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									Bell Labs
Bell Labs
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Bell Labs (The Bell Labs)
[Edit] Overview of Bell Labs
Bell Labs was originally the United States Telegraph and Telephone (AT &
T) research and development organization, founded in 1925, from its inception has
been the world's largest and most prominent achievements in R &
D institutions, the most significant invention of the telephone is according to the
research and development AGBell mode: basic research, technology development and
management should be combined, consolidated and developed. AT & T in
1996 split into three companies, it became Lucent Technologies R & D
Lucent's Bell Labs research and development institutions, as is the
birthplace of many great inventions, such as transistors, lasers, digital computer,
communications satellites, cellular mobile phones. Meanwhile, Bell Labs is the
world's largest number of Nobel Prize organization. So far, 11 Nobel
Prize-winning scientists, such as the famous Chinese American scientist Dr. Zhu
Diwen and Dr. Cui Qi. Bell Labs has so far received nearly 30,000 patents, an average
of 3.5 patents per working day production technology. May 1997, Bell Labs set up
branches in Shanghai and Beijing. The two institutions are an extension of Bell Labs
in China, outstanding researchers dedicated to multimedia, communications, digital
signal processing, network planning and design, and communication software in the
field of research. Bell Labs researchers in China, a total of nearly 300. Including PhD,
Master, Bachelor, respectively 24%, 68% and 8%. Bell Labs in the training of talents
invested seven million U.S. dollars over two years, sending 220 scientists to the
United States for a period of three to six months of professional training. Also invited
U.S. experts to China for some 30 professional training. Bell Labs, Institute of
Fundamental Research (China) on March 23, 2000 is principally engaged in the
foundation for next generation network research. Research Institute of the main
research areas include network, telecommunications, software, optical networking,
[Edit] A. G. Bell's ideals and goals of
AGBell ideal: "I believe in the future, wires will link the cities of phones,
some Americans can be a foreign land thousands of miles away from the mouth
directly call ... ... but just as I do, you can believe it will become a way of telephone
reach the final outcome of the public, I will make all of you to say I have the results to
heart, and all existing arrangements for the telephone facilities will eventually be
achieved by this large-scale systems. "
[Edit] the reasons for the success of Bell Labs
1. In AT & T and Western Electric Company, Ministry of Machinery and
Engineering within the incubation of the big 40 years, R & D policy after
several changes and temper, researchers already have experience in research and
development facilities and the allocation of funds to find a reliable method , thus the
establishment of Bell Labs prepared the great development of sound and reliable
2. R & D tasks always have a very clear awareness and understanding: The
development of communication technology and product focus, technology and
products to other radiation. Awareness and understanding of the task over time the
3. Determined to pursue original research and development and for development of
forming technology and product development, the company should always face with
the advanced communications technologies and products, must be only the beginning
from the original basic research, to the intense communication products competitive
advantage in order to improve the quality of human life the same sex.
4. Intellectual ferment, good selection and training outstanding talents.
5. Freedom of research and team work.
6. Innovation is the soul of Bell Labs.
7. Bell Labs a good environment for scholarly research - research's
"Garden of Eden."
8. Basic research, technology development, production and marketing elements of the
double helix icon.
9. Subjects, technology, production and sales of short-range technology and the
opening and closing cycle.
10. The scientific spirit and team spirit and style.
11. Success is formed by a successful build.

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