try to infiltrate through the blog and
re-dissemination of the brand.

7, Knowledge blog, aka K-LOG: blog-based knowledge management will become
more widespread, so enterprises can effectively control and manage those originally
owned by only part of the staff, and kept in paper files or individual computers
information. Knowledge blog available to news organizations, educational institutions,
commercial enterprises and individuals as an important internal management tool.

8, in accordance with the blog owner's profile, blog article popularity can
be divided into celebrity blog blog general blog, blog and so popular.

9, according to the source of blog content, intellectual property rights can be divided
into the original blog blog, reproduced for non-commercial use and combination of
both the nature of a blog a blog.

In addition, in accordance with the Blog of existence, but also can be divided into:

1, hosted blog: not your domain name registration, rental space and the development
of web pages, just go to the free registration can have its own Blog space, is
"better and more economical" way.

2, self independent site Blogger: have their own domain name, space and page style,
in some conditions.

3, sub Blogger: The Blog itself as a part of a site (such as a section, a channel or an
address). Can develop between these three categories, or even, nowadays, one has a
variety of blog sites.

Blog of the three main functions are:

* Individual freedom of expression and publication;

* Knowledge Filter and accumulation;

* Depth of new ways of communication networks.

However, to truly understand what a blog is the best way to practice their own
immediately, lb. If you are still unfamiliar to the blog, I suggest go directly to a blog
hosting site. First open a my blog account. Anyway, more than the registration
message is simple, do not have to spend a penny, also carelessly throw away that got
Edit this paragraph blog and business marketing
Blog marketing there are some errors in the network marketing blog door may not be
the door to wealth. Recently seen a case, a French wine producers donated by the
French wine blog was word of mouth, and then expand sales through word of mouth
to get a good social and economic effects. And this case, if on the domestic open to
question. Domestic blog, especially the celebrity blog to write some of the gunmen,
the gunman may have the urge to taste the wine may not necessarily be eager gunman
was drunk feeling, Nong Buhao on 肉包子打狗 the winery. If you do not want to 肉
包 子 打 狗 there must be a public relations on the blog, the majority of
China's blog blog is not as romantic as France, or even the reality that their
fame is the price, the cost is generally small businesses that can not be accepted.
Currently the phenomenon of network marketing blog focused on enhancing personal
awareness through to becoming famous, such as Sany's customers to text

If the network as a marketing tool, it is necessary to clarify the network's
many advantages, cost, speed, diversity, voice and video graphics web marketing tool
than a single e-mail, website or online advertising to be more effective.

"Flowers, foggy mist, network marketing without multiplicity."
For businesses, network marketing does not have any version at all, companies must
specifically identify the specific operation was not to Qiluwangyang

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