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Beijing Film Academy in 2009 Master of Arts _MFA_ degree Leaflet


									Beijing Film Academy in 2009 Master of Arts (MFA) degree Leaflet
I. Training Objectives:
For the prosperity and development of our culture, constantly satisfy the growing
cultural needs of the people, culture to adapt to social, economic, culture and the arts
development needs of high-level, Applied Type Art expertise to do under the State
Council Degree "关于 conduct Yi Shu Master Degree Education Pilot
Work "(degree to do [2005] 34) spirit of the document, the Beijing Film
Academy in 2009 to study for the national recruiting 2010 Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
degree graduate students, enrollment disciplines for the film.
My Master the art hospital training objectives for the high level of applied art of film
professionals. Master of Arts Degree in Film winner should have a high level of
artistic skills, systems expertise, a high aesthetic ability and strong understanding of
art and expression, competent professional art film the various manifestations of the
field .
Second, applicants conditions:
1. Love for the motherland, law-abiding, good moral character.
2.2009 on July 31 National Education Series undergraduate or graduate degree or
above and obtained diploma (degree certificate generally should), have practical
experience of artistic creation; or July 31, 2004 college graduate of National
Education Series and made diploma, 5 years (or more) creative arts experience and
get creative or performing provincial level and above who can also apply for
incentives. If the inter-professional to take the exam must be in the film art has
already made significant achievements, and provide real and detailed evidence.
3. Physical health to the required medical standards.
Third, the examination:
(A) of the examination subjects: Art Master Degree Admission Examination
(including the Arts Foundation, in English), political theory, professional knowledge,
professional skills (including oral), a total of four.
1. Master of Arts Degree in the implementation of the National Graduate Entrance
Examination entrance exam, closed book written examination. Examination is
organized by the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education
Development Centre.
MFA candidates in order to facilitate understanding and knowledge of the latest 2009
entry exam information and review the content, MFA Art Education Steering
Committee and professional organizations, experts and scholars in the field of
cooperation in the preparation of the "2009 Master of Arts (MFA) degree
graduate admission examination national entrance exam Outline and Guide
"and" Basic Knowledge of Art ", published by the
Central Conservatory of Music, can go to the Central Conservatory of Music
Publishing to purchase or mail order, telephone :010-66415711, 66418248. Xinhua
bookstores across professional bookstores.
2. Politics is closed book written examination, self-organized by the Beijing Film
Academy exam. To pass or fail score.
3. Professional knowledge, professional skills, self-examination organized by the
Beijing Film Academy. Professional examinations primarily test whether the
applicants have applied for the research of its actual creation of the required capacity,
not the research scope for the professional exam review.
(B) of the test of time and place: exam time for the October 31, 2009 8:30-11:30. Test
site designated by the on-site registration point, the specific arrangements see
admission ticket.
Candidates exam results only to the National Arts Master of admission examination
scores to be eligible to participate in our institute organized political and professional
subjects examination. The scores will be released in January 2010. Political and
professional subjects examination is tentatively scheduled in March 2010 at the
Beijing Film Academy, the specific schedule please February 10, 2010 after the
Graduate School web page in my query.
Fourth, apply:
1. Online registration site to register with the combination. Please visit the Ministry of
Education degree applicants and Graduate Education Development Center website
(URL: query, the provincial education
department and graduate degree test area under the jurisdiction of the provisions of
the specific time of online registration and Web site, the network reported that within
the stipulated time, online access to your relevant provincial authorities 部 门
designated website, than input, Tijiaobaoming information, and careful examination,
if You mistake, Jishixiugai; then, in the prescribed Xianchangqueren time support
network reported number and valid ID to the designated place to pay registration fees,
photography to confirm the registration information. Applicants carefully check the
site to confirm the spot print of "qualification" and the
"Registration Form", and read the information carefully, after
checking in "good faith commitment to the book" column
signature confirmation. Candidates field signature confirmation information, by which
I am responsible, are not allowed to change. Online registration only for the specified
site entry point until they go through relevant procedures, this application is invalid.
Applicants fill out the registration information online before, read the entry conditions
required to identify themselves with the entry requirements.
Candidates can apply for our college degree at the Beijing office of a designated area
to participate in the national entrance exam, but also at work places where the
