Beast beast cry by fdjerue7eeu


									Beast beast cry
  ?Beast beast left me with a lot of thinking, regardless of whether she engaged in
speculation, but she was hurt, after all, is life. I also would like to create a beast of a
man beast this woman, are necessary to life, vest attached to this man? Moreover,
animals like pigs and animals sick boyfriend the same small-minded, really
   In think about animals than those escort animal hosts, movie stars, singers are much
            ?Sun innocent beast animals


      ?Usually calm and easy beast beast

  ?Beast beast's boyfriend looks like all really sick, like pigs! He can bring
a person's splendid? Probably advertised everywhere that some
"of wealthy" it! For her grievances.

              Domain Name: beast beast
              Real name: Ling Zhai
              Hometown: Shandong, China
              Blood type: AB type
              Birthday: August 18, 1987
              Height: 177 cm
            Weight: 50 kg
              Bust: 80
              Waist: 60
              Hips: 88
              Shoe: 38
              Constellation: Leo
              Occupation: Model
  School: Dalian Institute of Light Industry professional fashion show
Important Event: 2006 China Underwear Model Contest Finals runner-up
Fashion Charm Award
2006 Silk Road International Model Contest Finals Runner-up in China
2008 (Tenth) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition "trillion license
Cup" car model contest runner-up
Representative work: "leisure" cover, "Car
& Driver", "Eastern model"
Hobbies: watching movies, fashion magazines, research like underwear, collect all
kinds of perfume sample, good to eat
Ideal: too carefree life, with your favorite people to travel around the world
Habits: drooling when sleeping feel
Favorite color: black, white, purple, blue
Favorite food: apples, cantaloupe, peaches, banana, papaya
Favorite Music: song lyrics
Greatest strengths: careful, meticulous, obedient


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