provincial office of the designated sites to participate in the joint entrance
Choose to participate in the joint entrance exam online registration Beijing Time: June
29, 2009 9:00-7 month at 8:00 p.m. on the on the 13th
Online registration system designated website:
Site to confirm time and place: July 16 -7 19 (8:00-16:30)
At Beijing Normal University
"Admission ticket" from the candidates web site to download
the application, the time for the October 9, 2009 -10 26. Outside Beijing test
requirements are handled according to local test center candidates matters.
2. According to "National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry
of Finance on the lower part of the fee notice" (made to change pricing
[2004] No. 2839) the spirit of the national entrance exam 2009 80 yuan per person
each subject received the standard application examination fees.
In Beijing in 2009 to implement all of the national exam registration online
registration, online fees. Make payments online using online payment methods
available at registration sites specific instructions.
Customer Service :010-59321108 (24 hours)
Internet Phone :010-82652626 consultation fee transfer 6576,6612,6613
(Mon-Sun 9:00-17:30)
5, qualification:
   Applicants to attend the professional examinations before the Graduate School
must be submitted to me:
1. "2009-service eligibility list for master degree candidates."
Candidates register online successfully, the system will automatically generate
"master's degree in 2009 in-service personnel qualification
table." Qualified candidates should have on-site review form for delivery
to print unit personnel department (or the records management department, the same
below), approved the contents of the table, fill out recommendation and official seal
in the electronic photo, and then required the qualification table relevant degree
certificates submitted for qualification in our hospital. Candidates holding foreign
academic qualifications and degrees applied for, subject to the Ministry of Education
Service Center for Scholarly certification, qualification certification report to be
2. Applicants qualifications certificates (original and copy 1), degree certificate
(original and copy 1), identity card (original and copy of a copy). Qualifying
applicants will be refunded the original.
3. Applicants own creative works (CD). Applicants not submitting the work can not
participate in professional examinations.
4. College graduates Candidates should submit proof of original art and a copy of
award-winning (1).
5. Applicants are required to submit multi-disciplinary has been published, publication,
broadcast works of art proof.
6. Professional Examinations 260 yuan registration fee.
Candidates should have good moral character, integrity responsible. Not satisfied the
eligibility requirements for candidates or provide false information, even if enrolled in
the test, not hospital admission responsible by the candidates own.
Qualification procedures for handling the time and place will be announced when
arrangements for the professional examination to the candidate.
6, research and enrollment: a total enrollment of 50
Screenwriting research;
Film director creative research;
Creation of the film shows the direction;
Film photography research;
Movie Sound Creation research;
Film music research;
Creation of film art direction;
Stunt creative research;
Picture photography research;
Animation research.
Note: according to research candidates and exam scores of applicants, college
admissions leadership team will, where appropriate, the direction of the above
allocated enrollment.
7, admission:
According to registration information, test scores evaluated and merit. In June 2010
and published the results on admission admission. September 2010 entry.
8, training and degrees awarded:
School system for three years. The first year full-time, second, third and a half years
full-time. Developed in accordance with the Beijing Film Academy Master of Fine
Arts Degree Students training program.
Training program students by the Yao Qiu, examination by Guiding the Ke Cheng,
Wan Cheng graduated creation and Lun Wen, and through the Beijing Film Academy
Zuzhi the reply, Jing Yuan degree Ping Ding Commission examination and approval,
Shouyu State Council Degree Committee Office Tongyiyinzhi of Yi Shu Master
Certificate .
9, other:
1. Master of Arts Degree in service study that those who achieve training objectives in
accordance with training plan and will only get Master of Arts degree certificate, there
is no postgraduate qualification certificate.
2. Studying the problem does not involve accounts or files, or work after completing
their studies Huiyuandanwei choose their own jobs.
3. Students are required to pay tuition fees academic year, tuition fees per academic
year per student 20 005 thousand RMB. Accommodation and other costs from the
students own.
4. Students dropping out during the period, the fees paid shall be refunded.
5. Candidates Court on a variety of notification or instructions announced through the
campus network, please be sure to regularly visit candidate's visit to
Beijing Film Academy Graduate page carefully to see if there is updated information
Address: West Tucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 4 Beijing Film Academy
Graduate (C Floor, Room 206)
Postal Code: 100088
Contact: Li Guang
Tel: (010) 82283485

Beijing Film Academy Graduate
June 29, 2009
Master of Fine Arts in Sweden in 2009 (MFA) is Rezhao of Coaching Experience

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